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In Tune by Alexandra Caluen

OUT NOW! In Tune by Alexandra Caluen

In college, Paxton Barrilla and Mars Hudson built a strong foundation for lifelong friendship. Then their careers take them to opposite sides of the country. When they walk into a recording studio in Las Vegas, Pax as producer and Mars as clarinet player, they haven’t seen each other for almost twenty years.

At first, Pax’s plans are simply to make the best jazz record he possibly can. Mars? He wants that, too. But what he wants more is a chance to see if long-ago friendship and a gift for working together might add up to more.

The overture is a surprise, but Pax is interested. After three weeks of the kinds of conversations they never had with anyone else, are they ready to see if they’ve struck the right chord?


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From Different Worlds by A.K. Williams

OUT NOW! From Different Worlds by A.K. Williams

Sometimes true love seems to come at warp speed from another planet.

Two strangers who seem to be from different worlds learn how opposites attract when a short, skinny nerd meets a big, strong bodybuilder during a costume contest at a science fiction convention. Both are wearing skimpy, revealing costumes, and the sexual tension is palpable. But what happens later when the costumes come off?

Steve Morgan is shy, sensitive, and introverted. The quintessential nerd with social anxiety so severe, he often stutters and can sometimes barely even speak at all. Adam Baxter is tall, strong, bold, and exuberant. Everyone wants him, but he only has eyes for one guy in particular. In almost every way, they’re as different as night and day. And yet they’re also like opposite sides of the same coin.

Steve finds it hard to believe a big, strong hunk like Adam could actually be interested in a skinny little geek like him. But Adam is a kind, gentle giant who quickly realizes he’ll need to hold back on his naturally flirty, boisterous behavior to keep from scaring away his timid crush.

As they get to know each other better, Steve is hesitant to divulge his life-long health problems because it makes him look like bad boyfriend material. But after a severe health crisis strikes, will Adam still care enough to hang around? Or will Steve have to go back to being all alone like always?


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Freeze Frame by Tim Mead

OUT NOW! Freeze Frame by Tim Mead

It’s a Saturday night in Colby. The camera eye looks in on what ten couples from the popular series are doing to finish off the evening.

So fans can settle back and briefly drop in on some old favorites: Ben and Toby from A Writer’s Romance, as well as Jim Grant, Jake Handley, and Ray Stonesifer from Cop Out to name but a few are enjoying the evening, each in their own ways. Is everyone still together, or has the passage of time dimmed their respective romances?


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Darkness of Me by Ashley Sadler

OUT NOW! Darkness of Me by Ashley Sadler

A teen life full of partying, girls, booze, and drugs sounds like the perfect life for Matthew, the local football hero. With his soulmate Sarah and Johnno, his partner in crime, Matthew is on top of the world.

But in a small town, where difference is looked down upon and all who don’t fit the mold are shunned, Matthew begins to understand his inner feelings aren’t what is being outwardly expressed. What if he isn’t what the town tells him he should be? If anyone finds out, will they break him? Or will Matthew be able to break through?


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The Moonshine Heart by Eule Grey

OUT NOW! The Moonshine Heart by Eule Grey

I wish I knew why I was born with the mark of a half-moon, but I was abandoned at the edge of a forest as a baby. Leading my forest army into war and fighting for my people is all that matters. I don’t need family and friends because I love my bow and arrow and I certainly don’t have time for relationships or sex.

At least, it’s how things used to be. Nothing has been the same ever since the pretty witch Marwa chased me until we fought. Now I can’t sleep without thinking about how she kissed me or the embarrassing way she played with my body. And I allowed her to do those things! I should be ashamed of myself, but I can’t stop thinking about her.

There’s more. The river and trees are dying and the moon had cracked into two. Everyone says the witches are to blame. How can the rift be healed? My people and Marwa’s have been enemies since time began. Is it too late to stop the rot?


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