<i>Gold!</i> by Fyn Alexander

Gold! by Fyn Alexander

<i>Gold!</i> by Fyn Alexander

OUT NOW! Gold! by Fyn Alexander

The year is 3550.

Fifteen hundred years ago, Earth became a very dark place to live. A cabal of evil men was attempting to make the population into Serfs ruled over by the cabal.

Five families decided to leave Earth and find a distant planet to begin again. A group of pioneers traveled to Pleione in the Pleiades star cluster, but the original intention of a utopia soon disintegrated into a world not much better than Earth. The basis of the new system is run like the ancient Roman Republic with a strict caste system. Fifteen hundred years later, the pioneering five families rule the planet with an iron grip.

This is the world in which Jericho Goldsmith, a man from one of the five elite families, and Tenzin Fenn, a Serf sold into slavery by his family, meet and fall in love. But can the two men forge a loving relationship and remain together when they come from such disparate backgrounds and everyone is against them?


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