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Pantaloons and Petticoats by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! Pantaloons and Petticoats by Ellie Thomas

Sequel to Town Bronze

Barney Marshall, the son of a wealthy manufacturer, is tolerated by London high society for his great wealth. In the autumn of 1812, Barney relishes all the high living and low indulgences of a young man about town in the fleshpots of Covent Garden.

In one of the many surrounding taverns, he encounters Rose. They spend a memorable night together despite Barney’s initial surprise that Rose is not all she seems.

Rose leads a double life as Ross, a respectable clerk at Coutts Bank. When Barney comes across Ross in his work setting and recognises him, complications abound.

Can these two find their way through the twist and turns on the path to true love?


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The Monk’s Lair by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! The Monk’s Lair by Ellie Thomas

Christian Maxwell is used to being alone. A delicate and over-imaginative young man, he’s abandoned to his own devices and company in his family’s Wiltshire country home. When his aunt, concerned for his well-being, insists he accompany her to the Welsh Borders for a country house party in the autumn of 1816, Christian is resigned to being surrounded by people for the duration.

One particular guest, Sam Gillespie, is a handsome amateur scientist of a similar age to Christian who is determined to befriend him. When Sam persuades Christian to join him on an expedition to the scenic ruins of Tintern Abbey, they stumble across an isolated valley that contains a long-dead and sinister monastic force.

Their dreams are haunted by the spirit of the place, so the pair band together to find out the valley’s dark history, kindling their romance along the way. But their ghostly foe is more tenacious than they imagine. Can Christian and Sam manage to defeat the black monk and find lasting happiness?


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Town Bronze by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! Town Bronze by Ellie Thomas

At twenty-one, Jasper Goodhew is delighted to be freed from his parental constraints in rural Somerset and enjoy the delights of Regency London during the Season. As a follower in the fast set that runs around young buck Julian Buchanan, Jasper encounters many pleasures, from the elegance of Mayfair parties to the tawdry entertainments of Covent Garden’s taverns and brothels. However, when he meets silver fox Mortimer Cleverly, he discovers a hidden propensity for spanking.

Sir Mortimer is a seasoned and experienced gentleman who can spot a confused innocent at a hundred paces. Yet he’s unable to resist Jasper’s clueless appeal at least once. He feels a lurking sense of responsibility when Jasper returns for more. Aware of the dangers of such a connection with a confused young man, Mortimer attempts to mentor Jasper, leading them onto the safer ground of friendship.

But will the combination of his increasing attachment and Jasper’s irresistible compulsion foil their best intentions?


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Lucky John by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! Lucky John by Ellie Thomas

Owen Montgomery has been a landless drifter since the Royalist defeat at the Battle of Worcester nine years previously when he was seventeen. Since then, he has lingered abroad as an insignificant follower in the retinue of exiled King Charles.

In the spring of 1660, Owen travels across England as an envoy on behalf of the King. Despite this important diplomatic mission, Owen regards himself as little better than the highwaymen he encounters on the lawless roads.

During a brief stop at an obscure roadside inn, he encounters Lucky John, a bullied skivvy with a sweet nature who makes a lasting impression. When Owen impulsively rescues John from his unkind employer, he has no idea of the impact the lad will make on his lonely existence.

Will Owen reject this chance to open up and share his life? And can Owen be convinced he deserves John’s love?


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May Wedding by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! May Wedding by Ellie Thomas

Sequel to The Misfit

Some of the gentlemen who meet weekly for supper at The Golden Lion in London’s St. James’ are preoccupied with the prospect of matrimony.

The Honourable Percy Havilland is at full organisational pelt for his sister’s triumphant society marriage, ably backed by his friends. His frequent stress-induced outbursts are endured by his ever-patient lover, Nathan.

Percy has mixed feelings about the upcoming nuptials, the sorrow at losing one of his precious sisters balanced by the opportunity of exhibiting his exquisite good taste to make this the wedding of the season.

His friend Jo Everett reacts differently to the wedding, desiring an equivalent opportunity to mark his enduring love for Daniel Walters.

Will Percy manage to survive the wedding without falling out irreparably with Nathan? And might Jo and Daniel discover they have the support of their close circle to celebrate their own special day?


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