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Coming of Age by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! Coming of Age by Ellie Thomas

Sequel to Queer Relations

After the London Season of 1815, Percy Havilland is at a loose end, having guided his younger sister Eustacia through her come out despite the social impact of a disastrous family scandal. Accustomed to being spoiled and generally admired, although still wealthy, he is shunned by most of the ton. Also, he misses looking after his sister now she’s returned to the family estate in Sussex. Taking his frustrations out on Nathaniel Brooks, his long-suffering lover, only makes Percy more uncertain about his future.

Percy’s good friend Jo Everett is having his own problems, thwarted in his dearest wish to share a home with the love of his life, hardworking Bond Street tailor Daniel Walters. And Captain Ben Harding and Dr. Edward Stephens realise the course of true love doesn’t always run smoothly. Can this society of gentlemen solve their romantic dilemmas to their satisfaction? And might Percy, with a birthday looming, surprise himself by opening up to love?


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The Ishcrin Affair by Gareth Vaughn

OUT NOW! The Ishcrin Affair by Gareth Vaughn

Clem Turner is pretty sure nothing else can go wrong. Assigned by the head of his museum to check out a possible acquisition, his train ride from Chicago to Duluth has been full of problems — lost luggage, food poisoning, and now an unscheduled stop in the middle of nowhere, Wisconsin. Hoping for a bit of distraction, he decides to check out the local fair, only to run right into a different sort of predicament.

The 1890s aren’t a great time to fall for another man, but with Anton Hess it’s hard to resist. An adventurer and businessman, Anton has captured the legendary ishcrin, a beast with wings, spines, and a nasty disposition, and he’s charging people to see it. For the nickel admission, though, Clem gets much more than he bargained for, and faces the prospect of the greatest disaster of his journey yet — a broken heart.


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The Arrangement by T.J. Blackley

OUT NOW! The Arrangement by T.J. Blackley

Vincent Pennsbury, the thirteenth Duke of Fallshire, has very specific rules for his imminent marriage: No sex, and absolutely no falling in love. It will be a strictly business arrangement: Higher status for his spouse, and someone who can manage his financial affairs for him, Vincent having no head for numbers. He has no intention of either tumbling his spouse into bed, or of falling in love with them.

Choosing Matsui Eiji, a math-inclined widower and the most beautiful man in town, is a therefore bit of a risk.

Vincent and Eiji manage to keep their hands off each other for a few weeks, but soon enough they’re falling—first into Vincent’s bed, and then, to Vincent’s horror, into love. When he finds himself mired in deeper feelings than he’d ever anticipated, he panics and makes a terrible mistake. Will he be able to fix it and win his husband’s heart back? And does he even want to?


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A Trick of the Light by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! A Trick of the Light by Ellie Thomas

Kenneth Taylor has bright plans for a future as an engineer. In the summer of 1957, as soon as he returns home to Bristol from two years of National Service in the Royal Signals, a furious row with his dad means he’s thrown out of the house, and his prospects are in jeopardy.

He finds lodgings in the hilltop, bomb-damaged suburb of Kingsdown, determined to be independent and juggling night school with his humdrum day job. He soon meets Gino, the good-looking son of a local café owner and is thrilled when the attraction proves to be mutual. As their romance blooms, Kenneth finds unexpected encouragement from an apparition in the mirror who inhabited the house in the late 18th century.

When the ghostly vision of Kit also appears to Kenneth in his dreams, it seems they have much in common when Kit reveals his dilemma at a similar age, concerning his growing attachment to a young man, Ned. Past and present intermingle as Kenneth faces parallel and difficult decisions. But can he trust Kit? Or is it all merely a trick of the light?


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The Lusty Journey of Perseus by Arthur Griffin

OUT NOW! The Lusty Journey of Perseus by Arthur Griffin

You’ve never heard the story of Perseus and Medusa told quite like this before!

At just nineteen, the handsome and naive Perseus is given a devastating choice: venture out into the world for the first time to slay the monster Medusa, or watch his mother be forcibly married to his homeland’s tyrannical king. Raised on a small island nation where most everyone goes naked and the main activity is fishing, Perseus is ill-prepared for a quest that includes any sort of danger.

Fortunately, he has the gods on his side. After a sexy romp with the Greek god Hermes, he’s given both instructions and an invaluable gift: winged sandals that allow him to fly.

When he teams up with a Corinthian prince who wins his heart, Perseus embarks on one of the great adventures of the ages. Will Perseus be able to save his mother, slay the monster, and live happily ever after with his prince?


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