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<i>To Protect and … Seduce</i> by Deirdre O’Dare
OUT NOW! To Protect and ... Seduce by Deirdre O'Dare With her young son, Amy has fled an abusive relationship.
<i>The Impossible Childhood of My Desires</i> by Rick R. Reed
OUT NOW! The Impossible Childhood of My Desires by Rick R. Reed Carl Young’s biggest secret: he’s always felt like
<i>The Baker and the Blacksmith</i> by A.J. Shay
OUT NOW! The Baker and the Blacksmith by A.J. Shay It’s 1902 and Daniel has left a life of luxury
<i>Purr-suasion</i> by Pelaam
OUT NOW! Purr-suasion by Pelaam Jamie is a self-confessed geek and likes nothing better than to be stretched on the
<i>More Wildyr Tales</i> by Mark Wildyr
OUT NOW! More Wildyr Tales by Mark Wildyr In this follow-up to Wildyr Tales, twenty-three gay romance stories introduce a
<i>Like Pieces of the Jigsaw Puzzle</i> by Casper Graham
OUT NOW! Like Pieces of the Jigsaw Puzzle by Casper Graham Harrison Cooke, Camden Barrera, and Tristan Newman will be
<i>The Lusty Journey of Perseus</i> by Arthur Griffin
OUT NOW! The Lusty Journey of Perseus by Arthur Griffin You’ve never heard the story of Perseus and Medusa told
<i>Seven Is My Lucky Number</i> by Tom Munroe
OUT NOW! Seven Is My Lucky Number by Tom Munroe Have you ever wondered what the life of an actor
<i>Sappho in Violet and Gray</i> by K.A. Masters
OUT NOW! Sappho in Violet and Gray by K.A. Masters Sappho is one of the most popular and elusive figures
<i>Riddle Me This</i> by Georgette Gouvais
OUT NOW! Riddle Me This by Georgette Gouvais In the near future, tech whiz Milo Warwick, an MIT grad student,