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On Pins and Needlepoints by Gareth Vaughn

OUT NOW! On Pins and Needlepoints by Gareth Vaughn

When Ian picks up a weird needlepoint at an antiques store, he expects nothing more out of the ordinary than dealing with his eccentric buyer, Ellen. But when the man he bumps into on the way out of the store finds him again later at a local bar, Ian decides to throw caution to the wind and take Gabe back home with him for the night. Ian’s pleased with the decision — until he realizes Gabe has stolen the needlepoint in the night and is now missing.

Offended, Ian tracks down Gabe and the missing needlepoint. What he discovers when Gabe finally confesses his reasoning to him is much more than Ian is expecting. With a mystery on their hands and Ellen as enlisted help, Ian and Gabe are on a mission to unravel the secrets of the strange needlepoint — before the man stalking them injures them, or worse.


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Moving Toward the Light by Rick R. Reed

OUT NOW! Moving Toward the Light by Rick R. Reed

Sequel to Penance

Miranda had been through it all in her young life: homelessness, the victim of a crime that made national headlines, and losing those closest to her. Now, she barely gets by in a rat hole apartment in uptown Chicago, drowning her sorrows in alcohol she’s too young to buy, and making ends meet by turning tricks.

And, just when she thinks it can get no worse, it does. With the lure of easy cash before her, she blows off her shift at McDonald’s and heads home with an older guy she met in a bar. But when she gets there, she finds the guy has a party all set to go, when what Miranda had in mind was one-on-one. After a brutal assault and rape, Miranda winds up in the hospital, clinging to life.

In the half world between life and death, she finds Jimmy Fels, her dearest love, the boy who had died years before to save her. His appearance is enigmatic, but comforting and Miranda is just beginning to discover that he has returned to avenge her.

The men will pay. And Miranda finds, through her connection with a long-lost love, that vengeance is truly sweet.


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Crazy About You by T.J. Blackley

OUT NOW! Crazy About You by T.J. Blackley

Devante Miller, a grad student studying library science, is just about ready to try and make things work with fellow student Preeda as they both rocket toward graduation. Certainly their friend Mike wants them together, from how much he keeps pushing Devante about it. But then Devante meets Michael Lopez, an out-and-proud, up-and-coming figure skater, and all of Devante’s plans — and Devante himself — go head over heels.

Michael is like no one Devante’s ever met before, and Devante finds himself falling into Michael’s orbit. But loving Michael comes with its own complications. Devante has to figure out how to come out to his father, for one, on top of launching his own career and supporting Michael’s skating. And why is one of their friends so threatened by their budding relationship?


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Yellow Rose by C.W. Laurie

OUT NOW! Yellow Rose by C.W. Laurie

Skylar was heartbroken when her relationship with Rose ended badly, but she’d moved on and started a new relationship with her long-time college friend, sweet and kind Emily.

When Emily asks her to meet her parents, Skylar freaks out. She doesn’t know if she will ever be able to give her heart to anyone else. She feels torn between Emily and Rose and conflicted as to whom she truly loves.

When Skylar is invited to a friend’s party, she runs into Rose. After making a terrible mistake, Skylar is determined to make things right, but who will she choose? Will Skylar find love in the end?


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Trouble in Threes by Gavin Atlas

OUT NOW! Trouble in Threes by Gavin Atlas

Handsome Kurt Eden loves nothing more than the tiny art museum left to him by his aunt. However, the museum is decidedly unimpressive and losing money fast. Worse, college sex scandals have made him the center of unwanted attention in his remote, conservative town of Egbert, Texas. Furthermore, Kurt’s required to repay the owners of two artworks stolen from the museum or face the loss of his home.

When Max, a man Kurt has helped come out through dating app conversations, arrives in Egbert, Kurt is smitten. Max already knows the younger man’s fantasies, and he’s eager to satisfy them. But will Max’s secrets and surprises help Kurt find happiness with not one, but two men? Or will the town ruin everything?


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