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An Unlikely Alliance by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! An Unlikely Alliance by Ellie Thomas

During the final week of February in 1808, Clement Metcalfe has a brief and heated encounter in the back room of a busy London coffee house with bashful gentleman Humphrey Atkinson. Clem, a private secretary, is accustomed to grabbing random interludes to brighten his tedious and underpaid working days following a professional fall from grace. But Humphrey seems to hanker after more than one taste.

So Clem introduces Humphrey to Abe Pengelly, the other semi-regular man in his life. Imposingly dark and dangerous, Abe is an enigmatic figure, with his operations based at the decaying and infamous Old Red Lion Tavern. His endeavours, if not blatantly lawless and criminal, are definitely murky.

There’s an undeniable attraction between the three men that promises passion. However, Clem discovers his lovers are also willing to exert themselves on his behalf to right past wrongs. Might this be a case where three is not a crowd but the perfect number?


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Regency Lovers by Ellie Thomas, K.L. Noone, Alexandra Caluen

OUT NOW! Regency Lovers by Ellie Thomas, K.L. Noone, Alexandra Caluen

JMS Books’ Trios are themed collections of three gay romance stories by a trio of authors. Each story is available separately, but readers can get all three for a discounted bundle price.

Regency Lovers contains three historical M/M/M romances. Contains the stories:

An Unlikely Alliance by Ellie Thomas: In Regency London, private secretary Clem encounters shy gentleman Humphrey with satisfying results. From then on, it seems natural to include Abe, Clem’s regular lover, in their frolics. Apart from willing bedfellows, Clem is used to being alone and unsupported. But will the alliance between the three men prove more substantial than mere passing pleasure?

As Many Stars by K.L. Noone: Society knows Blake as an adventurer and traveler. But when Blake thinks of home, he thinks of his best friend Ashley, Oxford scholar — the man Blake secretly, silently, loves. He’s discovered feelings for someone else too: a Scottish doctor he’s met while traveling. And when he returns to find Ash ill, Blake has a reason to send for Cam … and together, they’ll discover a new adventure.

The Hunting Box by Alexandra Caluen: When Nicholas, an earl’s heir, invites his two dearest friends to spend three weeks at his country lodge, he hopes to set the terms for the next chapter in their lives. The time has come for Nick to marry, but he doesn’t want to lose Charlie or Stephen. Much to his relief, they want to keep him too. Can they negotiate the inevitable changes of adulthood, and move forward as even closer friends?


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Lucky in Love by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! Lucky in Love by Ellie Thomas

Sequel to Lucky John

After years of exile during Commonwealth rule following the English Civil Wars, Owen Montgomery is home to stay in his Monmouthshire with John, the rescued kitchen lad who has become the light of Owen’s life.

Owen has enjoyed eighteen months of peace since his tenure as an official envoy on behalf of King Charles II. In the autumn of 1661, Owen is torn from his comfortable life by a summons from his brother Lewis, a courtier close to the king. Owen is reluctant to take John to London, concerned about the impact of corruption and temptations of court life on such a well-meaning innocent. But how can he refuse John anything?

Owen reluctantly fulfils his duty to his brother while John gets to grips with the palace and its hazards. Can Owen continue to protect John from harm? Or might his constant vigilance stifle the man he loves?


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The Way Home by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! The Way Home by Ellie Thomas

Sequel to A Festive Gathering at Chelsea

In the winter of 1817, Drury Lane Theatre actor Henry Kent, otherwise known as Harry Smith, ventures into deepest Essex to meet the parents of his French musician lover Luc Gerrard.

Harry isn’t sure what to expect away from the familiar bustle of London, apart from being bored witless in the countryside. He’s never come across a couple of French aristocrats at close quarters. But Harry is nothing if resourceful and charming, and besides, he’s with Luc, which is what matters.

But once surrounded by the family that Luc adores, Harry can’t help thinking of his relatives across the Essex border on the Kent coast. Harry made a clean break when he left Whitstable four years ago to pursue his career on the London stage, resulting in his parents’ fury and a flat ultimatum. He has only renewed contact with them by letter in recent months, with Luc’s encouragement.

Should Harry let things lie? Or might he summon the courage to make a trip to the seaside in an attempt at reconciliation?


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A Lasting Vow by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! A Lasting Vow by Ellie Thomas

Sequel to A Christmas Engagement

By the spring of 1806 in rural England, Charles Denham’s happiness should be complete. He has reconciled with his best friend and long-term lover Avery after a breach caused by Charles’ grief at the sudden death of his father, which left Charles shouldering family responsibilities.

Avery has made allowances for Charles’ misguided actions, and their relationship is back on an even keel. But Charles can’t forgive himself for his past behaviour towards the man he loves so dearly. He feels that some grand gesture is required to assure Avery he will never take him for granted again. Yet the more Charles considers this, his good intentions become increasingly confused.

Might Avery find a way to secure their future together?


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