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Lovers from Different Eras by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! Lovers from Different Eras by Casper Graham

Chase Crayford and Simon Lobb are boyfriends who accidentally travel to the year 3022. The United States of America is no longer the same country it was a thousand years ago. Asteroids have changed many things. Instead of cities or towns, there are safe zones, checkpoints, and wastelands overrun with dangerous mutated plants.

The two men must survive long enough to return to where they’ve come from. Fortunately, they receive help from Brody Fisher, Mason Kirk, and Troy Whittemore, three hunters who work for the Search and Rescue Association.

Feelings develop and blossom among them, but Simon and Chase can’t remain in the future. At least not indefinitely. The situation becomes even more complicated when they discover some plants have evolved further, making them much more dangerous.

Can they successfully deal with the plants while they fight for their love and relationship?


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Harvey’s Bargains by Tristan Cole

OUT NOW! Harvey’s Bargains by Tristan Cole

When bottom boy Cameron invites his friend Harvey to hang out, he knows he’s going to have trouble resisting Harvey’s cleverness and seductive charms. But he’ll have to if he’s going to stay faithful to his boyfriend Law. Then Harvey, a well-to-do African-American top, discovers Cameron’s porn collection, each video featuring a number of black men enjoying one white bottom. Cameron is ashamed of his obsession but Harvey is intrigued. Then Cameron gets a text informing him Law is a liar and a cheater.

Harvey immediately suggests a bargain. Cameron should get rid of Law and seek out his true desire: to be dominated by Harvey and his friends. If Cameron “behaves” and yields to Harvey’s wishes for three years, Harvey will pay off Cameron’s enormous college loans.

Cameron can’t imagine anything he wants more, but never saying no is insane, isn’t it? How can he possibly keep up his part of the bargain?


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La Playita by Gavin Atlas

OUT NOW! La Playita by Gavin Atlas

Jamie, a college senior from Pennsylvania, is nursing the wounds of a broken relationship. Alone on the beautiful beaches of Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica for spring break, shy Jamie spends his time writing his wildest fantasies in his journal.

But Jamie is a handsome and muscular young man, and when a mischievous Costa Rican waiter discovers Jamie’s deepest desires, the fantasies could become reality. But can Jamie overcome his inhibitions and surrender his body on La Playita?


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Add Ginger for More Flavor by Feral Sephrian

OUT NOW! Add Ginger for More Flavor by Feral Sephrian

Tucker never expected to be in this situation. Plenty of guys dream of having a threesome someday, but not many are excited to get pegged by their girlfriend and watch her get eaten out by the guy they recently started dating. But Tucker loves Samantha, and they’ve both fallen in love with Kylan.

Even though Tucker has realized his attraction to guys is more than platonic admiration, none of the guys he and Samantha tried dating quite clicked the way Kylan did. They’ve yet to have a threesome … until tonight. Tucker is determined to satisfy both his partners as much as he can, since he knows no matter what, he’s going to enjoy this.


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Nowhere Else He Would Rather Be by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! Nowhere Else He Would Rather Be by Casper Graham

Micah Bates has been infatuated with Arlo Newman for years. However, unlike Arlo, who is a semi-retired model and actor, Micah is only the owner of an ice cream parlor that barely makes enough to stay afloat. When Jenson Hall buys the shop next to his ice cream parlor, Micah’s instantly attracted to the man. Until he finds out Jenson owns a multi-billion-dollar company that sells all sorts of sweet things. Jenson is filthy rich, and he’s also a competitor.

Arlo is confused when he notices how close Jenson and Micah seem to be. Micah is his long-time crush who treats him as nothing more than a good friend. Jenson is the new guy in town. It’s lust at first sight for Arlo, but first, he needs to deal with his jealousy every time he sees Jenson and Micah together.

After a brief interaction with Arlo and Micah, Jenson knows he has to take a chance on both men. Fortunately, Micah and Arlo are obviously attracted to each other. Proposing a three-way relationship should be easy enough. Jenson just has to find a way to get them all on the same page.

Can the three men find a way to get together? Or are they destined to remain as friends for the rest of their lives?


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