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<i>The Book Dragon’s Lair</i> by Holly Day
OUT NOW! Silver Ink by Iyana Jenna Time and time again, Ryu the Ravenous has petitioned to be allowed to
<i>Silver Ink</i> by Iyana Jenna
OUT NOW! Silver Ink by Iyana Jenna Callum Inkwell, a son of the founder of Inkwell Enterprises, works at one
<i>Shadows in the Night</i> by Thomas Grant Bruso
OUT NOW! Shadows in the Night by Thomas Grant Bruso Sequel to Past SinsJack Ballinger has seen a lot of
<i>Once Upon a Jade</i> by T.J. Blackley
OUT NOW! Once Upon a Jade by T.J. Blackley All incubi have a price, a curse-specified number of couplings they
<i>My First Date in Hell</i> by Feral Sephrian
OUT NOW! My First Date in Hell by Feral Sephrian Nathan has been hiding in the closet from his religious
<i>Is It the Truth…or Lies?</i> by Edward Kendrick
OUT NOW! Is It the Truth…or Lies? by Edward Kendrick Steve Richmond's day off begins normally enough. Then, he's abducted
<i>The Twelve Day Round-Up</i> by Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk
OUT NOW! The Twelve Day Round-Up by Nanisi Barrett D'Arnuk Sequel to The Shaded ParlorJuliAnn and Vivienne might find a
<i>The Twelve Coffins of Dr. Coffin</i> by Amy Spector
OUT NOW! The Twelve Coffins of Dr. Coffin by Amy Spector When Leo Wayland accepts a job as head of
<i>The 12th Witch</i> by Kris T. Bethke
OUT NOW! The 12th Witch by Kris T. Bethke Cole Demauro is the de facto leader of his coven and
<i>A Tearful Dozen</i> by Kieran Frank
OUT NOW! A Tearful Dozen by Kieran Frank After the tragic death of his fiancé, twenty-two-year-old Damon brings a dozen