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Every Beast of the Earth by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Every Beast of the Earth by Eve Morton

When Sheriff Paul Plowman wakes to find dozens of escaped mythological creatures roaming through the intergalactic city of Fabula Rasa, he is forced into action on his day off. He’s able to stop the invasion — but at a cost. His neighbour, Maurice, is dead and Paul has been forced to kill a unicorn, which is against the honour code of his family.

In the aftermath, Paul is tasked with solving where all of these animals came from. He soon meets Daniel Markus, a former interspecies biologist and now zookeeper on Fabula Rasa, who helps him navigate the complex underground world of mythological animal trading. As they delve deeper and deeper into the mystery, attraction blooms.

After the danger passes, will there be something more between them than a love of every beast of the earth?


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The Discovery by Wayne Mansfield

OUT NOW! The Discovery by Wayne Mansfield

At a time in the near future when the Earth is a different place, a discovery has been made. And while Duke is as excited as everyone else about the news, his partner John is a little less … enthusiastic.

For the past few weeks, John has been caught up in anguish, caused by his feelings for Duke. Although they have been together for many years, John has the feeling he may be falling out of love with Duke.

Begrudgingly he agrees to go with Duke to see the new discovery, figuring the long hours in the car will create the perfect opportunity for them to talk. Little does he know he is about to make a discovery of his own.

What is the game-changing discovery at the end of the journey? But more importantly, what is John going to find out that will change his life forever?


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Time After Time by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Time After Time by Pelaam

Before the turn of the 19th century, Victorian England is once again beset by plague. Thoth prowls the streets to find the young couple he needs before returning to help his friend who lives outside of the city.

Lord Algernon and the people at his home think they are going to take refuge on the Moon to escape the ravages of plague. Thoth knows differently. He’s a time traveller with a mission, to enable the craft he’s helping Algernon build to reach Mars.

But that’s only the beginning. He’s seen into the future and knows that in a couple of centuries’ time, invaders will reach Mars. If successful there, the next target is Earth, and then his own homeworld.

Friends and allies will come from strange and different places and, after waiting time after time, the man Thoth already loves will be the one to wake him. If his resting place remains undisturbed.

For their future isn’t guaranteed.


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Little Gods by Jay Mendell

OUT NOW! Little Gods by Jay Mendell

Khroma is a Paladin of an ancient religious order, fighting what feels like a never-ending war against the enemy that plagues his homeland. On the night of the final battle, he falls unconscious … only to wake up several thousand years in the future, with a splitting headache and a strange alien leaning over him.

Nahan claims to be part of a scouting party sent to investigate the abandoned planet, and is in search of any important cultural artifacts to present to his superiors. But there’s something suspicious about him, for all that he seems genuinely interested in learning about Khroma’s lost people, and he may have a secret agenda of his own.

With the world suddenly empty and crumbling around him and only one person he can possibly rely on, will Khroma come to terms with the true depths of his loss and travel with his unusual new companion towards the future?


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Anomalies by Vivien Dean

OUT NOW! Anomalies by Vivien Dean

On the planet of Kathtor, Midnight Creek is special. It houses a geo-spatial anomaly that crosses the distance between opposite sides of the planet with a single step. A hundred years ago, the warring Kimon used the anomaly to invade the peaceful Therlerians, only to be driven away by their advanced technology.

Now, a single man guards the point of entry. Warden Arie Vedebel is the best of his kind, a soldier in the Liberated Therler Federacy, determined to defend his people to the death. When an electrical storm sets the creek on fire, he races to put it out, only to discover a man in the midst of it. His name? General Dennick Ginn of the Elds Regime, highly decorated Kimon officer. Arie’s orders are to kill on sight, but Dennick’s claims that’s he come through the anomaly to destroy it make him pause. As far as Arie knows, that’s impossible. Then again, he’d always been told his post was a precautionary one, that traveling through the anomaly was no longer viable.

Arie and Dennick form a wary alliance. While Arie strives to find the truth, the one fact he can’t dispute is that Dennick is not what he expects a Kimon to be. The two men have more in common than military training. They just might have a future, too.


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