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The Wedding by T.J. Blackley

OUT NOW! The Wedding by T.J. Blackley

Roger Millbourne has a wonderful life — a doting adoptive father, all the novels he can read, and two rakish best friends, Duke Vincent Pennsbury and Roger’s cousin-by-adoption, Marquess Edward Chesburn. Roger has more-than-friendly feelings for Edward, it’s true, but up until now he has managed to keep them to himself and be satisfied with the friendship they have.

Vincent, however, spurred by troubles in his own recent marriage, has other ideas, and confronts Roger with the possibility that Edward might reciprocate his feelings. Suddenly Roger can no longer live in contentment, with his feelings hidden.

Does Edward love him back? Can Roger be brave enough to find out? And if he does, will Edward be brave enough to accept his love?


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Comic Book Romance by Charles Payseur

OUT NOW! Comic Book Romance by Charles Payseur

Calvin Kant is what anyone would want in a reporter — an excellent typist, a dogged investigator, and an upstanding citizen. Oh, and a superhero. At least, his alter ego, Maxim, is. Fleeing a messy situation at his last job, Cal has arrived in Capital City without much direction. That is, until his new colleague Liang Lu sweeps him into a dangerous assignment at a maximum security supervillain prison. What could go wrong?

Well, a supervillain prison break could leave both of them trapped and in peril with Cal having to juggle his growing attraction to Liang with his need to protect his secret identity. And that mess Cal was running from could catch up with him at exactly the wrong moment, leaving him vulnerable and unprotected. Luckily for him, though, Liang’s got more than good looks going for him. But can the two men save the day, and each other, and find their own comic book romance?


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December Beginnings by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! December Beginnings by K.L. Noone

Stunt double Matthew Reid’s been in unrequited love with actor Finn Ransom for years. And now Finn’s getting married to the love of his life, who isn’t Matthew.

Matthew’s happy for him. They’re friends, after all. He’s Finn’s double, and he’s good at hiding his emotions. Playing his role. And rehearsing action scenes with Dylan Li, their show’s lead actor. Dylan’s adorable, optimistic, and hardworking … and Matthew really likes making him smile.

Except that Matthew’s in love with Finn. Isn’t he?

When Dylan’s injured on set, Matthew realizes what he truly wants … if he isn’t too late.


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The Great Santa Showdown by Glenn Quigley

OUT NOW! The Great Santa Showdown by Glenn Quigley

It’s two weeks before Christmas, and the official Santa Claus of the small town of Yuleboro is retiring. The town takes Christmas seriously, with year-round celebrations, themed diners and guesthouses, and a Santa Claus who makes regular public appearances.

Fifty-something bookstore owner Gregory has long dreamed of taking over the role. However, he’s far from the only one. Grandfather and tree farmer John has been waiting his whole life for this opportunity and plans to seize it with both hands, despite objections from his daughter.

Alongside a host of other competitors, they’ll battle their way through a tournament designed to test the skills of any would-be Kris Kringles, and find it takes more than a belly and a beard to wear the red suit. As Gregory and John go head to head in the town’s first-ever Great Santa Showdown, will it be more than just the competition that heats up?


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The Long Game by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! The Long Game by Ellie Thomas

During the autumn of 1765 in London, Joshua Jones, a young working man of colour and aspiring artist, is grafting hard at his studies while earning his keep as a waiter in an exclusive St. James’ gambling club managed by his uncle.

The only cloud on Joshua’s horizon is the progress of his love affair with Frank Bartlett, an older man and unofficial diplomat who met and seduced Joshua the year before.

After an idyllic summer in Italy together, reality bites when they return to London, and Frank plunges into dealing with the disastrous political fallout from the proposed Stamp Act. Joshua understands his lover’s preoccupation but worries he is being pushed aside as Frank becomes so involved in diplomatic wrangling that he risks injuring his health.

During tough times, Joshua is determined to stick with Frank. But will Frank take notice? And how can Joshua convince his true love that he is there for the long haul?


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