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A Penny for Your Thoughts by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! A Penny for Your Thoughts by K.L. Noone

Morgen Hob spends his days traveling the kingdom, collecting dangerous magical artifacts and bringing them to his local magician for disposal. He’s good with his hands and good at his profession … but not very good at telling Averet how he feels.

Averet Coral, newest magician in the kingdom of Lea, likes helping people. He likes inventing magical toys and solving puzzles. And he definitely likes the shy, kindhearted, heroic artifact hunter who keeps bringing him new challenges. He knows what he wants … but he’s less sure about Morgen’s feelings.

But when Morgen’s latest find comes with a truth-telling curse, Morgen and Averet will have to admit their hidden desires.


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Of Starlit Balls and Starship Captains by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! Of Starlit Balls and Starship Captains by K.L. Noone

Space opera, Regency romance, and an invitation to an Imperial ballroom among the stars …

Captain Catherine Everington loves her starship, her crew, and their mission of interplanetary exploration. New worlds beckon, and Kit’s always wanted to discover them. But a summons from her mother brings a reminder of Kit’s family obligations, including the title and place she’d once given up among glittering Regency society, on the capitol planet.

The Regency is ending, and the new Emperor will take the Galactic Throne, which means he’ll need to choose an Empress. But Arthur has never been a conventional heir, and he’s fascinated by discoveries and languages and new frontiers. And an unconventional starship Captain with a love of the unknown might be exactly who he needs …


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Cadence and the Pearl by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! Cadence and the Pearl by K.L. Noone

Once upon a time, on a rocky island with enchantment under the ocean …

Cadence Bell left the windswept Northern Isles and his parents’ inn for the theaters and royal masques and glitter of Londre, swearing he’d make his fortune as a playwright and poet, trading fish stew and rain for fame and adoration and a place at the Queen’s Court. Now his parents are gone and Cade’s inheritance brings him back home, where he’d never wanted to return. But magic lurks beneath the waves, a stray pearl might be a key to another world, and even the quiet local schoolteacher has secrets of his own.

Jeremiah Carver never meant to hide secrets. But he promised to tell no one about the other world he’s seen, and he keeps his word. Even if that means concealing magic from Cadence Bell. Which is difficult, since Cade’s not only a dazzling literary success, but also the person Jeremiah’s loved from afar since their years-ago childhood. And he’s afraid he’s falling for Cade all over again now.

When Cadence falls under the siren spell of the ocean’s magic, Jeremiah has to make a choice and return to a world he’s left behind once before to rescue his heart from the sea.


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Refuge at Clifftop by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! Refuge at Clifftop by K.L. Noone

A stormy night, and a mission gone wrong …

The superhero team of Sundown, Holiday, and Beacon is planning a quiet night — Ryan and his partners are all happily in love, and nothing’s threatening the world except John’s experiments with creative cake recipes. But Ryan’s worried. Because Holiday’s sorcerer’s powers keep growing stronger. Less controlled. More unpredictable. Maybe even more than human.

But when a sudden deadly mission threatens John’s life, Holiday’s new abilities might be the only way to save him …

Contains superpowers, an earthquake machine, tea, hurt/comfort, and also comfort sex in a very large bed.


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Leather and Tea in London by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! Leather and Tea in London by K.L. Noone

Retired secret agent Ben Smith will do anything for his husband. So when Simon’s brother calls from London to say he’s being blackmailed, Ben and Simon pack up and head to the glittering world of English aristocratic younger sons and parties and incriminating photographs. The mission itself isn’t complicated — but it’s a reminder of the past, even as Ben’s been trying to move on.

Simon Ashley adores his husband, and loathes most of his family … except for the older brother who once gave him a home. He’s here because Stephen needs help, but being back in the family house stirs up too many memories, none of them pleasant.

In London, Ben and Simon will confront a blackmailer, face the past, and find comfort in each other … with some leather and tea, of course.


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