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<i>Business Before Pleasure</i> by Chrissy Munder
OUT NOW! Business Before Pleasure by Chrissy Munder Joel Anderson is on the fast-track to upper management, and he doesn’t
<i>A Serpent’s Bond</i> by Misha Paige
OUT NOW! A Serpent's Bond by Misha Paige A former foster kid, Hudson always had a simple dream for a
<i>Treated</i> by Rafe Jadison
OUT NOW! Treated by Rafe Jadison Dyo Hollingsworth’s grandmother Olympia is pushy and likes to meddle, especially in Dyo’s dating
<i>The Short Courtship of Trevor Wainwright</i> by Shawn Lane
OUT NOW! The Short Courtship of Trevor Wainwright by Shawn Lane After an automobile accident renders Trevor Wainwright temporarily immobile
<i>Sweetening the Spice</i> by Kieran Frank
OUT NOW! Sweetening the Spice by Kieran Frank Twenty-one-year-old Ernie isn't prudish about wearing his sexy Spiderman costume that leaves
<i>Ghosted</i> by La Toya Hankins
OUT NOW! Ghosted by La Toya Hankins Kathleen anticipates a simple night of handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, sipping on
<i>Ghost Dater</i> by Ofelia Gränd
OUT NOW! Ghost Dater by Ofelia Gränd Thaddeus Esax has a grumpy werewolf problem. For a year, he’s been mated
<i>The Lit Room</i> by Rob Rosen
OUT NOW! The Lit Room by Rob Rosen Worlds collide when a man working later hours than normal spots the
<strong>The Featherbed Puzzle</strong> by K.L. Noone
OUT NOW! The Featherbed Puzzle by K.L. Noone Prince Arthur needs to get married. He’s the only heir, he’s twenty-five
<i>King for a Day</i> by Paris Dixon
OUT NOW! King for a Day by Paris Dixon What happens when two cherished childhood friends meet for the first