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Hidden Identity by Adam Carpenter

OUT NOW! Hidden Identity by Adam Carpenter

Jimmy McSwain is a New York City private detective, operating out of Hell’s Kitchen, the rough and tumble Manhattan neighborhood he grew up in. At fourteen, he watched as his NYPD father was gunned down.

Now twenty-eight, Jimmy has never given up his pursuit of whoever killed Joseph McSwain. But a PI must make a living, too, so he’s taken on the case of missing heir Harris Rothschild, whose overbearing father doesn’t approve of his “alternate” lifestyle. Tracking down Harris is easier than expected, finding him at a club called the Dress-Up. But the carnage that follows after he’s found creates new problems.

With a shocking fresh murder on his hands, and a threat coming from some unforeseen person, Jimmy’s caseload is suddenly full, and as dangerous as the streets he knows all too well. Good thing he has his family to fall back on, and a potential new love interest.


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Skyscraper by Scott Alexander Hess

OUT NOW! Skyscraper by Scott Alexander Hess

A Lambda Literary Finalist in Best Erotica

In modern day Manhattan, Atticus is a down-on-his-luck architect who stumbles into an S&M bar and meets a young man who changes the direction of his life. What begins as a random pick-up evolves into an intense game of sexual domination as Atticus finds himself wildly invigorated both as a man and an architect.

As the relationship deepens, his creativity catches fire and he lands a prime architectural job at his firm designing a bold new high rise tower. Soon his two worlds collide as the thin lines between reality and fantasy and pleasure and pain threaten to explode.

With a new introduction by Lambda Literary winner Jeff Mann, this “wonder of a book” is as carnally explosive as it is compellingly original.


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The Death of Digby Catch by Amy Spector

OUT NOW! The Death of Digby Catch by Amy Spector

It’s more than eighteen years since August Catch’s Uncle Digby disappeared to the Cape to mourn the death of his sister. So when August arrives at Arachne’s Loom to collect his late uncle’s things, he isn’t expecting to find stories of a man larger than life. Or the very real possibility that Digby’s death may not have been from natural causes.

Theo Webb has had few people in his life he loved, and fewer still he can trust. But the estate groundskeeper, Digby Catch, was one of them. Returning home for Digby’s funeral, Theo is thrown together with Digby’s nephew, and the attraction is instant. But so is Theo’s certainty that things surrounding Digby’s death don’t add up, and at least one person isn’t telling the truth.

Discovering a killer is difficult when someone is desperate to keep more than just their identity a secret. And when all the clues point in one direction, even Theo isn’t sure what to think. He and August must work together if they’re going to solve a murder, and not let the thing growing between them be a distraction.

But then, maybe a distraction is exactly what they need.


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The Rekindled Flame by J.V. Speyer

OUT NOW! The Rekindled Flame by J.V. Speyer

Is there space for second chances with so many walls between them?

Mike and Jim were best friends from their earliest childhood, and they realized they were in love in high school. But when Jim was in college and Mike in the Army, Jim took action to save a friend and apparently betrayed Mike in the worst way possible. Mike deployed before Jim could explain, and they weren’t able to reconnect.

Now Mike is the CEO of a company he inherited from his absentee father. When Jim’s world explodes and he finds himself on the run, there’s only one person he can turn to. Mike is reluctant to let Jim back into his life, but when he hears Jim’s story he knows he has no choice. That doesn’t mean things can go back to the way they were.

Even if they both want them to.

NOTE: Contains mentions of past sexual assault, past violence against women (neither graphic), and an extremely gassy pug.


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The Dead Don’t Mourn by Anne Russo

OUT NOW! The Dead Don’t Mourn by Anne Russo

Sequel to The Dead Don’t Lie

Three months have passed, and Ian and Adam are both struggling with the memory of that fateful night. Consumed with guilt, Ian carries on with his day-to-day existence with little success, while Adam adjusts to his new life as a cold-blooded killer.

But both men face a new challenge when Adam’s latest target, a crime boss’s beautiful daughter, enters the picture. It’s a dangerous assignment that forces hidden jealousies and not so buried desires to the surface.

Yet as Adam and Ian’s desperate situation escalates, they find their chaotic world dealt another heartbreaking blow when tragedy strikes a member of their group. The devastating event compels Ian and Adam to confront their feelings for one other. Yet with sinister forces at work against them as well as the dark story of their families’ joined and tangled past, will Ian and Adam fight to build something real together? Or will they find themselves torn apart once more?

NOTE: This story contains scenes depicting a suicide attempt and/or suicidal ideation as well as substance abuse/recreational drug use. This is book 2 in a series and ends on a cliffhanger.


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