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October by Candlelight by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! October by Candlelight by K.L. Noone

Living with former teen idol Finn Ransom isn’t like a movie. But it’s worth it.

Wes loves his boyfriend, and he knows all the stories about Finn’s celebrity past and old accidents and rebuilt career — or he thinks he does. But Wes also loves his organized historian’s life, neat and tidy and efficient — and moving in with Finn is the opposite.

Finn’s messy, colorful, exuberant … and in love with autumn. Pumpkins. Black cats. Fall leaves. Rain. Wes wants to be patient, but one more cinnamon candle might be one too many.

But maybe Wes doesn’t know everything about Finn’s past. And autumn candlelight is good for sharing stories … and opening up hearts.


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A Tricky Situation by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! A Tricky Situation by Ellie Thomas

Christopher Holloway lives a comfortable existence in 18th century Bristol as the son of a wealthy merchant. Until, when on a night out with some aristocratic companions, he is set upon by thieves.

His friends don’t come to his rescue, but he is led to safety by a stranger, a working-class man of colour, Edmund Lowe. Although now physically safe, Kit’s sense of danger lingers due to his growing feelings for Edmund. Their mutual attraction forces Kit to question his previous values, causing an inner crisis as Halloween draws near.

Will Kit submit to the demands of family ties and social advancement? Or can he find the courage to follow his true path and choose Edmund?


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Divorced: Moving On by J.D. Walker

OUT NOW! Divorced: Moving On by J.D. Walker

Zeke Eng is unlucky in love. Divorced a year ago, he has yet to move on from what ended up being a truly bad decision. His friends keep trying to set him up with men they think will at least give him a night of fun, but Zeke is just not into that. Even with his hesitance to try something new, though, there’s a guy who’s been jogging through the neighborhood in the early mornings, and despite himself, Zeke is intrigued.

Dax Bowie likes to jog in the mornings for exercise. He flirts and smiles and is everything Zeke is not, and Dax loves a challenge. He’s an easy-going guy, but he can’t seem make any headway with Zeke. Trust is a problem and Dax has to figure out how to breach that barrier and become friends, and maybe more. Will Zeke and Dax find some middle ground?


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Charlie Blackbear by Mark Wildyr

OUT NOW! Charlie Blackbear by Mark Wildyr

Take an irresponsible, hard-drinking womanizer and dump him into the middle of a logging crew, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Charlie Blackbear is already a near-legend in his little corner of the world. The size of his package has been the subject of whispers since he was a lad and his sexual conquests the stuff of legends.

When he wakes up drunk in a motel room with a man going down on him, he shrugs it off and goes right back to chasing women. Charlie accepts a job with a logging crew. But when he shares a room at the Boar’s Nest with his best friend, Daniel Warhorse, he fights a growing, unexpected, and unwelcome attraction to his childhood friend. Apparently Daniel feels the same way, and when they finally get together, the world turns on its axis for both of them.

Then handsome, sexy Aden Jones shows up to complicate things. Charlie never suspects the danger lurking at the edge of his complicated life.


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A Marriage for Three by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! A Marriage for Three by Ellie Thomas

At twenty-three, Charlotte Grenville has resigned herself to spinsterhood. With no dowry, she works as a lady’s companion to support her widowed mother and younger siblings who live in the country town of Marlborough in Wiltshire. When family friend Anthony Wallace proposes to her out of the blue, she is perplexed.

Not only does Anthony have the habit of ordering everyone around, convinced it is in their best interests, but he is also devoted to his Anglo-Indian partner and estate manager, Simon Walker.

Lottie is aware this prospective marriage is purely a business arrangement to rescue her and her family from financial hardship. But should she accept? And will her growing attraction to Simon destroy the delicate balance between the trio?


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