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Foreign Facades by D.J. Fronimos and Elke Lakey

OUT NOW! Foreign Facades by D.J. Fronimos and Elke Lakey

Gwen Worthington is horrified when the woman she loves commits a terrible crime. Fearing for her life, she flees Chicago. An office job on a remote guest ranch promises refuge, possibly even a new start. Minus her phone and credit card, but with a new name and hair color, Gwen heads for Texas.

Having recently lost her partner, Jesse barely makes it through each day. Despairing over the life she no longer has, Jesse agrees to exchange her native Germany for a three-month stint in the US where her mom’s horse-loving friend Gittie lives.

Gwen, now Nicole, immediately dislikes Jesse, who smells of horse manure and barely talks except to taunt her. Tempers flare when the first guests arrive and Nicole is forced to share her living quarters with Jesse. If only she wasn’t attracted to the blasted woman!

Annoying or not, Nicole falls for Jesse. Just when she suspects the feeling may be mutual, a revelation from Jesse’s past shatters that illusion. Nicole’s still trying to recover when a visitor from her former life shows up.

Can the two fake cowgirls save their budding relationship? Or will ghosts from the past destroy their one chance at love?


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In Love and Sacrifice by Hayden Rexelle

OUT NOW! In Love and Sacrifice by Hayden Rexelle

World War Three and the Teal-47 plague have ravaged the world as we know it. Machines and technology have become relics of the past, and gone are the days of the nine to five. Survivors band together where they can to find a sense of normalcy and safety from the renegades who travel the land taking what they please and killing without mercy.

For Claire Munro, that place is the City. Run with an iron fist by a leader named the Duke, the City is a place Claire can try and find herself again. That is, until her mother goes missing.

Now Claire has to place her trust in the hands of a young woman whose name she doesn’t even know. Will the mysterious Captain with her shining six guns be Claire’s salvation or her doom?


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