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The Arrangement by T.J. Blackley

OUT NOW! The Arrangement by T.J. Blackley

Vincent Pennsbury, the thirteenth Duke of Fallshire, has very specific rules for his imminent marriage: No sex, and absolutely no falling in love. It will be a strictly business arrangement: Higher status for his spouse, and someone who can manage his financial affairs for him, Vincent having no head for numbers. He has no intention of either tumbling his spouse into bed, or of falling in love with them.

Choosing Matsui Eiji, a math-inclined widower and the most beautiful man in town, is a therefore bit of a risk.

Vincent and Eiji manage to keep their hands off each other for a few weeks, but soon enough they’re falling—first into Vincent’s bed, and then, to Vincent’s horror, into love. When he finds himself mired in deeper feelings than he’d ever anticipated, he panics and makes a terrible mistake. Will he be able to fix it and win his husband’s heart back? And does he even want to?


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A Writer’s Romance by Tim Mead

OUT NOW! A Writer’s Romance by Tim Mead

Ben Moss has a good day job with the Public Information Office of Colby County. However, at night he’s a successful — if secret — writer of straight romance novels. Ben has also written a “serious” novel about a man who is, like himself, gay. Unlike his other books, no one will publish it.

Ben’s cheating ex is sorry and wants to get back together. Ben’s new boss at work is sexy and Ben is very attracted to the man. Then there’s his neighbor, Toby Tabber. Toby is smaller than Ben, younger than Ben, and it’ll never work out between them. Or will it?

Can Ben find romance just like his characters, or will love remain strictly within the pages of his novels?


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A Trick of the Light by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! A Trick of the Light by Ellie Thomas

Kenneth Taylor has bright plans for a future as an engineer. In the summer of 1957, as soon as he returns home to Bristol from two years of National Service in the Royal Signals, a furious row with his dad means he’s thrown out of the house, and his prospects are in jeopardy.

He finds lodgings in the hilltop, bomb-damaged suburb of Kingsdown, determined to be independent and juggling night school with his humdrum day job. He soon meets Gino, the good-looking son of a local café owner and is thrilled when the attraction proves to be mutual. As their romance blooms, Kenneth finds unexpected encouragement from an apparition in the mirror who inhabited the house in the late 18th century.

When the ghostly vision of Kit also appears to Kenneth in his dreams, it seems they have much in common when Kit reveals his dilemma at a similar age, concerning his growing attachment to a young man, Ned. Past and present intermingle as Kenneth faces parallel and difficult decisions. But can he trust Kit? Or is it all merely a trick of the light?


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To Protect and … Seduce by Deirdre O’Dare

OUT NOW! To Protect and … Seduce by Deirdre O’Dare

With her young son, Amy has fled an abusive relationship. The thought that her ex and his crime-focused family will find her, terrifies her. A remote mining town in Arizona provides temporary refuge. Then she learns her next door neighbor is a cop, and what a cop! He’s a gorgeous single father. But back home most of the police officers were in the Stavros family’s pockets. Will Arizona cops be different enough to trust?

Jack is struggling to raise his motherless daughter and uphold the law in Azurite, Arizona. His new neighbor stirs his libido but she seems to have some fearsome secrets as well as a son about his daughter’s age. When the children form a friendship, Jack and Amy’s worlds begin to converge. Can he put an end to her nightmare and also be the man she needs?


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The Impossible Childhood of My Desires by Rick R. Reed

OUT NOW! The Impossible Childhood of My Desires by Rick R. Reed

Carl Young’s biggest secret: he’s always felt like Cara Young. Through the years, he acknowledged his authentic female self in ways he kept hidden in the shadows. The makeup, the dresses, the shoes — all of them represented his most longed-for desires and his deepest shame.

When Carl’s husband Roberto comes home early from work to discover Cara in her wig, makeup, dress, and high heels, he’s shocked. Who is this person he married decades ago? He flees, leaving their home in Chicago for the obliviousness of the sunny skies of Southern California.

Cara begins making tentative steps into a world she imagined would always remain secret. She ventures out, dressing the only way she feels whole. Publicly claiming her identity, she’s terrified, but also filled with joy when she discovers there are others like her, people who will welcome her with open arms and support.

But for both Roberto and Cara, their long-term and love-filled marriage is now a challenge with which they both must reckon. Does her transition mean following separate paths? Or forging a new one … together?


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