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Forget Me Not by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! Forget Me Not by Casper Graham

Jensen Morris is financially stable, and has been dating Milo Hawkins for more than fifteen years. Once in a while he feels as if something is missing, but he’s probably imagining things.

Milo is a witch who works as an exorcist. His parents died many years ago, and his foster parents were murdered by demons a few years later. Milo thought he must be cursed and would never find stability and happiness until Jensen came along. Since then, Milo’s life has been wonderful. Then Mariana, the leader of the coven of witches Milo belongs to, has visions of a nine-tailed fox and a trail of forget-me-not flowers.

Kenta is awakened from a deep trance when he senses a spark of magic from someone who has ventured too close to his well-concealed cave. The first time he sees Jensen and Milo, something about them feels familiar, but he doesn’t know what. Something inside him is blocking his memory. However, they make him feel safe.

Can the three men find some joy and stability with one another when danger lurks around the corner?


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Martinet by Mazarin Stone

OUT NOW! Martinet by Mazarin Stone

Christopher Worthington thought pushing his friend Alex Breschi at his former Dom would be a good way to introduce Alex to the BDSM lifestyle he was involved in, as well as create another barrier in his heart between himself and the man he had been half in love with for years, Mahiro Seta. But when Chris sees how much Alex and Mahiro have fallen for each other at a play party, he realizes any chance he ever had at a relationship with Mahiro was dead forever.

Into his maudlin thoughts walks Adam Wa, Mahiro’s best friend and roommate, and someone Chris has known for years, but had never quite gotten to know. Adam seems to know just what Chris is longing for, perhaps because Adam has been longing for Chris himself.

Ever wondered what happened to Adam and Chris after the party in Florentine? Here’s your answer.


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Relative Best by Pat Henshaw

OUT NOW! Relative Best by Pat Henshaw

Hotel owner and part-time musician Zeke Bandy is too busy for love. His plate is full running the historic Bandy Hotel and upholding his family’s tradition of offering refuge to strays and runaways. For fun two nights a week, Zeke also plays and sings traditional folk music with his rewritten gay lyrics at the Stonewall Saloon and for occasional celebrations.

Then at a gay wedding, Zeke meets Victor Longbow, who just might be the man of his dreams.

However, Vic isn’t looking for love either. In fact, because of his upbringing in a strict, white foster family, Vic’s not sure he believes in love. He’s in Stone Acres to open a branch office of a national brokerage firm. He also hopes to track down a vintage photo of what might be his Native American ancestor.

After their paths cross, they become friends. Connected by their experiences as orphans raised by flawed fathers, Zeke and Vic wonder if their future could possibly hold love and family or if they are destined only to be lifelong friends.


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The Unbroken Circle by Thomas Grant Bruso

OUT NOW! The Unbroken Circle by Thomas Grant Bruso

Sequel to Jay Bird

A month away from his high school graduation, Jay Kirkman must confront his doubts about the future. The recent death of his Grams, the feisty and funny grandparent he had counted on for wisdom and support, has taken a toll on him. Breaking away from his overbearing parents, especially his strict disciplinarian mother, is proving difficult.

Struggling to say goodbye to the people he loves, Jay has to decide if he wants to move away to attend college at the end of the summer. He’s nervous about leaving the only place he has ever known to set out on a new journey toward self-discovery and adulthood.

But departing from the tight-knit community of Milton means Jay will have to desert his best friend Rocco. Dealing with his own family problems, Rocco reaches out to male strangers for emotional support and comfort, but a handful of one-night stands and physical assaults leave him hurt and vulnerable.

Will Rocco’s life-and-death circumstances alter Jay’s plans? Or will Jay leave his friends and community behind and never to look back?


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The Immaculate Marlow King by Amanda Meuwissen

OUT NOW! The Immaculate Marlow King by Amanda Meuwissen

Marlow King is a rare and powerful Storm Mage and an officer of the law, but he has a secret: he has an unfairly intense libido. And he’s a virgin.

After an embarrassing reaction during a sparring match with his rival and fellow Mage Officer, Rembrandt “Remy” Parker, Marlow stumbles upon a thief escaping the scene of her crime. Desperate to escape, she looks in Marlow’s mind to use his deepest secret against him — and curses him to lose his magic until he loses his virginity.

Enter Remy, who is definitely a very bad (very good) idea to fix things.


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