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The Prodigal Daughter by J.P. Garland

OUT NOW! The Prodigal Daughter by J.P. Garland

Beth Jenkins, raised in an Irish Catholic family outside Chicago, with her father a retired Chicago cop, would not acknowledge to her family that she was gay, fearing how they would react. She moved to New York, visiting her home occasionally. At Christmas just over three years before the story begins, and against her better judgment, she responds to the when-I-you-going-to-find-a-man question by coming out.

Any hopes of staying are shattered when her father says he will not sit at the same table with this creature. For three years she speaks to neither her parents. Then her sister calls. “Dad is dying. He’s turned over a new leaf.” She agrees to come, but only with her girlfriend, with whom she is living in Brooklyn.

This is the story of their journey to Beth’s home and what happens when she gets there.


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Break and Enter by Etienne

OUT NOW! Break and Enter by Etienne

George Martin and his partner Mike live a comfortable life in Jacksonville with their Irish setter, but something’s missing. Maybe George, a captain in the sheriff’s office, has just been working too hard again. There’s been a rash of break-ins in the area, and the homes targeted all seem to belong to older gay men.

Then when the time finally comes for George and Mike to take their vacation, they pack up and head to their mountain cabin for two weeks-only to find a small boy living in their generator shed. Robbie, who bonds with George right away, has witnessed an unspeakable tragedy, but that is just the beginning of the trouble.

Alone in the world apart from a very ill maternal grandmother, Robbie stands the very real risk of becoming a ward of the state if George and Mike can’t convince a bigoted judge to change his mind. Meanwhile, George still has a job to do: solve the break-ins-and a murder — and track down who’s responsible.


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Tortilla Pie by Rick R. Reed

OUT NOW! Tortilla Pie by Rick R. Reed

When Anderson, homeless on the streets of Seattle, first spies Josh, a volunteer at TeenCare, he immediately falls for him, even though TeenCare forbids client/volunteer interaction. Anderson thinks: “And speaking of noticed, I think I was, just a few minutes ago. One of the volunteers was coming by and we locked eyes. You know, the way two guys do. Two gay guys, anyway, who like what they see. It’s not like a casual glance — those only last for a second or maybe two at the most — but when two gay dudes notice each other, man, that eye-to-eye lingers. You know what I’m sayin’?

“And that boy? He was fine. Or to roll back to one of my mama’s expressions from back in her day — he was fly.”

In spite of the youth center’s policy of volunteers and clients interacting beyond the most superficial ways, will love discover a way around the policy, so Josh and Anderson can be together?


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Drag and Drop by Etienne

OUT NOW! Drag and Drop by Etienne

After surviving the threat of a murderer and finding love with each other, George Martin and Mike Foster, best friends since childhood, are settling into a happy life. George’s new promotion to the youngest captain in the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office keeps him busy, and his current case is no exception. The body of a fifty-year-old drag queen is found in the locked dressing room of a bar.

As George delves into the subsequent murder investigation, he uncovers a dangerous trail of murdered drag queens and young gay men that intersects with another case involving porn films, torture, and worse. He struggles to make sense of the murders, but it’s Mike who asks the question that leads to a break in the case.


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A Touch of Lilt by Katharine O’Neill

OUT NOW! A Touch of Lilt by Katharine O’Neill

Julia got away from a boyfriend who picked another woman, his mother, over her. She just wants to celebrate Christmas without the stress of knowing she’ll be on the back burner. However, her ex doesn’t seem to get the message and won’t leave her alone. Doesn’t help that her hot neighbor makes her wish they weren’t currently in a pandemic.

Keith is bewitched by Julia. The attraction is strong, even more than his addiction for soda. He offers his help, hoping that Julia will lean on him. One night with her isn’t enough, and Keith wants more. But then he discovers that he’s going to get more than he bargained for when he finds out something Julia had kept secret …


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