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Midwinter Marriage by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! Midwinter Marriage by K.L. Noone

The Honorable Edmund Rookwood needs to get married. By Midwinter. Or his father will disinherit him.

Edmund has always tried to be a loyal son and dutiful heir — unlike his scandalous younger brother. But his father’s ultimatum seems impossible. Edmund has never fallen in love easily, and — according to his father — he’s a disappointment, inadequate, never good enough. Who would ever say yes to him?

Sebastian Melior, the Duke of Morinbrough, mathematician and inventor and Edmund’s best friend, offers to help. After all, Sebastian’s also unmarried, and they’ve known each other for years. So Sebastian’s proposal is a logical solution …

But this Midwinter marriage of convenience stirs up unexpected emotions. And Edmund and Sebastian just might discover they’ve been each other’s answers all along.


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A Lasting Vow by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! A Lasting Vow by Ellie Thomas

Sequel to A Christmas Engagement

By the spring of 1806 in rural England, Charles Denham’s happiness should be complete. He has reconciled with his best friend and long-term lover Avery after a breach caused by Charles’ grief at the sudden death of his father, which left Charles shouldering family responsibilities.

Avery has made allowances for Charles’ misguided actions, and their relationship is back on an even keel. But Charles can’t forgive himself for his past behaviour towards the man he loves so dearly. He feels that some grand gesture is required to assure Avery he will never take him for granted again. Yet the more Charles considers this, his good intentions become increasingly confused.

Might Avery find a way to secure their future together?


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D.B. and Me by Rob Rosen

OUT NOW! D.B. and Me by Rob Rosen

In the gripping tale of D.B. and Me, the enigmatic hijacker D.B. Cooper parachutes into the unknown with $200,000 in ransom money, but little does he know that his daring escape is just the beginning of an unforeseen journey filled with mystery, suspense, and steamy romance.

D.B., now Tim, finds himself along the banks of the Columbia River attempting to fade into the shadows. However, fate has other plans when he encounters Adam, a charismatic stranger who’s also in hiding. The air becomes charged with anticipation as the two men become entangled in a mysterious dance, each harboring secrets that could shatter the fragile equilibrium they’ve quickly established.

Tim’s initial plans to vanish into the vast expanse of Canada are abruptly put on hold as the magnetic pull of Adam draws him into a world where passion and danger collide. As their connection deepens while they wander through the snow-covered forests of the Pacific Northwest, so does the labyrinth of unanswered questions surrounding their pasts. The suspense thickens with every stolen glance, every shared secret, as Tim and Adam navigate a love affair shadowed by the lingering echoes of several daring crimes, all against the backdrop of the Vietnam War.

As the story unfolds, readers are taken on a heart-pounding journey through a landscape of intrigue, where the line between right and wrong blurs, and the boundaries of love are tested. Will Tim’s past catch up with him, will Adam’s, or will they find a way to rewrite the narrative that destiny has penned for them?

D.B. and Me is a riveting exploration of love in the face of danger, a tale where passion and suspense interweave, leaving readers breathless and eagerly turning each page to unravel the secrets hidden within the folds of this captivating romance. Will Tim find redemption or be swallowed by the sadness of his past? And what about Adam and his troubled family and the ever-nagging reminders of a horrible war that still plague him? Dive into the depths of mystery and desire in this thrilling novel that will keep you on the edge until the very end.


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Impeccable Credentials by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! Impeccable Credentials by Ellie Thomas

Sequel to Petticoats and Pantaloons

Outwardly, twenty-one-year-old Julian Buchanan is the epitome of wealth, breeding and good looks. He’s a pink of the ton in Regency London, and his position in society is assured. But beneath his impeccable surface, Julian is riddled with doubt.

Matters come to a head in the autumn of 1812 when his autocratic father, Sir Roger Buchanan, orders Julian to court an heiress and propose marriage. Finally, Julian must acknowledge that he has no interest in women. At the same time, he becomes involved with Rafe Ingles, a radical intellectual whose beliefs concur with Julian’s inward convictions.

With pressure building and so much at stake, can Julian find the courage to break the habit of a lifetime and choose love and freedom over duty?


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Midwinter Music by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! Midwinter Music by K.L. Noone

London at Midwinter. Magical art theft. And it’s personal.

Sam Rookwood, chief magistrate of Bow Street’s Preternatural Division, doesn’t feel like celebrating the holiday. Someone’s magically stealing paintings — all of which have a connection to Sam’s family. His ex-stepbrother is back in Town, after years on the Continent — and John’s as beautiful and charming and scandalous as ever. And if John knows something about the thefts, it’s Sam’s duty to find out … and not to give in to temptation.

John Thynne doesn’t use the Rookwood name. After all, he was never a blood relation, and he loathed his stepfather the viscount, even before his mother fled the marriage in a scandalous divorce. But John does care about his family, and about past wrongs. He’s come home to try to make amends — even if that means technically committing a crime or two.

And he might not mind being caught by Sam, respectable and proper chief magistrate … and the one person John’s always wanted.


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