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The Winter King by Jay Mendell

OUT NOW! The Winter King by Jay Mendell

Jack Frost is used to causing problems, but he isn’t used to dealing with consequences. When he accidentally destroys the Winter Crest, his one responsibility and the artifact that helps keep the balance of the seasons in the Fae Realm, he needs to find some way to solve this issue before anyone else can find out.

Morozko, A.K.A. Old Man Winter, is a former candidate for the position Jack now holds. He would know how to assist Jack with the Crest, but there’s just one problem: Morozko has left the Fae Realm long ago, and is notorious for despising the politics involved. Will Morozko be willing to put aside his enmity to help out a stranger, or will Jack have to attempt some more … persuasive methods?


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The Greatest Treasure by Pelaam

OUT NOW! The Greatest Treasure by Pelaam

Milo and Jonty have been friends since forever. But while Jonty concentrates on learning his craft as a witch with Milo’s grandfather, Milo himself feels crushed under the expectations of his parents.

He has a job he hates and a boyfriend, Leon, he comes to realize isn’t the man for him. But when his grandfather goes missing, Milo has more important matters than ditching Leon.

Jonty has loved Milo for as long as he can remember, but knows he’s only seen as the brother Milo never had. However, he’s willing to settle for friendship to keep Milo in his life.

When Milo’s grandfather sends a mysterious message for help, and telling Milo to come and claim his treasure, neither he nor Jonty hesitate to answer the call. But both Milo’s father and Leon insist on coming too.

Will Milo manage to claim the greatest treasure of all, or will Leon ensure it’s lost forever?


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Riding Red by Charles Payseur

OUT NOW! Riding Red by Charles Payseur

Big and Red are conmen and lovers a bit down on their luck when they learn of an easy mark, a rich old woman who lives alone in the woods. Hoping to ingratiate themselves by pretending Red is her long lost granddaughter (complete with red dress and basket of baked goods), they set out over the river and through the woods, even if Red is a bit hesitant about the cross-dressing.

When they aren’t the only ones trying to cash in, their plans have to change. Jack, a trickster himself, is already on the scene, and is very good at making both Big and Red rather hot and bothered. And when it turns out the little old woman is running a con of her own, all bets are off, and the fur — and clothing — will fly as everyone scrambles to survive.


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Kent and Lane by Edwin Betancourt, Jr.

OUT NOW! Kent and Lane by Edwin Betancourt, Jr.

After losing Columnist of the Year, Luca visits his favorite bar to drink the night away but runs into his former best friend, rival advice columnist Colton Kent. After a brief confrontation that leads to a passionate and physical exchange in the men’s bathroom, Luca invites Colton back to his apartment.

With the arrival of Hurricane Poppy, Colton spends the night at Luca’s place. One thing leads to another, and they hook up. Colton blurts out the L word, and Luca admits the same.

The next day, Colton isn’t able to leave due to the hurricane’s landfall so the two decide to play 21 Questions to delve into their real feelings. Were the words just said in the heat of the moment? Or do they truly love each other?


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Dancing Seasons by Loreley Thunder

OUT NOW! Dancing Seasons by Loreley Thunder

Loneliness and his caretaker Sebastian have been Liam’s only constant companions ever since he can remember. Surrounded by every kind of luxury money can buy, Liam soon learns the privileges he’s so used to can only be enjoyed when shared with friends and loved ones. Until he meets a man who, with every interaction, changes the course of his life.

Adrian lives in a world where financial struggles and health issues are part of everyday living. Putting himself through school and earning an income to support his family, Adrian has no time to play. A stranger does him a good turn when he’s most in need of help, and Adrian, unknowingly, returns the favor years later.

Their lives have touched so many times, and every time they turned away. Will Liam and Adrian realize they shared moments in their past? Will they meet again and strike up a treasured friendship? More important, will they find love?


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