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Our Revels Now by Alexandra Caluen

OUT NOW! Our Revels Now by Alexandra Caluen

Jeweler Lachlan Beattie does the Renaissance Frolicke event each year; it’s the only time he sees costume designer Taran Kimura. Their vendor stalls have been on opposite sides of the site. Then the year’s event package arrives with a new map: now they’ll be side by side.

Taran sees the new map and considers sending a thank-you note to the management. Finally, no barriers to striking up a conversation with the sexy Scot. They’ve been eyeing each other for years. Taran’s almost fifty; it’s past time to step outside his comfort zone.

Lachlan makes the first move; Taran makes the second. Once they start talking, they never want to stop. They have six weekends to see how far their connection could go. By the end of the second, they both know they want forever.

What could possibly go wrong?


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Trusting Love by Silas St. James

OUT NOW! Trusting Love by Silas St. James

Sequel to Fighting for Love

Two years into his marriage to Eduardo, Nathan is happy. His career is taking off, and he’s scheduled to be the keynote speaker at an upcoming architecture conference. Eduardo and Nathan have weathered a few storms, and their relationship is stronger than ever. That is, until Nathan’s dark past finally catches up to him.

Nathan’s perfect life is thrown into chaos when Shane, a slimy older man from his college years, resurfaces with a menacing motive. Shane wants to leverage explicit photos of their time together two decades prior. Before he knows it, Nathan is being blackmailed as Shane says he will release the photos unless he’s paid. The worst part is Nathan hasn’t told Eduardo about his painful past and he fears how his husband will react.

Not only do Shane’s photos threaten to undo Nathan’s successful career and loving marriage, they threaten to undo Nathan himself. Having to confront the shameful memories from that low point in his life may be too much for him to bear. Will Nathan have the courage to face his past and prevent Shane from ruining everything he’s built? Will Nathan finally let Eduardo see the broken parts of himself and decide to trust love?


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The Boy with Stars on His Ceiling by Lew Bull

OUT NOW! The Boy with Stars on His Ceiling by Lew Bull

Seventeen-year-old Joshua Jones is a fun-loving boy with the usual troubles — bullying at school and being in the closet. Now his mother insists he see a psychologist. Is this because he speaks to his dead father’s ashes in their golden urn? Joshua doesn’t know and, worse, no one will tell him anything.

When Joshua joins an extracurricular drama school, he not only discovers that he is naturally talented, but he also finds love in the form of Michael Armstrong, whose parents are both accepting of their son’s gayness. With Michael’s friendship and encouragement, Josh comes out of the closet and into his true self.

However, Joshua’s mother blames Michael for Joshua’s gayness. How will the boys resolve this? Will Joshua and his mother be able to deal with the issues of coming out?


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In Tune by Alexandra Caluen

OUT NOW! In Tune by Alexandra Caluen

In college, Paxton Barrilla and Mars Hudson built a strong foundation for lifelong friendship. Then their careers take them to opposite sides of the country. When they walk into a recording studio in Las Vegas, Pax as producer and Mars as clarinet player, they haven’t seen each other for almost twenty years.

At first, Pax’s plans are simply to make the best jazz record he possibly can. Mars? He wants that, too. But what he wants more is a chance to see if long-ago friendship and a gift for working together might add up to more.

The overture is a surprise, but Pax is interested. After three weeks of the kinds of conversations they never had with anyone else, are they ready to see if they’ve struck the right chord?


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Gentlemen in Love Box Set by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! Gentlemen in Love Box Set by Ellie Thomas

In Regency England, whether about their daily business in London, attending a country house party or visiting a fashionable spa town, an array of gentlemen meet their match and attain a happy ever after.

Some couples find new love, while others rekindle a long-lost spark in this collection of six light-hearted MM Regency romances from Ellie Thomas. Contains the stories:

A Christmas Cotillion: Thirty-year-old Jonathan Cavendish has long given up any thought of romance. He grudgingly accompanies younger cousin Freddy to a Christmas country house party, as Freddy is infatuated with the lovely Belinda. To his surprise, Jonathan catches the eye of Nick, a local farmer’s son. The initial attraction seems to be mutual, but can Nick break through Jonathan’s defences and teach him to love again?

A Marriage for Three: When Anthony Wallace proposes to Charlotte Grenville, she is shocked. Lottie has always seen him as an older brother, and she is also aware of his romantic devotion to his Anglo-Indian estate manager, Simon Walker. Should she accept this financial arrangement merely to support her ailing family? And will her growing attraction to Simon be a threat to all their happiness?

A Midwinter Night’s Magic: Matthew Lewis is trapped at a Christmas country house party by snowy weather and forced to take part in a reading of a Midsummer Night’s Dream. To make things worse, his lost love Crispin Marley, to whom he has sworn undying hatred, is among the guests. Can some fairy magic from Puck help the estranged couple to make amends for once and all?

The Thrill of the Chase: In 1813, when modest Adrian Lethbridge visits fashionable Cheltenham to help launch his young cousins into society, to his surprise, he catches the roving eye of Captain Guy Ransome. The ex-army officer is everything Adrian yearns to be; devilishly handsome, experienced and confident. So Adrian is in disbelief that the attraction is mutual. But can he summon the courage to act on his desires?

One Summer Night: After a passionate encounter with a stranger in an alleyway one summer night in 1801, Whitehall clerk Martin Dunne is shocked when he encounters the object of his desire at a society function, complete with a powerful father and a pretty bride-to-be. Is his seducer not to be trusted? And have Martin’s dreams of future encounters and possible romance crumbled to nothing?

Shore Leave: Jacob Longley, Naval Lieutenant, is all at sea in the fashionable Bath Spa. As he attempts to steer his younger sister Letty through the social whirl with a close eye on her reputation, his striking looks can’t help but catch the attention of the exquisite Sebastian Fforde. Will either man break through the other’s reserve? And could their mutual attraction blossom into love?


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