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Out of the Night by Tim Mead

OUT NOW! Out of the Night by Tim Mead

After an affair with a male student was exposed, fifty-something English professor Doug Curtis left his teaching job and moved to a small conservative town in central Florida. Keeping the closet door firmly closed, Doug rebuilds his life, makes friends, becomes active in his church, and volunteers for various local organizations. He’s settled, safe … and alone.

There’s some excitement around town when middle-aged hot shot administrator Stan Mason accepts the position of city manager. Outwardly confident and capable, Stan hides a painful past of betrayal and heartache. When Stan sees Doug, he’s instantly intrigued, captivated, and aroused. He wants to find out more about the somewhat staid but sexy older man.

Doug is also excited at Stan’s arrival in town, and soon discovers they have many shared interests, including in each other. But this is a conservative area of Florida in the late 1990s, so they have to be discrete. Seeking escape from small town attitudes, they go south on vacation. Can what happens in Key West stay in Key West?


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And Mama Makes Twelve by Terry O’Reilly

OUT NOW! And Mama Makes Twelve by Terry O’Reilly

Arnie Whitehall finds a stray dog during a snow storm and brings her home, where she promptly gives birth to eleven puppies. Over his partner Jason Feldman’s objections that they’re breaking their lease, Arnie is determined to keep Mama and her brood.

Arnie feels an instant attraction to Dr. Collin O’Connor when he takes Mama and the pups to the vet’s. Although Arnie resists, it soon becomes obvious the feeling is mutual. And where’s the harm? Arnie and Jason have become more like roommates than boyfriends over the years.

Will Arnie, Mama, and her babies be left homeless when their landlord finds out? Or will Collin come to the rescue and offer them a home and much more?


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A Dozen Dates by Sarah Hadley Brook

OUT NOW! A Dozen Dates by Sarah Hadley Brook

Carter has a great life. He excels at his job, he’s close to his sister, and he has an amazing best friend. There’s just one teeny-tiny problem: he’s in love with his best friend, who just happens to be his roommate. It doesn’t help that Greg has a habit of sticking as close to Carter as possible.

But Carter has a plan to fix everything. He signed up for a speed-dating event where he’ll talk to a dozen men in one night. If he can meet someone, he can stop worrying about blurting out his feelings to Greg and possibly losing his best friend. It’s a solid plan. Twelve men. He just has to convince his heart.


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12 Sundays by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! 12 Sundays by R.W. Clinger

Illustrator Aaron Braun isn’t getting any younger and needs to find a man to settle down with. At thirty-six, he isn’t not opposed to dating, boyfriendhood, and eventually getting hitched but it’s hard to find the man of his dreams. His best bud Ford McCannon has a string of sexy boyfriends and is no help in finding his Mr. Right.

Sometimes, though, love might be right across your mother’s street. Enter Fazan O’Riley.

While visiting his mother, Aaron remembers having a crush on adorable and straight Fazan. But he might not be so straight, and Aaron’s mother sets them up on a date one a Sunday afternoon. What follows are twelve Sundays of unlimited romance, dating, lust, and frustration.

Does Aaron have the strength to keep their affair alive? Or will Fazan run back to his private life, choosing singlehood for good?


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The Old Man at My Door by Rodney Ross

OUT NOW! The Old Man at My Door by Rodney Ross

A winter storm warning blanketed the local news stations before the blizzard itself. This blustery Saturday was going to be sweatpants, banana bread, and a Golden Girls binge for Renata Todd. But at her farmhouse door, already flocked with fresh snow, comes an unexpected knock: Albin Lawrence, an old man who grew up in the house in the 40s and 50s.

Renata’s caution yields to common sense as she welcomes him in for a tour. What danger could a shaky man over eighty, who has only one arm, represent?

Albin’s reluctant to leave and eager to talk. As Renata welcomes him into the kitchen to, he takes a barstool to tell his story … his stern parents’ suspicions of his homosexuality; the day he fled with his parents, never to return; navigating the decades of secret bars, marginal jobs, free love, questionable choices, and AIDS; and a relationship truncated by social pressure and tragedy.

As the episodes turn darker, Renata begins to uneasily suspect something more is afoot.


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