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The Wasteland Kings by Jaimie N. Schock

OUT NOW! The Wasteland Kings by Jaimie N. Schock

Hacker Bast has it all: a cushy condo, a sexy boyfriend, and a place among the wealthy elite. When his past catches up with him, he flees into the dreary and dangerous wastelands between domed cities. There he meets Delphi, who saves him, and Galeron, who runs a small town. He is anything but safe, however, as robotic “dogs” roam the countryside, looking for people to kill, and humans can be just as deadly.

As Bast settles in to life in the town, he develops a controversial relationship with Galeron. They fall in love, but all is not well in their world. Can the two of them survive and reach the happy ending they long for, or will the wastelands take everything they hold dear?


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Mapping the Shadows by Becky Black

OUT NOW! Mapping the Shadows by Becky Black

Ash Bowman is lost. Two years ago, he and his cop partner, Evelyn, walked in on a murder in progress that left her dead and him maimed. He left the force and became a private investigator, but Evelyn’s ghost still haunts him when he prowls the dark corridors of the Core of the space station Fraxin Yari. Ash is making a map. If there’s a map, then he won’t be so lost …

Journalist Gabe Whitfield is on a mission to learn the truth behind that same murder. He doesn’t expect to stay on Frax after he finishes the job. But meeting Ash Bowman changes his plans. He came to the station a man without ties. He isn’t going to leave the same way.

Despite initially mistrusting him, Ash can’t resist his attraction to the fiery Gabe. Gabe responds, though knows he shouldn’t, when Ash is one of the subjects of his investigation. But they come to trust each other and join forces to find the answers Ash had almost forgotten he was still seeking. If they are to have any chance of happiness, Gabe must help Ash lay the ghosts calling him back again and again to the deep darkness of the Core.


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A Drop of Moonshine by Holly Day

OUT NOW! A Drop of Moonshine by Holly Day

In a world where the government controls everything, and every citizen is given one government-approved kill, Sid Barker is doing his best to keep his head down and not get noticed. At some point, he must have failed. Being a potato farmer doesn’t generate enough income, and Sid is making moonshine on the side to keep himself fed, but one day a liquidation agent shows up at his farm, not to kill him, but to blackmail him into giving away his moonshine for free.

Thorn Hull is a liquidation agent. Every time someone hands in an application to have someone terminated, he or one of the other agents has to perform the kill. It’s a well-paying job, but no money in the world can fill the void in Thorn. He regrets ever becoming an agent, but no one has ever quit the agency and lived to tell the tale.

One night in a bar, Thorn runs into Sid, who’s far from the dirty little kid he’d been the last time Thorn had seen him. Sid remembers Thorn from his childhood and asks him to help him talk sense into the agent who’s blackmailing him. Things soon escalate, and Sid and Thorn find themselves on the run from the liquidation agency. How will they be able to deal with the blackmailer at the same time as they’re on the run from the government’s trained killers?


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Searching for Clones by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Searching for Clones by Eve Morton

Ryan Avery is on the lookout for clones. Ever since he was a young man, he’s been fascinated by the science behind biotech research and how cloning has developed from Dolly the sheep to the latest clones adults who live among us. But even though he buries himself in research, Ryan cannot seem to find a single clone out in the world.

This changes when he stumbles upon men in a cruising park. Since the only feature that differentiates clones from humans is the appearance of a navel, Ryan believes he will find the answer to what he’s seeking by following men into the park and seeking out what he’s always wanted.

Of course, like with all scientific discoveries, Ryan is about to find out more than he ever thought possible.


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Going for Glitch by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Going for Glitch by Eve Morton

Chandler Ford needs to meet his sales quota. He is convinced it is the only way his boss Elroy will pay any attention to him, and then Chandler can finally get what he thinks he wants: Elroy’s love and affection. Selling anti-aging pills to the old should be easy, but as the month reaches its end, his numbers aren’t where they need to be. And neither is Chandler.

After a demoralizing interaction with his boss, one not ever the ever-cheerful security guard named Manny can soothe, Chandler stops a violent crime. When he realizes the victim is an android named Dash, Chandler wants nothing to do with him. Yet what Dash tells him about perfection, love and attraction, sinks in for the better.

As the month nears the end, Chandler’s boss Elroy, and the security guard Manny, both take on completely different roles in his fantasy life. Now if only Chandler could meet quota, maybe he’d know what to do next …


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