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The Start of a Beautiful Friendship by Tinnean

NOW ON OUR SITE! The Start of a Beautiful Friendship by Tinnean

It’s 1996, and Mark Vincent, senior special agent of the Washington Bureau of Investigation and Security, is sent on assignment to Prague to cancel the head of a terrorist organization. He has no doubt it will be a simple operation. After all, he’s the best, isn’t he?

Only another member of the WBIS gets involved, and when everything goes south — including the loss of valued members of his team — Mark vows to destroy the man responsible for this debacle.

Refused permission to return to the States and ordered to take time off to decompress, Mark heads to Paris, where he meets an attractive rent boy who introduces himself as Louis. Unable to resist, Mark, portraying an ordinary businessman, gives his name as Rick, and they spend the week together. However, neither man is what he portrays himself as.

With this unlikely pair, can this be the start of a beautiful friendship?


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You Were Made for Me by Tinnean

NOW ON OUR SITE! You Were Made for Me by Tinnean

After one year, eight months, and five days — after both being shot, after Mark Vincent rescuing Quinton Mann from kidnappers and Quinn rescuing Mark from a rival anti-terrorist organization, after dealing with deaths in the family and betrayal in the workplace, the CIA spook and the WBIS spy are going to get married.

“I hope you feel deeply loved, for you are. I have no greater gift to offer you than my heart, and I give it to you freely. I promise I shall always do my best. I feel honored to be your husband, and I … I’m happy to call you mine.”

Those are Quinn’s marriage vows to Mark. Mark’s vows remind Quinn he’d promised forever.

Their story hasn’t reached its end yet — there are questions that still need answering. What will happen to the spy and the spook and the people they love when those answers are finally uncovered?


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Blood of Souls by Vivien Dean

NOW ON OUR SITE! Blood of Souls by Vivien Dean

There isn’t anything Annie Pontin won’t do for her lover, the reclusive artifact collector Quin Black. As his personal assistant, she even takes care of the most valuable item in his collection, a ruby-encrusted sword that dates over two thousand years old. One day while cleaning it, she cuts herself on the blade. The next thing she knows, the sword is gone, and in its place … a young man named Theodotus.

Theo claims to know Quin, but when she asks Quin the whole story, what unfolds is out of this world. She isn’t prepared to hear how he sold his soul in order to be with his dead lover forever, nor does she want to hear that he’s lived for centuries. The only problem is, Quin refuses to let her walk away. He wants them both. Now he and Theo just need to convince her to stay …


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The Low Between by Vivien Dean

NOW ON OUR SITE! The Low Between by Vivien Dean

It was supposed to be simple.

All struggling actor Carlo Baresi had to do was pick a man up, drive him to the location he specified, then report where he’d taken him. The only problem is, the man isn’t who he says he is … and they both know it.

Bookstore owner Joe Donnelly has a reputation for helping those in need, but this plan has been a bad one from the second he stepped in. Discovering someone has switched out the driver is one more complication he doesn’t want, especially since Carlo is the kind of distraction that can get a man in serious trouble if he’s not careful.

But they have something in common. They’re both loose ends, struggling to find out what is really going on.

And murder is always complicated, even when you’re on the same side.


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Just the Thought of You by Tinnean

NOW ON OUR SITE! Just the Thought of You by Tinnean

With the death of Quinton Mann’s cousin, Mann Manor becomes his, and in spite of assurances that the Manor isn’t in bad shape, Quinn and his lover, Mark Vincent, discover otherwise when they arrive to inspect it. They find the floors have been torn up, some more recently than the last time his cousin had been here. Quinn agrees that their best option at this time is to have the house wired for security, and they take off for Savannah to pursue a lead into the accident that eventually resulted in the death of Quinn’s cousin.

Grey Rayne, an agent of Mark’s, is working on this until the floorboard gives way under her, and she’s injured. In extricating herself, she finds a letter and a map that might reveal the reasons behind the damage done to the Manor.

Will Quinn and Mark be able to get to the bottom of this? And what will happen if it comes out at the Company that Quinn is friends with the deadliest agent the WBIS has ever produced?


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