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Convincing Dane by Shawn Lane

OUT NOW! Convincing Dane by Shawn Lane

Sutter’s Bay’s newest dentist, Dane Cloverfield, is surprised to be approached by his two married friends, Urie and Ben Upton. They’d like him to join with them in a polyamorous relationship.

Dane’s cautious, though, because he’s been in a sort of relationship with Urie before and got burned. Plus, with Urie and Ben being married, he’s afraid he’ll always be on the outside looking in.

But Ben and Urie love Dane and are happy to welcome him into their lives. Now they simply have to convince Dane.


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Invasion of the Butt Snatchers by Rob Rosen

OUT NOW! Invasion of the Butt Snatchers by Rob Rosen

The aliens settled in Africa and Europe, what with their love of giraffes and Alpine skiing and all, and forced the previous inhabitants to move out. But when two of said inhabitants meet one of said aliens, plus his unusual body parts, that’s when their world gets turned upside down. E.T. does more than phone home in this funny, steamy threesome of a tale.

NOTE: This story appears in Rob Rosen’s best-selling collection, Short Spurts.


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A One-Time Thing by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! A One-Time Thing by Casper Graham

When Peter Wong goes to the bar after a frustrating phone call with his parents, he’s only there for a drink or two, and hopefully he can forget about his troubles. At least for a little while. He doesn’t expect to make new friends. Or somehow end up in a relationship. Of sorts.

Bruce Yang and Kevin Chan have been dating for more than ten years, and they’ve always been faithful. After a frank discussion about their sex lives, they agree to experiment a little outside of their relationship, but not individually. They will do it together as a couple, and at the top of the list of things they’re both curious about is to have a threesome.

Both men like Peter, and they’re glad he agrees to join them in their bed. It’s supposed to be a one-time thing. Just to appease their curiosity. However, feelings gradually develop among the trio, and that complicates everything.

Will Bruce, Kevin, and Peter risk their friendship and try becoming a throuple?


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A Farewell to Angels by Pepper Espinoza

OUT NOW! A Farewell to Angels by Pepper Espinoza

The last thing Rachel wants to do is say goodbye to her best friend David on the night before he ships out to Afghanistan. David is a pilot in the Air Force, and they all knew the time of his deployment would come, but nobody is emotionally prepared. David’s wife Jade is miserable and frightened. Rachel’s husband Ian hates to see his wife so heart-broken, especially since David is his close friend, too.

Before David leaves for an uncertain future, he has one request for their final night together. He wants to show Jade, Rachel, and Ian just how much they all mean to him …


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Cosmic by Sharon Maria Bidwell

OUT NOW! Cosmic by Sharon Maria Bidwell

Can three hearts break harder than two?

While on a mission, the last thing the crew of the Sovereignty expects is to gain an addition crew-member, but when an unknown assailant attacks, Axel has no choice but to beam the stranger on board the spacecraft. Already in a sexual relationship with Snake, a rare species of alien, Axel certainly isn’t looking for another person to complicate his already challenging existence.

The trouble is he cannot deny his growing attraction for the newcomer, who happens to be a striking and intelligent woman. Sela’s so intelligent she’s already worked out Snake is an alien and the two men are in a somewhat turbulent relationship. Still, Axel isn’t the only one who likes Sela. Snake likes her too, and Sela doesn’t appear to mind the idea Axel and Snake are lovers, especially after she sees them together … But can they truly battle their differences and natural distrust, while fighting a corrupt government and dealing with a zealot of a leader?

One man, one woman, and one alien; two male and one female, all fighting corruption as well as their own desires. In a universe at war it’s natural to keep secrets but can too many confidences mean they’ll never find peace?


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