<i>A Lasting Vow</i> by Ellie Thomas

A Lasting Vow by Ellie Thomas

<i>A Lasting Vow</i> by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! A Lasting Vow by Ellie Thomas

Sequel to A Christmas Engagement

By the spring of 1806 in rural England, Charles Denham’s happiness should be complete. He has reconciled with his best friend and long-term lover Avery after a breach caused by Charles’ grief at the sudden death of his father, which left Charles shouldering family responsibilities.

Avery has made allowances for Charles’ misguided actions, and their relationship is back on an even keel. But Charles can’t forgive himself for his past behaviour towards the man he loves so dearly. He feels that some grand gesture is required to assure Avery he will never take him for granted again. Yet the more Charles considers this, his good intentions become increasingly confused.

Might Avery find a way to secure their future together?


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