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Bring Me the Dead by Becky Black

OUT NOW! Bring Me the Dead by Becky Black

A million years ago, a galactic empire fell. The ruins of that ancient empire are a source of many things. Wonder, knowledge, academic careers, and treasure. Treasure is what Beau Johnson seeks, tracking down artifacts for high-paying clients. Once a top student at the specialist institute for the study of the ancient empire, Beau rejected respectable archaeology and academia in favor of adventure.

Unlike his one-time rival Park Ki-tae, a brilliant student who became an enforcement agent tasked with keeping Imperial artifacts out of private collections. Beau thinks Ki-tae needs to loosen up, have more fun, and, especially, stop making it his life’s work to send Beau to jail. Ki-tae thinks Beau is a rogue and a criminal. And it was a big mistake to sleep with him that one time …

When a client sends Beau after a legendary artifact that supposedly allows communication with the dead, Ki-tae pursues, sure this time he’ll nail Beau. But circumstances force them to work together and deal with the feelings for each other they’ve both long denied. They have very different plans for the artifact they’re seeking … if it’s not a myth. Will they ever agree on their plans, or on anything else at all?


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The Friends Box Set by T.J. Blackley

OUT NOW! The Friends Box Set by T.J. Blackley

Two stories of unexpected love in the aristocracy: One marriage of convenience, turned horribly inconvenient, and one pair of childhood friends doomed to pine without end. Will this foursome of friends be able to untangle their tangled webs, and find a pair of happy endings?

Contains the stories:

The Arrangement: Duke Vincent, determined not to marry for love, weds Matsui Eiji, a beautiful widower, in a strictly-business marriage of convenience. But will they be able to keep their hands, and their hearts, to themselves?

The Wedding: Roger Millbourne has to face his feelings for his dearest friend, the marquess Edward Chesburn, when their mutual friend Vincent Pennsbury begs him to tell Edward he loves him. Vincent insists Edward loves Roger back, but Roger can’t be sure. Will he be brave enough to speak up, and will Edward be brave enough to accept Roger’s love?


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A Flowering of Ink by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! A Flowering of Ink by K.L. Noone

One misdirected card … and a chance at love.

Professor Burne Cameron loves his job and his environmental research. Unfortunately, three months of field work on a tiny island can get pretty lonely, especially when even his brother forgets his birthday. That is, until an unexpected letter arrives … and Burne finds himself fascinated by the mysterious sender.

Devon Lilian lives alone in a house he’s designed, full of roses and ocean views. His architectural designs are famous, but Devon has reasons for not going out in public. But when a misdirected birthday card for a Professor Cameron turns up at his house, Devon has to send it on … and can’t resist adding a note of his own, a gift for a scientist who might be equally alone.

As Burne and Devon trade letters across the sea, they fall for each other in ink and paper … but now Burne’s research is nearly complete, so he’s coming home.

And Burne and Devon will have to decide whether they can write the rest of their love story together … once they finally meet.


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Lewis Klein, the Part-Time Sugar Daddy by Dove Spalding

OUT NOW! Lewis Klein, the Part-Time Sugar Daddy by Dove Spalding

Being late on rent is becoming a habit for Aaron Daniels as he struggles at university. While training for his ballet classes, he meets a man whose selfless actions make Aaron suspicious of his motivations.

Lewis Klein is a billionaire hiding under a humble disguise. His only goal is to give Aaron exactly what he wants, no matter the cost, but he’s afraid of appearing to buy Aaron’s affection. Aaron is worried about taking advantage of Lewis’s generosity, but his suggestive comments and physical hints betray his true desires.

Their attraction to each other is fiery, but insecurities hold them apart. As they walk the line between friendship and romance, can they put a label on their relationship?


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Still Naked by A.L. Gordon

OUT NOW! Still Naked by A.L. Gordon

Sequel to Stark Raving Naked

Michael and Brad are back, two years after Michael’s massage business took off when he started offering happy endings to his clients. Now the guys are expanding the business and looking to hire another masseur to help with the steadily-increasing flow of clients.

When Brad finds himself in serious trouble, it will take Michael and all their friends to get him out of it. When all is said and done, Michael and Brad thank everyone the best way they know how: a naked party.


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