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The Birthday Bear by Holly Day

OUT NOW! The Birthday Bear by Holly Day

For more than a year, Gabe Callan has known Riley Irving is his mate, but Riley isn’t ready. He stumbled into Gabe’s bakery one night after having left his abusive ex, and he’s still dealing with what he’s been through. Gabe knows he needs time, but he doesn’t know how much longer he can wait.

All Riley wants is a safe, slow, boring life. He doesn’t want any adventures other than those he reads about in romance novels. But maybe he’s read too many paranormal books because he’s imagining the guys at the bakery growling, and sometimes he believes he sees their eyes shift color. Maybe he’s going insane.

Gabe is scared to tell Riley the truth about what he is. If he waits too long, Riley will feel betrayed. If he tells him too soon, he will run away, and Gabe isn’t sure he can survive without Riley. How do you tell your skittish human mate you’re a bear shifter?


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Monsters and Men Box Set by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Monsters and Men Box Set by R.W. Clinger

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Then again, you might feel that you’re falling in love with that sexy vampire or legendary warlock. Love is love, right? This box set by R.W. Clinger explores romantic Monsters and Men. Four tales of the haunting and unthinkable. Strange and dark relationships that can be considered obscure, dangerous, and filled with nothing less than deathly desire.

Contains the stories:

Vonderlust: Antiques dealer Liam goes to retrieve a valuable painting from the foreboding Hyde Manor. His trepidations disappear when he meets the sexy caretaker. During his stay, strange things happen. But when he attempts to leave, he’s confronted by Lord Hyde. Will Liam live another day to tell his vampire tale of Hyde Manor, or die like the many men before him?

The 13th Warlock: Sawyer Black is sent to Bitter, PA, to gather details of a mysterious disappearance. With the help of local pub owner Harry, he uncovers a warlock coven and learns of Wilhelm Ravenrock, the strange man who lives in the haunted woods. As the facts continue to build, Sawyer becomes Harry’s attraction. Will he still be Harry’s sexual interest after the dark secrets of Bitter are disclosed?

Something Purple this Way Comes: Strange things are happening in the countryside near Lake Erie. Creepy and ominous and … purple things. Can three men and their lovers live through the night to share their strange tales of terror? Maybe. Maybe not. Only daylight will bring answers after the purple night of alien terror.

Blood on My Hands: Vampire Jonathon Splinter seeks out young men to feed. As Halloween approaches, he devises a plan for his next hunt with the help of his mortal lover Toby. But someone has witnessed one of his bloody hunts and is blackmailing him. With Toby’s help, the two devise a plan to hunt and feed on the man. But on the evening of the planned murder, Jonathon Splinter’s bloody life will change forever.


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Trials of a Lonely Specter by Dianne Hartsock

OUT NOW! Trials of a Lonely Specter by Dianne Hartsock

A reluctant ghost at best, Quinn doesn’t like the haunts to which Liam takes him, always fearful of encountering a true medium in the paranormal groups investigating the houses, bent on seeing a ghost.

When Liam sets him up for such a meeting, Quinn breaks from him, not fully understanding the apparition’s cruelty. He’d thought they were friends. But despite his anger, when he believes Liam will go to the manor house without him, a house known to be haunted by a fearsome ghost, Quinn joins him, hoping to keep him from danger.

But it is Quinn himself who is in danger, not only from Betterford’s ghost and the mediums stalking him, but also from a secret Liam’s been keeping, making Quinn wonder if he’ll survive the longest haunt of his life.


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The Monk’s Lair by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! The Monk’s Lair by Ellie Thomas

Christian Maxwell is used to being alone. A delicate and over-imaginative young man, he’s abandoned to his own devices and company in his family’s Wiltshire country home. When his aunt, concerned for his well-being, insists he accompany her to the Welsh Borders for a country house party in the autumn of 1816, Christian is resigned to being surrounded by people for the duration.

One particular guest, Sam Gillespie, is a handsome amateur scientist of a similar age to Christian who is determined to befriend him. When Sam persuades Christian to join him on an expedition to the scenic ruins of Tintern Abbey, they stumble across an isolated valley that contains a long-dead and sinister monastic force.

Their dreams are haunted by the spirit of the place, so the pair band together to find out the valley’s dark history, kindling their romance along the way. But their ghostly foe is more tenacious than they imagine. Can Christian and Sam manage to defeat the black monk and find lasting happiness?


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Darik Wilson, Ghost Talker by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Darik Wilson, Ghost Talker by Edward Kendrick

Darik Wilson was normal young man in college until the day he stumbled across a man’s body in a local park. When he touched it, the man’s ghost appeared. It scared the hell out of Darik as the ghost of Cornell Albright begged him to find his murderer. He was the thirteenth victim of the serial killer dubbed as X for the way he laid out his victims. Cornell told Darik what little he recalled about his killer, which Darik passed on to Detective Lang, who believed in the paranormal. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to find X, who ceased his murderous spree after Cornell’s death. Cornell stayed around, unable to move on because X was never caught.

Ten years later, X reappears. Darik is on the scene when the third of his victims is discovered, and with Cornell’s help he is able to talk to Morris and relay what he learns to Detective Lang. Now, Darik has two ghosts to contend with. At the same time, he meets Steve Grainger while out jogging. When Steve comes to Darik’s costume shop to rent a costume they strike up a tentative friendship, planning to run together at a park the following Sunday morning.

Things don’t go quite as they expected when X strikes again, killing a man who, in the early morning light might have been mistaken for Steve. Darik and Steve are there when a woman finds the body, at which point Steve discovers he, too, has the ability to see ghosts.

Now, the problem becomes, was Steve the intended victim? If so, will they be able to find and stop X, with the help of the three ghosts, before he strikes again?


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