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Drama Queen by Alexandra Caluen

OUT NOW! Drama Queen by Alexandra Caluen

When set medic Koa Sanders meets actor/stuntman Loren McCall, sparks fly. Loren himself just went flying — and got knocked out — in a dangerous collision stunt, setting off all Koa’s protective instincts. At the end of the day, when Loren suggests he wouldn’t mind having someone at home for post-head-injury monitoring, Koa tells himself it’s only to make sure the actor is okay. By the time he leaves the next morning, they’ve tested the question very thoroughly … and they want to see each other again.

Loren is already thinking about drawing the line under stunt work. When his agent sends word of a potentially career-changing audition, he decides this is the time to take the leap. He’s facing a huge loss in the coming months. Getting a big part will complicate matters in a big way. But Koa’s right there, telling Loren he’ll help.

Neither man was looking for a boyfriend; neither is willing to dismiss their instant connection. Loren isn’t used to needing help; Koa isn’t used to someone wanting it. And if they get through the year’s challenges together, their lives will change forever.


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Our Revels Now by Alexandra Caluen

OUT NOW! Our Revels Now by Alexandra Caluen

Jeweler Lachlan Beattie does the Renaissance Frolicke event each year; it’s the only time he sees costume designer Taran Kimura. Their vendor stalls have been on opposite sides of the site. Then the year’s event package arrives with a new map: now they’ll be side by side.

Taran sees the new map and considers sending a thank-you note to the management. Finally, no barriers to striking up a conversation with the sexy Scot. They’ve been eyeing each other for years. Taran’s almost fifty; it’s past time to step outside his comfort zone.

Lachlan makes the first move; Taran makes the second. Once they start talking, they never want to stop. They have six weekends to see how far their connection could go. By the end of the second, they both know they want forever.

What could possibly go wrong?


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In Tune by Alexandra Caluen

OUT NOW! In Tune by Alexandra Caluen

In college, Paxton Barrilla and Mars Hudson built a strong foundation for lifelong friendship. Then their careers take them to opposite sides of the country. When they walk into a recording studio in Las Vegas, Pax as producer and Mars as clarinet player, they haven’t seen each other for almost twenty years.

At first, Pax’s plans are simply to make the best jazz record he possibly can. Mars? He wants that, too. But what he wants more is a chance to see if long-ago friendship and a gift for working together might add up to more.

The overture is a surprise, but Pax is interested. After three weeks of the kinds of conversations they never had with anyone else, are they ready to see if they’ve struck the right chord?


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Mistletango by Alexandra Caluen

OUT NOW! Mistletango by Alexandra Caluen

A between-jobs vacation was all Angelo expected from Buenos Aires. When it turned into a holiday fling, he wasn’t about to say no.

Ramon’s impulsive trip to Argentina started off as a disaster. The cute dance teacher offering a room share? An early Christmas present. The night dancing tango? A revelation.

The next week turns into a series of great dates, the kind that would take months to set up in real life. By day two, they both wish they’d met long ago, in California, where they both grew up. But while Ramon’s heading back there, Angie’s bound for North Carolina.

Angie leaves Argentina with a head full of plans and wishes, but no regrets. Ramon goes home with a plan of his own, determined to turn some wishes into reality. On New Year’s Day, Angie finds Ramon on his doorstep. Will they find a way to dance into the future together?


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