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Under an August Moon by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! Under an August Moon by K.L. Noone

Wesley Kim loves watching his boyfriend work. Even when he can’t help worrying about it.

Wes knows his boyfriend’s a genius actor — after all, Finn Ransom used to be a household name. And Finn’s so compelling, even on the set of a television superhero show where he’s a recurring fan favorite, not the star. He’s brilliant. And Wes gets to tell him so. Repeatedly. In bed.

But this role is physically demanding. Late nights, action scenes. Wes has seen Finn in the hospital before. He never wants to again.

Then Finn gets an offer: the chance to become a series regular …


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Fighting For Love by Silas St. James

OUT NOW! Fighting For Love by Silas St. James

Sequel to The Language of Love

For their honeymoon, Nathan and Eduardo travel to Puerto Rico, Eduardo’s birth country. Besides lots of romantic time in the Newlywed Suite, Nathan will finally meet Eduardo’s extended family. Nathan is most nervous about meeting Eduardo’s grandmother, who has yet to openly accept Eduardo’s sexuality or mention anything about their wedding. But unbeknownst to Nathan and Eduardo, more serious challenges are on the horizon.

When the couple gets separated in a tropical storm, their new marriage is put to the test. Eduardo is knocked unconscious by a falling tree branch, twisting his ankle and getting a concussion. He wakes up in the care of Alex, an obsessive flame from the past, who wants to rekindle the passion they once shared. Meanwhile, as Nathan anxiously waits by the phone to hear from Eduardo, the hot pool boy who’s been eyeing him finally makes a move.

Separated and without contact, will Nathan and Eduardo be able to resist temptation and remain faithful to their vows? Will they fight for each other, or will their marriage crumble under pressure before the honeymoon even ends?


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12 Months of August by David Connor and E.F. Mulder

OUT NOW! 12 Months of August by David Connor and E.F. Mulder

At work, August’s new job as a firefighter brings opportunity to model for a beefcake calendar. At home, a no strings hookup becomes a regular thing. The new man in August’s life calls himself Memo. He eventually explains it’s a nickname for Guillermo, and with that also reveals something a little bit shocking.

When August is excluded from the calendar for reasons objectionable to some, word spreads throughout the town, and the community becomes divided. Memo says he can’t take sides, which bothers August. August’s work partner Tasha has his back. Why can’t the man in his life? Things are bumpy for the pair and the town, but when something more sinister happens, it not only puts the calendar debate in perspective, it also puts August and his fellow firefighters’ lives in danger.

Can August and Memo work out their differences, or will what they have literally go up in flames?


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Memories in Stone by Dianne Hartsock

OUT NOW! Memories in Stone by Dianne Hartsock

Gilly is dying. He knows this, and in an act of desperation and grief, calls upon all his strength and the energies of the earth to imbue the twelve stones he’d gathered, shot through with crystals, with the memories of the life he’d shared with Finian, his husband and lover.

With this he hopes to leave Finian, at the very least, with the joy of their time together. But he wishes for more. As a witch of singular power, he risks all he is in this final gamble. To move forward with Finian, or die alone, as he always had been.


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Death Changes Everything by Sean Cunningham

OUT NOW! Death Changes Everything by Sean Cunningham

Ian Hughes returns from a business trip only to discover his wife Debbie has been brutally murdered. When a bloody note reveals Ian was the intended victim, Detective Danny Diaz is assigned to act as Ian’s bodyguard. The two men were best friends in high school, and now that they’ve been thrown together again, the feeling they each secretly harbor for the other are rekindled. As Danny tries to keep Ian from being the killer’s next victim, things between them ignite into a sexual tension that’s hot enough to destroy Danny’s career.Secret business deals, sexual, and long-held grudges are all exposed as Danny tries to find the murderer. Amidst all the lies and cover-ups one thing is certain — although everyone seems to love Ian, someone wants him dead. The closer they get to solving the crime, the closer the attempts on Ian’s life come to actually succeeding.

Is it fate that brought Ian and Danny together? Will their relationship survive the scrutiny of the investigation or the stress of being a target? Will they catch the killer before the killer gets Ian? Or will Ian survive to live happily ever after with Danny?


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