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Jingle Balls by Rob Rosen

OUT NOW! Jingle Balls by Rob Rosen

Santa was beside himself. It was two days until Christmas, and three of his elves were out with the flu. So he had little choice but to hire Jingle, the very unusual, not to mention very horny little elf who will ultimately turn another elf’s toy-making life around.

NOTE: This story appears in Rob Rosen’s best-selling collection, Short Spurts.


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A Handful of Joy by Pat Henshaw

OUT NOW! A Handful of Joy by Pat Henshaw

When does never turn into happily ever after in the search for love?

Top accountant of Manzanita Imports in Sacramento, Ted Abbott stopped participating in the love game after he turned thirty quite a few years ago. He’s not tempted by the cute young new hires or the product reps his loyal staff suggest he ask out on a date.

Chicago contractor Matt Patterson is on the verge of giving up too. He’s worked his way up from apprentice carpenter to co-owner of a thriving business. At forty-something, he’s considered a lucky catch for anybody looking for a sugar daddy, which he knows only too well.

The chance of them meeting is nil until Matt’s uncle who lived in Sacramento dies and leaves his estate to his nephew. After they meet in a dilapidated bar called The Roost, could their paths actually merge and become one?


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Playing Our Song by L.A. Bryce

OUT NOW! Playing Our Song by L.A. Bryce

Jase is famous around the world, and Garrett’s well-known in his neighborhood. They’re two singers. One is living his dream, and the other is living his brother’s.

Jase’s boyfriend’s hostility has increased toward him, making their relationship toxic, but too focused on his band, Jase lets it slide, causing him to almost miss out on the kind of love that lives in his fantasies.

Garrett made a promise to his brother when he passed. But a mistake in its interpretation almost causes Garrett to live out his brother’s dream instead of reaching for his own.

Can these men spot and remove the obstacles stopping them from making beautiful music together before it’s too late?


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Give It Away by Gordon Phillips

OUT NOW! Give It Away by Gordon Phillips

Businessman Kyle is about to run for the bus when he is solicited by Robbie, a street prostitute. Momentarily distracted, Kyle stumbles and misses the bus, and when Robbie repeats his proposition, Kyle decides to take him up on the offer, mostly because he’s struck by Robbie’s beauty and directness.

In his vague desire to do something for Robbie, Kyle ends up hosting him when he arrives one evening at Kyle’s condo. Is Robbie just using him? Or is he out for something more?


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Call Me Methuselah by R.G. Hendrickson

OUT NOW! Call Me Methuselah by R.G. Hendrickson

Since humanity’s first steps in the Stone Age, Methuselah has harbored an ancient secret. Cursed by the shaman to witness the end of days, he searches in vain for a home, place to place, clan to clan, yearning to belong. First in prehistoric Africa and lately disillusioned with love for a hundred years in the New World, he learns all too well to guard his heart and hide his story. That changes when a car crash lands him in the hospital with a fractured skull. Doctors discover strange stem cells in his blood, promising cures and a fountain of youth. Methuselah faces choices of life and death.

Forced on the run again, he comforts himself by reliving a happier time, when he and Arrow, his first love, raft across the paleo-lake Makgadikgadi, which rested in those days on the vast Kalahari. In their age-old journey, the cavemen lovers find a place to call home and learn what it means to belong.

While Arrow’s enlightened sensibilities get the two of them in trouble and challenge Methuselah’s judgment, their adventures in an untamed world bring them together. When Methuselah’s enduring youth reveals itself through the passing seasons, he and Arrow bravely face a dire reality.

From the distant past that lives inside Methuselah, Arrow’s spirit reaches out, providing guidance for our threatened times. He gives Methuselah the strength to do the right thing and the courage to live his true self in the modern world. Arrow’s memory opens Methuselah’s heart and renews for him a hope of redemption in the arms of a caring man today. If only Methuselah permits himself to love once more.


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