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One Night in London: Robert and Anthony by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! One Night in London: Robert and Anthony by K.L. Noone

Robert Thorne would prefer not to get married. He enjoys his life: a viscount’s younger brother, a lighthearted rake, fond of men and women and sensational novels. Unfortunately, tonight’s ball is intended to celebrate his engagement. And his intended husband comes with a fortune, enough to repair the Thorne family’s failing finances and secure their future. But they’ve barely spoken two words to each other, and the young man’s very shy and very innocent — someone Robert’s brother’s chosen for him, not the person Robert wants.

But the person Robert wants is exactly the person he shouldn’t: Anthony, his secretary. Anthony’s the best and most organized part of Robert’s life — and off-limits, because Anthony’s employed by the family to keep an eye on him …

Anthony Price has two secrets. Everyone knows that his family used to be wealthy, and that Anthony’s needed to find employment to support himself and his mother and sister. But no one knows that he has another life — and growing success as an author of lurid novels, written under a pen name. And no one knows that he’s hopelessly in love with Robert Thorne, who is engaged to another man.

Anthony will do anything to ensure Robert’s happiness — but when the engagement ball ends in disaster, secrets are revealed, hearts are exposed, and everything can change … on one night in London.


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One Night in London: Dalton and Edward by K.S. Murphy

OUT NOW! One Night in London: Dalton and Edward by K.S. Murphy

No one’s ever expected much from Dalton Irving, the reserved, sheltered, and bookish heir to the family fortune. So in order to secure their place in London’s society, the Irvings have arranged for Dalton to marry the brother of a viscount. A man who comes from a family with a title and with quite the scandalous reputation. A man Dalton doesn’t know. A man who’s very publicly announced that he doesn’t want to get married, least of all to Dalton, right in the middle of their engagement ball.

In an attempt to flee whispered words and sudden gossip and unexpected hurt from venomous words, Dalton finds comfort from the very last person he would have expected — the wry, reclusive, and unsocial Edward Whitman, Duke of Wellingham.

Edward Whitman doesn’t like most people on his best days. They’re dull and predictable and care only about money and status. Tonight, however, is the engagement ball for his best friend’s brother, so he’ll make an appearance to assure the night’s success even if the idea of anyone marrying young Dalton Irving puts a strange ache in the pit of his stomach.

But after Dalton’s intended makes a mess of the ball, Edward suddenly finds himself alone with the young man, drawn to his wide-eyed curiosity and kindhearted generosity, his rambling and odd musings. Neither of them can imagine what this evening has in store for anyone, and all it takes is one night in London to change everything.


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One Night in London: James and Nicholas by Shelly Greene

OUT NOW! One Night in London: James and Nicholas by Shelly Greene

James Thorne, the widowed Viscount Tadbury, insists he will never remarry — not because he could never love again, as the romantics of Society assume, but because he already does. His late wife’s brother, Nicholas, who now lives in James’s home, educating his sister’s children, is the least appropriate person imaginable. To love a man so closely related by law is unseemly, improper, surely dishonorable, and James values honor and propriety above all things. His beloved Nicholas must never know his true feelings, for his opinion of James could only suffer by it.

Nicholas, meanwhile, has been in love with James since the day they met — the day James was introduced as his sister’s betrothed. Of course he could not act on his feelings then, and how can he now? How can he press himself on a grieving widower, or betray his sister’s memory?

When Nicholas is badly injured during the social event of the Season — James’s brother’s engagement ball — will one of them be shaken into confessing their feelings? Or will they lose their chance forever?


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One Night in London

OUT NOW! One Night in London

JMS Books’ Trios are themed collections of three gay romance stories by a trio of authors. Each story is available separately, but readers can get all three for a discounted bundle price.

One Night in London contains three M/M historical romances. Contains the stories:

James and Nicholas by Shelly Greene: Widowed viscount James Thorne insists he will never remarry — not because he could never love again, but because he secretly already does. His late wife’s brother, Nicholas, is too closely related by law; James’s love is unseemly, violating honor and propriety. When Nicholas is badly injured in an accident, will James be shaken into confessing his feelings? Or will he lose Nicholas forever?

Dalton and Edward by K.S. Murphy: Tonight’s ball announces Dalton Irving’s engagement to a man his parents chose for him. But Dalton’s intended has made it clear that he wants nothing to do with being married to Dalton. When disaster strikes, and Dalton finds himself alone with Duke Edward Whitman, who has little patience for people and even less for discourtesy, anything can happen during this one night in London.

Robert and Anthony by K.L. Noone: Tonight’s ball celebrates Robert’s engagement and his intended’s fortune. But Robert’s in love with someone he can’t have: his secretary Anthony. Anthony’s family once was wealthy, though now he works for a living. But he’s had some success as a secret lurid novelist, and he’s hopelessly in love with Robert. When disaster strikes, secrets are revealed, and everything changes.


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Rainbows in Your Eyes by Tinnean

OUT NOW! Rainbows in Your Eyes by Tinnean

Andrew Dorincourt has the blood of powerful shifters in his veins. It’s his job to take care of his siblings, who are his pack, and he has no intention of letting anything get in the way. However, he’s seen the love shared not only by his parents but by the Papas, the men who raised his mother, and he wants that for himself. The problem is none of the young women he’s dated have left him wanting anything more than to go home alone. Perhaps he’d have more success by dating men, as his brother does. Only it seems he’s not very successful at that, either.

Da’ric is the son of Ric’u, a Brachi who’d been stranded on Terra for decades, and David Knight, an ichthyologist who traveled up the Amazon in search of his heart’s desire. Seeing the deep love his fathers have for each other, Da’ric determines to settle for nothing less. At any rate, the dating pool is pretty much empty in the Lagoon of Dreams, and so he goes to the States, where he intends to become a herpetologist. In order to do that, he must mingle with normals, Terrans who have no idea extraterrestrials share the planet with them. When he walks among Terrans, he must disguise his heritage by wearing sunglasses to conceal his rainbow-colored eyes and long-sleeved shirts to hide his scale-patterned skin.

After being kidnapped and sold to a high-ranking member of the London underworld to be displayed as the Snake Boy, Da’ despairs of ever seeing his beloved family again, until Drew wanders into the House of Oddities and helps Da’ escape.

Is it fate, kismet, or destiny that brings together the offspring of two very unique families? Have these two been waiting for each other, and will the future hold the love they’d both been seeking?


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