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Damien by Cheyenne Meadows

OUT NOW! Damien by Cheyenne Meadows

Book 4 in the Misfit Shifters series and sequel to Nate

Free Spirit Thursday, a shifter with no recollection of his past beyond being raised in a monastery, lands in the Bluebird Valley Preserve with no further motivation than assisting others through massage therapy and meditation. Disbelieving a leopard exists inside him and unable to change into such a beast, he disregards the speculation that he’s truly a shifter. To do otherwise would potentially go against all the pacifist teachings he’d taken to heart.

Damien, struggling with a sudden change in temperament from his inner wolf, searches for a way to mollify the suddenly aggressive and demanding beast before he loses complete control. If he can’t rein in his wolf, their future consists of banishment or, even worse, a death sentence. Just as he reaches his wit’s end, Damien stumbles across the most unusual shifter around, who just might hold the answer to soothing his wolf once and for all.

When a deadly threat forces Thursday’s leopard to the fore, it sends him into a tailspin, unable to cope with the realization of his true genetics and his traumatic past, as the violent cat goes against everything he’d come to believe. It’s up to Damien to create a bridge between the two differing entities. Failure to do so means the loss of so much more than Damien could ever imagine.


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The Spectator by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! The Spectator by Eve Morton

Regina is used to getting what she wants. When she meets Shane, the brooding art school grad turned ad exec at her PR firm, the two fall in love and get married right away. But five years into their marriage, Shane’s frustrations only seem to grow and Regina tries everything to mend the relationship — new sex, vacation time, and long nights discussing their future.

Finally, when Regina suggests a threesome, everything seems to click. Shane surprises her when he says he wants to explore his bisexual side by inviting a man into their bed.

Together they frequent downtown Toronto and Regina’s night classes to see if they can find the perfect man to join them.

When they meet a blond, Adonis-like stranger, they think everything’s set. So why is Shane suddenly getting cold feet?


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The Lamentation of Liam by Teal H.S. Fields

OUT NOW! The Lamentation of Liam by Teal H.S. Fields

When Liam Dolan abruptly left Taylor Robinson to pursue his chosen career as an athletic trainer for a major university, did he behave like a good little boy or did he find himself engaging in even more provocative experiences? A surreptitious encounter with an innocent waiter, or two, and some athletic tape will raise more than just Liam’s eyebrow.

The Lamentation of Liam is short follow-up to Savoring the Sauce that answers this question and adds even more spice to Liam’s life, and not just to the chicken parmesan ordered in a restaurant.


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The Faction Box Set by Addison Albright

OUT NOW! The Faction Box Set by Addison Albright

A dying man, a chance for life. When the faction’s new recruit takes a misstep on his first solo outing as a vampire, Albert thinks his faction has controlled the fallout. Neil, née Phillip, is thankful for his new lease on life, but will give it all up if that will prevent his ex-boyfriend from having to pay for his mistake. This box set includes both books in Addison Albright’s best-selling M/M vampire duology.

Contains the stories:

The Recruit: Albert Manlii has walked this earth for many years and leads a faction of highly organized vampires carefully guarding the secret of their existence. Potential recruits are carefully selected and presented with an offer. Phillip Brewer has weeks to live — if he lets his disease run its course. He doesn’t want to die, but will his desire to live outweigh his concerns about the vampires’ ethics?

The Choice: Now that faction-leader Albert has a blood-mate, he finds himself second-guessing his decisions. Neil would be crushed knowing the mistake he’d made as a fledgling vampire led to human deaths, but Albert shouldn’t factor that into the difficult choices he must make. Will Albert’s indecision put the entire vampire establishment in danger? Or is redemption only a flamethrower away?


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Dream for Me by Becky Black

OUT NOW! Dream for Me by Becky Black

In a society awake for twenty-four hours a day a man who sleeps is a freak. But not to neurobiologist Shay Mistry. Jacob Garcia, the last known sleeper in America, is the test subject whose brain Shay has been dying to get his hands on for years. When they meet, Shay discovers the sleeper’s brain comes accompanied by a gorgeous body and a hostile attitude. As Jacob sleeps night after night in his lab it’s harder and harder for Shay to resist their mutual attraction.

Jacob is tired of being a lab rat, but he’s got his reasons to be in Shay’s lab — one of them he’s not going to tell anyone about — and his plan is to do what he came to do and leave. So falling in love with Shay is like adding a hand grenade to all the other balls he’s juggling. He doesn’t need this added complication, but his desire for Shay is too strong to resist.

When Jacob’s secret comes out, it triggers a chain of events leaving Shay irrevocably changed and forcing Jacob to choose where his loyalties lie.


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