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False Justice by Adam Carpenter

OUT NOW! False Justice by Adam Carpenter

Jimmy McSwain has to meet a man named Alexander Cort, a real-estate agent with a story to tell about an old set of friends, dating back to his childhood in Hell’s Kitchen. The friends called themselves the Four Kitcheneers, bonding together over their own ambitions and memories. On graduation night, one of the four disappeared and the other three engaged in a cover-up. Or maybe not.

The question of what happened to Silas Clayton lingers fourteen years later. As Jimmy begins his investigation of what happened that fateful night, he also tries to put the final nail in the casket of his previous case, one that ended with Captain Francis X. Frisano arresting him for killing Mr. Wu-Tin.

These pieces comprise a puzzle Jimmy just can’t seem to solve. Until two bodies are found at the construction site across the avenue from where he grew up. Suddenly Hell’s Kitchen’s shadows are being exposed to a blinding sun of truth.


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Life Marches On by Sean Cunningham

OUT NOW! Life Marches On by Sean Cunningham

Sequel to Death Changes Everything

When a jury convicts Dana and Lance for the murders of his wife and brother-in-law, as well as attempted murder, Ian Hughes feels he can finally put that horrible chapter behind him and focus on his relationship with his boyfriend, Danny Diaz. Wanting to get away from all the madness of the last year, Ian and Danny go on a vacation to England. Unfortunately, the rest and relaxation they desperately want never happens.

When Danny accepts a job as a technical advisor for a film Ian’s stepfather is filming, he has to work with his ex-boyfriend, actor Kevin Kane. Kevin wants Danny back, but how far will he go to get what we wants? Between kidnapping, murder, and framing an innocent person, it’s obvious someone doesn’t want Danny and Ian to find happiness.

Will their love be strong enough to withstand another deadly adventure? Can they figure out who is behind all of this before another person is killed or an innocent man is locked up for life?


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Secrets, Lies, and Double Lives by Claire Rosalind

OUT NOW! Secrets, Lies, and Double Lives by Claire Rosalind

There’s a serial killer on the loose, or so Elijah and Zeke have been told. Zeke has spent his life working as part of a secret organization tracking and trying to put an end to the sporadic murders of the man who ruined his life. When he rescues Elijah from a murder scene, he takes it upon himself to be his protector. But Elijah doesn’t need his protection. In fact, he’s not at all what Zeke expected.

As they are forced to put their trust in one another and find comfort in their growing companionship, Zeke struggles to suppress his feelings. After an attack on their safe house causes them to retreat to Zeke’s agency, all the lies they have been living start to unravel.

Will they learn the truth before it’s too late? Or will they trust the wrong people and lose the chance to remember what happened last time they tried to escape and who really brought them together and destroyed both their lives?

NOTE: This book includes suicidal references and actions, self-harm, and depictions of disordered eating.


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Sanctuary by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Sanctuary by Edward Kendrick

Gale’s sister Audra comes to him seeking refuge from her abusive husband Hank. With the help of Cal and Gale’s other friends at The Three Bs club, they come up with a plan to keep her safe. In the process, Gale starts to realize he might be more interested in Cal than in the detective Cal had tried to push at him.

Then Hank shows up in town and confronts Gale at his apartment building. A fight ensues, ending with both men battered and bruised before Hank flees. Things might have ended there if Hank’s body hadn’t been discovered in an alley not far from the building.

With Gale as the obvious suspect in the murder, Cal does his best to prove otherwise, needing to help the man he’s begun to care about beyond friendship. Can they find the real killer while coming to grips with their growing personal interest in each other?


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Second Shot by Adam Carpenter

OUT NOW! Second Shot by Adam Carpenter

A long summer has kept Jimmy McSwain away from the city he loves, uncertain of what the future holds. But upon his return, tomorrow quickly becomes a deadly today.

Jimmy has often done work for his sister Mallory’s law firm, and this time the new partner and his handsome associate want to hire Jimmy to solve the mystery of twin brothers. One of the twins lies in a coma, while the other has gone missing. Aiding Jimmy in this confusing case is Brenden Hendricks, the young lawyer who just happens to have a strong attraction to Jimmy. Then murder rocks the Portnoy clan.

Meanwhile, there’s Jimmy’s lingering obsession with the criminal mastermind Mr. Wu-Tin. Jimmy is determined to bring him down, and the NYPD knows that. Brought in to assist the Special Task Force, Jimmy feels he’s being manipulated, but this is his best lead yet. The problem is his partner assigned to the case: his ex, Francis X. Frisano. Soon Jimmy and Frisano are setting traps for Wu-Tin, even as the cornered man is setting his empire ablaze.

Complex, confounding, the duality in his life will test more than Jimmy’s loyalty. It could rock his very foundation. Deep down he knows that by solving both cases, he’s got a second shot at a new life.


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