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What We Remember by Emery C. Walters

OUT NOW! What We Remember by Emery C. Walters

If body and gender identity don’t match, life is hard on people of any age. Hunter hasn’t felt whole since realizing in his teens that he isn’t Holly. As a teen with no hope, Hunter lived male in his head, but turned his female body over to sex, pregnancy, miscarriage.

By the age of thirty-nine, Hunter has saved enough to have Gender Confirmation Surgery, leading to legal identity as a gay man. His voiced deepens, and male pattern baldness sets in. He’s finally seen as a man. But without the final genital surgery, he still feels incomplete and lonely.

He’s in a bar nursing a martini as a tragedy unfold on the TV when a chance encounter from his long-ago past frightens him. Will Chris be another disappointment or a chance for happiness?


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Seagulls by Warren Rochelle

OUT NOW! Seagulls by Warren Rochelle

Sometimes, we get second chances — at love, to make things right, to say good-bye the way it should have been said. Darian promised his dying husband Randy he would go through with the plan to teach summer school in Bath, England. Randy insisted; it was always Darian’s dream to live in England, go, do it. But once there, in Tintagel, on a street in Coverack, a small Cornish seaside village, Darian sees Randy. Grief can make us see things, right?

So Darian tells himself, until the man whom he buried, whose ashes he carried with him to England, sits down beside him on a bench in front of Bath Abbey, with screaming seagulls nearby. It seems the dead can come back. But why and how? Has Randy come to take Darian with him? Or is something else going?


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Of the New World by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Of the New World by Edward Kendrick

Shifter Tony and King Cerdic are back and dealing with their upcoming nuptials, with all the attendant stress. But eventually they are wed and life seems to settle down for them.

Then a new problem crops up. Highwaymen are robbing wealthy lords. Tony and his brother-in-law, the mage Leofric come up with a plan to stop them, and then manage to convince Cerdic to let them do it, despite the fact it is possible there is more to the robberies than meets the eye. There is, and Tony and Leofric must deal with Jandar, an insane mage who wants to capture Tony for reasons of his own.

In the process, Tony learns why Leofric has given up on finding someone to love. Will Tony be able to change that? It depends on whether both he and Leofric survive their confrontation with Jandar.


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Duck Sauce by D.J. Fronimos

OUT NOW! Duck Sauce by D.J. Fronimos

Geri Thorton, the new owner of a garden center, is well-liked by everyone in her small town, but her ex has done a number on her, leaving her self-esteem at an all time low. No wonder Geri feels instantly lacking when she meets physics professor Kiara Martin, who is everything Geri is not: beautiful, petite, smart, and cultured.

Despite sparks flying between them, Geri continues to believe Kiara is way out of her league. But Kiara persists and invites Geri to attend the symphony. Surprised at how well that date goes, Geri suggests they watch a sporting event together. But hanging out at the local dive bar bores Kiara and the evening ends in a confrontation that makes Geri give up hope.

Can Kiara convince Geri she truly cares for and admires her for who she is? Or will their differences forever stand in the way of a relationship between them?


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Convincing Dane by Shawn Lane

OUT NOW! Convincing Dane by Shawn Lane

Sutter’s Bay’s newest dentist, Dane Cloverfield, is surprised to be approached by his two married friends, Urie and Ben Upton. They’d like him to join with them in a polyamorous relationship.

Dane’s cautious, though, because he’s been in a sort of relationship with Urie before and got burned. Plus, with Urie and Ben being married, he’s afraid he’ll always be on the outside looking in.

But Ben and Urie love Dane and are happy to welcome him into their lives. Now they simply have to convince Dane.


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