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Jumping Jack Flash by Deirdre O’Dare

OUT NOW! Jumping Jack Flash by Deirdre O’Dare

Born to a carnival mother, Jack never knew his father. His mother died when he was in his teens, leaving him to fend for himself. However, Jack is not without skills and smarts. He perfects a knife and sword act where he keeps himself safe by making the steel blades go exactly where he wants them. Getting his GED and working to educate himself while keeping up his carnival act leaves no time for a social life, but he’s been too busy to miss it.

Doug comes from a very ordinary middle class background, but his parents sent him to college and he now has a good but boring job in IT. Although razzed about being gay back in high school, he has come to terms with his sexuality but has not found Mr. Right.

When a druggie loser boyfriend moves out, Doug is lonely and hurt. Looking for distraction, he goes to the carnival and it’s there he sees red-headed, mercurial Jack. The man is enthralling, the opposite of everything Doug is and knows. Can two men with such widely different lives find common ground to build a bond?


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Fumble Recovery by Pepper Espinoza

OUT NOW! Fumble Recovery by Pepper Espinoza

Melanie Smith has followed football her entire life, and is a long-time fan of the California Wildcats. When they lose the world championship in the final seconds of the game, she is devastated.

But not as devastated as Derek Fox, the Wildcats’ handsome and sexy quarterback.

A chance meeting brings Melanie and Derek together, and after the disappointing loss, they turn to each other for comfort in the long and steamy night ahead …


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Flesh and Kisses by Vivien Dean

OUT NOW! Flesh and Kisses by Vivien Dean

After spending high school in the closet, the last thing Jett Walker wants is to go to his thirty year class reunion. Then the one person he was never able to resist decides to attend — punk rocker Trev Chambers.

Trev was the epitome of everything Jett wanted to be, and now he’s reuniting the band he made famous for a final blowout concert. Though nobody back home knows he’s gay, Jett decides to go. He needs closure. One weekend of pretending he’s straight is more than worth it.

When he discovers Trev lives less than two hours away, Jett seeks him out on a whim. The punk rocker has grown up, but as far as Jett’s concerned, Trev is more appealing than ever. He’s also available.

One brief conversation turns into a date, which raises the question … are they just living in nostalgia, or can they find a way to build a real future together?


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Bobby’s Old Man by A.C. Katt

OUT NOW! Bobby’s Old Man by A.C. Katt

Keith Anderson is in love with Bobby Michaels. Unfortunately Keith, with their fifteen year age difference, thinks he’s too old for Bobby. The two start as “friends with benefits,” but Keith dumps Bobby when it turns serious, leaving Bobby broken-hearted.

When tragedy strikes and Bobby needs Keith, he steps up to support his lover. But Bobby lacks trust in Keith and everything around him. Can Keith convince Bobby that this time is for real, or will the two lovers never reconcile?


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Wearing Death by Jamie Craig

OUT NOW! Wearing Death by Jamie Craig

When veterinarian Jeremy Reed hears a thump one night on his front step, he expects to find an abandoned animal. What he gets is battered and broken cop Brendan Wheeler. Kidnapped from his apartment five days earlier by an unknown man, Brendan now sports a vivid tattoo across his back depicting a young woman’s death, a woman nobody knows.

Until the next morning when Jeremy discovers her dead body.

Brendan wants to find the killer. Jeremy wants Brendan to survive. Someone wants both of them to pay …


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