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His Boyfriend the Caveman by R.G. Hendrickson

OUT NOW! His Boyfriend the Caveman by R.G. Hendrickson

Sequel to Call Me Methuselah

Dating a caveman isn’t what Radhi had in mind. He likes guys his own age. Sure, Oscar passes for twenty, but he isn’t. They look identical, but they’re not. Oscar’s tried telling him, but who would believe such a thing — until now. Radhi can’t deny it anymore — his ex-boyfriend’s a caveman.

After knocking out Dr. Killington’s thug and rescuing Oscar, Radhi’s worried he’ll get arrested. He launches his father’s boat on Lake Mead and knows the perfect hideout. He and Oscar can figure out what’s next for them.

When Dr. Killington learns the secret in Oscar’s blood, it gives Oscar two choices — remain on the run, away from Killington, or turn himself in. Whether the FBI, FDA, or whoever, someone ought to know what Killington’s been up to. Experiments with Oscar’s rare stem cells have cured people and made them young again.

Cursed to see the end of days, Oscar can’t bear losing another loved one. If only Radhi could be with him when the world ends, but Radhi doesn’t love him.

Never having lost someone, death seems unreal to Radhi … until a close encounter. Understanding mortality for the first time, he learns the meaning of Oscar’s gift and the threat of his curse. When Oscar shares adventures from the Stone Age, the surprisingly intimate stories draw Radhi in and change his heart. He knows what he must do.


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Comic Book Romance by Charles Payseur

OUT NOW! Comic Book Romance by Charles Payseur

Calvin Kant is what anyone would want in a reporter — an excellent typist, a dogged investigator, and an upstanding citizen. Oh, and a superhero. At least, his alter ego, Maxim, is. Fleeing a messy situation at his last job, Cal has arrived in Capital City without much direction. That is, until his new colleague Liang Lu sweeps him into a dangerous assignment at a maximum security supervillain prison. What could go wrong?

Well, a supervillain prison break could leave both of them trapped and in peril with Cal having to juggle his growing attraction to Liang with his need to protect his secret identity. And that mess Cal was running from could catch up with him at exactly the wrong moment, leaving him vulnerable and unprotected. Luckily for him, though, Liang’s got more than good looks going for him. But can the two men save the day, and each other, and find their own comic book romance?


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The Assistant’s Contraption by Charles Payseur

OUT NOW! The Assistant’s Contraption by Charles Payseur

Rascan, world-renowned inventor (or so he likes to think), is worried. His normally diligent and obedient assistant Friday has been hiding something from him. Could he really be scheming behind Rascan’s back, preparing to leave and set up shop on his own? There’s only one way to find out — breaking into Friday’s rooms to find out what he’s been up to!

What he doesn’t expect, though, is that his snooping will activate a new and complex contraption the likes he’s never seen before. It’s a discovery that will fundamentally change his relationship with Friday — but will it push the two men apart forever, or bring them together in a steamy new partnership?


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How the Supervillain Stole Christmas by Charles Payseur

OUT NOW! How the Supervillain Stole Christmas by Charles Payseur

Rex Devious — Dr. Devious to meddlesome do-gooders everywhere — can go toe-to-toe with superheroes without blinking an eye. So picking out a Christmas present for his new boyfriend should be no problem. After all, he and Sanjay seem perfect for each other. But with a terrible track record for finding gifts that won’t scare his potential partners away, Rex is paralyzed with insecurity.

Until, of course, he decides to change tactics. Instead of having to pick out that perfect present, why not just destroy Christmas altogether? It’s perfect, and definitely the Devious thing to do! But with his nemeses — and perhaps his conscience — trying to stop him from ruining the beloved holiday, can he really become the supervillain who stole Christmas?


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The Winter King by Jay Mendell

OUT NOW! The Winter King by Jay Mendell

Jack Frost is used to causing problems, but he isn’t used to dealing with consequences. When he accidentally destroys the Winter Crest, his one responsibility and the artifact that helps keep the balance of the seasons in the Fae Realm, he needs to find some way to solve this issue before anyone else can find out.

Morozko, A.K.A. Old Man Winter, is a former candidate for the position Jack now holds. He would know how to assist Jack with the Crest, but there’s just one problem: Morozko has left the Fae Realm long ago, and is notorious for despising the politics involved. Will Morozko be willing to put aside his enmity to help out a stranger, or will Jack have to attempt some more … persuasive methods?


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