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Gold! by Fyn Alexander

OUT NOW! Gold! by Fyn Alexander

The year is 3550.

Fifteen hundred years ago, Earth became a very dark place to live. A cabal of evil men was attempting to make the population into Serfs ruled over by the cabal.

Five families decided to leave Earth and find a distant planet to begin again. A group of pioneers traveled to Pleione in the Pleiades star cluster, but the original intention of a utopia soon disintegrated into a world not much better than Earth. The basis of the new system is run like the ancient Roman Republic with a strict caste system. Fifteen hundred years later, the pioneering five families rule the planet with an iron grip.

This is the world in which Jericho Goldsmith, a man from one of the five elite families, and Tenzin Fenn, a Serf sold into slavery by his family, meet and fall in love. But can the two men forge a loving relationship and remain together when they come from such disparate backgrounds and everyone is against them?


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A Master and His Pup by Fyn Alexander

OUT NOW! A Master and His Pup by Fyn Alexander

Master Cain is an intergalactic bounty hunter who is regularly employed by the king of Arriden to find his runaway son. To assist him in his search, Cain buys Star, a man-dog. Man-dogs are bred over generations for their strength and loyalty. But Star turns out to be a eunuch from Earth with fantasies of being a man-dog. Once Star is in his possession, Cain decides he might as well try him out.

Together they capture the prince and return him to the capital city. However, they found him in the desert in the camp of the Plainsmen’s army, which is heading toward the capital to kidnap the king and take over the city. With Star’s help, can Cain protect the king and fight off the Plainsmen? Will Star’s loyalty to Cain and his increasing love for his new master be rewarded?


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Above Rubies by Fyn Alexander

OUT NOW! Above Rubies by Fyn Alexander

The year is 1885 and all May Jakobsson wants is a home of her own and a woman to love. Leaving behind her poor immigrant family, she claims her one hundred and sixty acres under the Homestead Act in Dakota Territory. Life on the farm is lonely and there seems no hope of meeting the right woman, or any woman with her inclinations. That is, until an itinerant seamstress arrives in town.

When wealthy Boston socialite Temperance Lowell decides to take her sewing machine and travel the rails staying in different towns, she is seeking adventure while escaping Boston where the woman she was having an affair with is getting married. The last thing she expects is to meet a tall, shy woman wearing men’s clothes to whom she is instantly attracted.

Not only does their attachment cause an uproar in the town of Livingstone, especially among the men who were already hostile to a woman like May, and were more than interested in the beautiful and elegant Temperance, but it confuses May who, in her own words, is “as common as the dirt I dig.” Temperance, a little older and very sure of herself, knows May is the woman for her.

Can they make a life together in a rough town among farming folk? Will their love survive the challenges thrown their way?


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The Gunpowder Plot by Fyn Alexander

OUT NOW! The Gunpowder Plot by Fyn Alexander

In 1605, King James I sat on the thrones of England and Scotland. A group of men, led by Robert Catesby, planned to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London to kill King James, Queen Anne, their children, and all the lords of England. The plotters were Catholics in a time when, at best, Catholics were fined into poverty, and at worst, they were burned at the stake.

William Cranmore is one of those men. Lark Alleyne, who started his working life at court, has been recruited as a spy and is put under the direction of Cranmore, who is to teach him the sword as well as the craft of spying. During the course of their work, Cranmore, a man who has never loved anyone, falls deeply in love with the sweet natured, overtly loving younger man.

Can William and Lark foil the Gunpowder Plot before the king and his family are murdered?


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