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A Flowering of Ink by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! A Flowering of Ink by K.L. Noone

One misdirected card … and a chance at love.

Professor Burne Cameron loves his job and his environmental research. Unfortunately, three months of field work on a tiny island can get pretty lonely, especially when even his brother forgets his birthday. That is, until an unexpected letter arrives … and Burne finds himself fascinated by the mysterious sender.

Devon Lilian lives alone in a house he’s designed, full of roses and ocean views. His architectural designs are famous, but Devon has reasons for not going out in public. But when a misdirected birthday card for a Professor Cameron turns up at his house, Devon has to send it on … and can’t resist adding a note of his own, a gift for a scientist who might be equally alone.

As Burne and Devon trade letters across the sea, they fall for each other in ink and paper … but now Burne’s research is nearly complete, so he’s coming home.

And Burne and Devon will have to decide whether they can write the rest of their love story together … once they finally meet.


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Coffee and Tea by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! Coffee and Tea by K.L. Noone

A Character Bleed / Leather and Tea crossover!

These days, Colby Kent-Mirelli is wonderfully happy. He loves being married to Jason, sharing a movie-star life and a happy ending on and off screen. But an invitation to a charity gala brings Colby and Jason back to London … and face to face with a piece of Colby’s past.

Simon Ashley should apologize to Colby Kent. As teenagers, they weren’t friends, and Simon could be cruel. He’s trying hard to be a better person now: happier, kinder, believing in love, which he’s found with his husband Ben, a real-life former secret agent and massive Colby Kent fan. And this charity gala invitation might be Simon’s chance to finally make things right … if Colby will listen.

Simon wants to apologize. Ben wants to support him … and meet Colby. Colby just wants the evening to go smoothly. And Jason will always protect his husband.

But this glittering night might have a few surprises in store for them all …


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Apprentice’s Luck by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! Apprentice’s Luck by K.L. Noone

Apprentice magician Talisman Morning has always been lucky. It’s a problem.

Talis knows his luck is a magical talent — but he can’t control it. And good luck for him can mean bad luck for other people, and a lot of trouble. He’s beginning to wonder whether he belongs with the magicians at all, or whether he should give up and run away … until he meets a royal guard who asks for his help.

King’s guard Jeryn de Machaut could use a magician. He thinks he’s overheard a plot against the king, but he has no evidence and no support. But a wayward apprentice with a knack for being in the right place — and stumbling over hidden objects — might be exactly the luck Jer needs.

Together, Jer and Talis will uncover a palace conspiracy, save a king, and find their own best chance at love.


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Treasures by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! Treasures by K.L. Noone

Blake Maxwell needs a perfect gift for his niece. Unfortunately, he’s running late. And Treasures, the best magical toy shop in town, has just closed for the night. But he’s hoping the beautiful magician owner might take pity on him.

Ivy Treasure has been working late, inventing new enchanted toys. They’ve closed up the shop, about to finally go home for the night. But the very attractive man outside clearly loves his niece, and could use Ivy’s help … and Ivy just can’t resist opening the door.

And for Blake and Ivy, the night might end up full of enchantment after all.


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Character Bleed Box Set by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! Character Bleed Box Set by K.L. Noone

Aging action hero Jason Mirelli wants to prove he can be a serious actor. And his fellow lead, adorable rom-com star Colby Kent, wants to tell this story with all his heart. As their characters fall in love, Jason and Colby will have to navigate old fears and new desires on set … and write their own love story.

Contains the following stories:

Seaworthy: An epic motion picture! A historical gay love story! And a film that’ll change its stars! Jason has a chance at a serious role. First catch? He’s playing a ship’s captain. Second? His way too adorable co-star. Colby’s thrilled to tell this story. But past scars make filming hard — until Jason takes his hand. Jason could be everything he wants, if he can believe it.

Steadfast: A confession! A quest! And a happy ending or two … Jason has everything he’s ever wanted: a leading role, an epic love story, Colby happy in his arms. But Colby has a secret. Colby hopes to share his writing with the man he loves. But he’s nervous about revising a classic novel, and wants to find the reclusive author. First he’ll have to trust Jason — so they can write their own happy ending.

Stalwart: Cameras, storms, and love confessions! Jason and Colby have fallen in love on camera and off. But it’s not smooth sailing. This role could save Jason’s career — and an on-set accident might make his worst fears real. Colby’s telling a story he loves, with the man he loves. But it’s so fast, and he’s been hurt. He wants to trust Jason — but before he can, an accident threatens everything.


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