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<i>An International Exchange</i> by J.P. Garland
OUT NOW! An International Exchange by J.P. Garland Malkie is a gay New York lawyer who has a passing encounter
<i>Love Turns the Page</i> by Etienne
OUT NOW! Love Turns the Page by Etienne Tom Foster has his life planned out, and he's systematically pursuing his
<i>The Prince Who Never Smiled</i> by Pepper Espinoza
OUT NOW! The Prince Who Never Smiled by Pepper Espinoza Many years ago, in a kingdom far away, there lived
Stormy Weather by Chrissy Munder
OUT NOW! Stormy Weather by Chrissy Munder “Weather Guy” Grant Singer is determined to be in a committed relationship by
<i>So Far Away</i> by Nell Iris
OUT NOW! So Far Away by Nell Iris Engaged couple Zakarias and Julian are convinced nothing can separate them ...
<i>Miss Baxter’s Girls: Hasiba the Lost Love</i> by Davina Lee
OUT NOW! Miss Baxter's Girls: Hasiba the Lost Love by Davina Lee Hilary Baxter, retired dominatrix turned boarding house matron,
<i>Dazzle Me</i> by Ofelia Gränd
OUT NOW! Dazzle Me by Ofelia Gränd Tom and Santino’s anniversary is coming up, and Tom has a plan. He’s
<i>Celebrations</i> by K.L. Noone
OUT NOW! Celebrations by K.L. Noone For two successful actors, the convention circuit’s part of the job, but for Jason
<i>Tell Me Who You Are</i> by R.W. Clinger
OUT NOW! Tell Me Who You Are by R.W. Clinger Welcome to Tim Titan’s dramatic life. At eighteen he commits
<i>Stay Pure</i> by Iyana Jenna
OUT NOW! Stay Pure by Iyana Jenna College student and football star Zeke Mitchell hasn't been home since he entered