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Animal God by R.G. Hendrickson

OUT NOW! Animal God by R.G. Hendrickson

Forever-young Oscar, in a present-day prison cell, tells a story from his early life. As Diver, one of the first Homo sapiens, he’s the sole survivor of our people when our original home, Lake Makgadikgadi, dries up. Searching in vain for others, desperately lonely, he encounters a stranger with burning eyes, whose uncommon beauty calms Diver’s fears.

Fiery-eyed Geb is a godlike being allied with animals. At first, he’s charged with orchestrating Diver’s death. Nothing personal, he likes Diver, but duty comes first. For the moment, Diver is the last of our kind, and Geb is tasked with keeping it that way.

Before Diver outwits the prehistoric animals sent to kill him, Geb shows him their lives through the animals’ own eyes. When he defeats the animals, Diver regrets their loss. This opens Geb’s heart. He works to earn Diver’s trust, a difficult task considering their history and Geb’s spiritual constraints.

Courting Diver, Geb forsakes his duty and makes a big sacrifice to prove his love. Diver learns the secret of how our people might resurface, and Geb promises to always be with him.

In his cell, Oscar suffers a flawed romance, gives his blood for experiments, and meets a strange computer program, John Doe, struggling with amnesia. This AI being loves Oscar’s story of two ancient enemies becoming lovers and saving humanity. When John remembers his lost identity, he helps Oscar escape.


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Arrows by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! Arrows by K.L. Noone

Evander Roche doesn’t want to kill anyone. But he’s one of the Queen’s bowmen, and the kingdom’s been invaded. Now Van, and his loyal best friend Milo, and their fellow soldiers, are standing at the brink of war.

Fortunately, the greatest magician in the world has shown up to help. Lorre will either win a war or prevent it — after all, he always gets what he wants. And tonight he wants Van for company.

The magician’s beautiful and powerful. The invitation’s an honor. But Milo’s only concerned about Van getting hurt — and Van’s starting to realize just how much Milo cares.

On the edge of a battlefield, tempted by magic, Van will discover what he really wants … and the person he truly loves.


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Throne of Shadows by Alexander Verlangen

OUT NOW! Throne of Shadows by Alexander Verlangen

Harmony only wanted to survive. When the new gods defeat the Titans, Harmony is forced into a world of the gods. Three ambitious brothers seek to discover the most powerful mortals. The ones they love will join their ranks as immortals. The Academy of the Gods is filled with the wealthy and powerful.

An orphan sent as one of the few survivors of his village, Harmony is an immediate outcast. Hated by Zeus and abandoned by most of the other students, Harmony is only protected by Hades. The god of the underworld is a mysterious and reclusive god. Harmony finds himself falling in love with Hades while detested by Zeus. Can Harmony survive the new gods and find love?


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At Your Command by Forrest Greene

OUT NOW! At Your Command by Forrest Greene

Serd is known as an honorable and conscientious man. He was, however, not suited to the family trade, and with his father’s blessing, leave his childhood home to join the Legion. Mastering combat skills, he enlisted in the elite Imperial Guard. After a cruel twist of fate, his life changes dramatically.

Prince Calelaine is the bastard son of the heir to the throne. He leads a quiet and studious life, uninterested in either men or women, in his grandfather, the Emperor’s, palace. When a miscarriage of justice is brought to his attention, he intervenes and saves the life of a man he’s still to meet. Shortly after, the Emperor unexpectedly dies, and Calelaine’s life is threatened when three possible successors to the throne engage in a bloodthirsty battle.

Serd rescues Calelaine from a massacre at the palace, and they are forced to flee the city. During a harrowing experience, Calelaine uncovers his inherent wizardry talents. In their attempts to escape their pursuers and reach safety, will Calelaine and Serd learn to combine their skills, wizardry and warfare, to survive? Will Serd’s care for Calelaine awaken feelings he’s never had before and let them act on mutual feelings of attraction and find love?


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Waylaid by J.M. Snyder

OUT NOW! Waylaid by J.M. Snyder

It’s only supposed to be one night. Until it isn’t.

When the Queen’s guardsman enters my inn, the last thing I expect is to be propositioned. But this far north, it can get lonely at times, and my bed fits two easily enough. The guardsman is lithe and fae, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested. Besides, what’s one night between grown men?

I don’t expect to see him again. But rumors of war bring him back to me, and what starts as a one-off soon blossoms into so much more …


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