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Reinvented by Alexandra Caluen

OUT NOW! Reinvented by Alexandra Caluen

At going-on-fifty, patent filing specialist Santo is the recently divorced single dad to a sixteen-year-old with Broadway ambitions. He’s thrilled to learn his new coworker Martin is close to his age, also gay, and also a single dad. At the very least, they might turn into good work friends.

Before many weeks pass, Santo and Martin are much more than work friends. Their teenagers, who go to the same high school, quickly bond. Having school and workplace in common takes a lot of the juggling out of trying to date in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Santo’s support helps Martin cope as an adoptive father to a niece still grieving her parents. He’s creating a new version of himself for this role. Will his turbulent entry into parenthood open a door to a future full of love?


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The Hunting Box by Alexandra Caluen

OUT NOW! The Hunting Box by Alexandra Caluen

Nick, Charlie, and Stephen, sons of an earl, a baronet, and a freshly knighted barrister, met at school and became fast friends. The young noblemen went on to university while Stephen read law in London. All three exchange letters and visits, even spending holidays together for the next thirteen years. Their terms of intimacy, while close, have been undefined: Nick and Charlie have a separate relationship, Charlie and Stephen another.

In November 1819, Nick invites his two friends for three weeks at his country lodge. He worries their bonds may be sundered by circumstance: he is to be married. While this was always inevitable, they must all now face up to the changes it will bring.

Mere days into their country retreat, all three have confirmed their desire for more, not less, intimacy. Ideas are exchanged, affections shared, wishes expressed. Their days together strengthen the mortar of their new connection, giving it time to set.

Along the way, they indulge in every kind of intimacy, safe in the privacy of the hunting box. Will their plans and promises hold once they must part?


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Regency Lovers by Ellie Thomas, K.L. Noone, Alexandra Caluen

OUT NOW! Regency Lovers by Ellie Thomas, K.L. Noone, Alexandra Caluen

JMS Books’ Trios are themed collections of three gay romance stories by a trio of authors. Each story is available separately, but readers can get all three for a discounted bundle price.

Regency Lovers contains three historical M/M/M romances. Contains the stories:

An Unlikely Alliance by Ellie Thomas: In Regency London, private secretary Clem encounters shy gentleman Humphrey with satisfying results. From then on, it seems natural to include Abe, Clem’s regular lover, in their frolics. Apart from willing bedfellows, Clem is used to being alone and unsupported. But will the alliance between the three men prove more substantial than mere passing pleasure?

As Many Stars by K.L. Noone: Society knows Blake as an adventurer and traveler. But when Blake thinks of home, he thinks of his best friend Ashley, Oxford scholar — the man Blake secretly, silently, loves. He’s discovered feelings for someone else too: a Scottish doctor he’s met while traveling. And when he returns to find Ash ill, Blake has a reason to send for Cam … and together, they’ll discover a new adventure.

The Hunting Box by Alexandra Caluen: When Nicholas, an earl’s heir, invites his two dearest friends to spend three weeks at his country lodge, he hopes to set the terms for the next chapter in their lives. The time has come for Nick to marry, but he doesn’t want to lose Charlie or Stephen. Much to his relief, they want to keep him too. Can they negotiate the inevitable changes of adulthood, and move forward as even closer friends?


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Liberty by Alexandra Caluen

OUT NOW! Liberty by Alexandra Caluen

John Hancock Darrow left his North Carolina hometown after college. The only reason he’s there twenty-eight years later is to deal with estate business when his mother and sister are killed in an automobile crash. The realtor he chooses to list his mother’s B&B can’t make that hurt less, but he can help John forget it for a while.

Small-town, self-employed, multiple job holding Daniel Washburn doesn’t expect more than after-dinner sex with the big-city lawyer. When the man turns up at the local ballroom studio a few days later, Daniel’s happy to dance with him. When they start working out an unusual deal for the B&B, they begin to feel like friends. Then during one of their many phone calls, John asks if he can take Daniel to dinner.

John and Daniel keep finding reasons to stay in touch. Then to be lovers. Then to get married. It’s a convenience, John says. Daniel knows it’s more. But John’s ten years older, successful, the kind of man who owns a million-dollar New York City condo and can afford to give away a house. If he wants Daniel on any terms, he surely has his reasons.

Daniel’s willing to wait for the right moment to put that convenience nonsense to rest. Because he has his own reasons, and the truth will set them free.


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Third Time Lucky by Alexandra Caluen

OUT NOW! Third Time Lucky by Alexandra Caluen

Neither Troy Nakamura nor Laszlo Jovanovic expect anything after their one-night stand. Troy is bound for college and Laszlo is heading to graduate school on the other side of the continent.

They don’t see each other again for five years, when Troy’s former competition dance partner invites him to her wedding, where he can’t resist another encounter with Laszlo. Then he says more than he should. While Laszlo lets him down easy, the fact is Troy’s still in law school and the other man’s work is taking him to Europe. Their first parting wasn’t easy, but this one really hurts.

As Laszlo winds up his final European contract seven years later, a traumatic incident disrupts his intention to stay with his parents for a while. Troy, now living near their families again, offers a place to live while Laszlo sorts himself out.

Both of them had always thought what if. With privacy, peace, and the opportunity to learn just how they’ve both changed since that first momentous night, is the time finally right for love?


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