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Vampire Lee by Holly Day

OUT NOW! Vampire Lee by Holly Day

Can you chase away imaginary monsters with real life monsters?

Dillon Ross lives in a huge mansion together with six other people. Four of them turn furry, one drinks blood regularly, and one is a former blood slave, just like him. Seven months ago, he was rescued from a fate worse than death, and he’s been doing his best to avoid people ever since. Which is hard when you have well-meaning but nosy roommates.

Lee Dowell is a vampire working in a shifter bar. One day, he hears something he wasn’t meant to hear, and while his first reaction is to ignore it, he reaches out to the supernatural version of the police. It might not have been his smartest move, since he now has a target on his back.

Dillon isn’t pleased to realize he is sharing a floor with a vampire. There are enough monsters in his head, he doesn’t need one in his space too. But Lee has put himself in danger by trying to help some people held captive, and his roommates are trying to keep him safe. Lee doesn’t do humans, but when Dillon’s nightmares wake him time and time again, he wants nothing more than to gather him in his arms and chase away his fears. But can you chase away imaginary monsters with real life monsters?


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Rufus the Dead by Holly Day

OUT NOW! Rufus the Dead by Holly Day

Rufus will do anything not to remain staked in a coffin, including stealing a psychic and forming a blood bond with him.

Rufus Mabuz was a badass assassin until his coven leader had him staked and stored away in a coffin for seven years. He was still a badass assassin, only he couldn’t move. Then one day, the coven leader makes him an offer — bond with a psychic or stay in the coffin for years to come.

Jaki Sage is kept prisoner together with a group of psychics. He’s a psychic too, but a crappy one. He can’t foresee anything. The only thing he can do is look back in time to see what the weather was like around a certain event. Not useful. But then his friend, who can foresee things, tells him to go with Rufus the Dead.

Rufus isn’t sure why he’s stealing a psychic and forming a blood bond with him, but anything is better than being staked. Jaki might not know much about vampires, but he thinks he’s better off with Rufus than if he hadn’t run away with him. But then the coven leader demands he uses his skills to find someone, or she’ll put Rufus back in the coffin. How will Jaki be able to find anyone when all he can see is weather?


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Chesapeake Howl by Rafe Jadison

OUT NOW! Chesapeake Howl by Rafe Jadison

When he’s whisked away from Manhattan and summoned to his father’s Long Island estate on a weekday, James Tetherington knows he isn’t there to get good news, but still he’s surprised when his father insists James leave New York and return to Milligan Island, a place James has not been since he was a boy. Not only is James commanded to return, but he’s also told to solve a war between two Wolf packs, one he must lead and the other one he must subdue or destroy. As for the witches on the island, his father says it’s time for them to go.

Chase Howard hasn’t been to Milligan Island since his father died a few years earlier, but when his coven has visions of him making peace between the two Wolf factions on the island, he knows it’s time to return. As a strong and powerful witch, Chase has never been scared of Wolves, but on his first night back to the island, when a wounded Wolf gets through a ward that’s held for centuries, Chase is forced to rethink his ideas. Chase soon finds himself nursing the gorgeous Wolf man back to health and protecting him from an island full of Wolves who seem to want him dead. Unfortunately, saving this Wolf may kill every chance Chase has to broker peace on the island.

Although James and Chase may not know exactly what they want to happen on Milligan Island, they do know there’s an attraction between them neither man can battle. With angry Wolves and mysterious men in silver coats following them about, can James and Chase find a way to protect the island, or will it all disappear in the wind like a Chesapeake howl?


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Crypt Coffee Box Set by Gareth Vaughn

OUT NOW! Crypt Coffee Box Set by Gareth Vaughn

Part of a secret organization tasked with responding to paranormal threats, Dane is a loose cannon operating out of a niche coffee shop, Crypt Coffee. When Sean, a local professor addicted to Dane’s pastries, accidentally sees something he shouldn’t have — something impossible –it starts the two of them on a dangerous and passionate affair full of sex, secrets, strange characters, and … murder.

This box set contains all five books in the series, including:

Bad Seed: Monster hunter Dane and professor Sean make an unlikely pair, but teaming up together is the only chance they have at catching a killer — that is, if they don’t get too distracted with each other first.

Night Terror: Something in Bleu Falls is killing off cows, and monster hunter Dane is ready to track it down with the help of his partner, Sean. The only problem is Sean doesn’t remember him anymore.

Family Bonds: When a violent werewolf ghost threatens to rip the delicate peace between the local packs apart, it’s up to Sean and Dane to step in and diffuse the situation. Negotiating killer ghosts and shady secret organizations might be easier than dealing with a surprise visit from Dane’s parents, who have no idea about his real job and who are intent on spending some quality family time with their son.

Slim Chance: A stable relationship is harder for Dane and Sean than dealing with monsters or murderers, so when Sean sees something weird at work, it’s almost a welcome challenge. Except that Sean’s getting sick, and Dane has to pose as a student to get to the bottom of things, a role he hates. Can they solve the mystery in time or are their chances for success, and survival, slim indeed?

Tipped Scales: A series of attacks gets the summer off to a dangerous start as Sean and Dane investigate what’s going on in Bleu Falls. As the pieces click into place, they find there’s an awful lot of magical power at stake, enough to change the world. But the closer they get to answers, the less likely it seems they will ever have a chance at a future together — unless they can tip the scales in their favor.


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Conjure Hill by Patrick Bryce Wright

OUT NOW! Conjure Hill by Patrick Bryce Wright

Jorgi Williams hopes starting graduate school will go smoothly. He needs a break from his clingy and transphobic mother Kat, who still insists on calling him by his deadname. Moving into a duplex with a male roommate only sparks a fresh tirade from Kat, and Jorgi is sick of this treatment.

Thane Miller, Jorgi’s roommate, is a fellow graduate student. Handsome in a skinny, alterna way, Thane is laidback and kind, and seems to accept Jorgi exactly as he is. Jorgi can’t help developing a crush, despite his fear about whether Thane would date a transman.But the question of love is put on hold when they receive evil spirits as a housewarming present. Thane locates and digs up a cursed jar in the front yard and reveals he is a Wiccan, a white witch. He begs Jorgi not to freak out. Far from being freaked out, Jorgi is fascinated. Thane introduces Jorgi to his coven and the coven leader asks the dreaded question: Who in Jorgi’s life is capable of something like this? Jorgi’s ex…claim Jorgi’s soul has been bound to a powerful demon in a blood magic contract. That’s something Christy wouldn’t have the ability to do. Are the demons lying, or is the enemy still out there?

The stress of the demonic attacks, Kat’s relentless transphobic hounding, and the world of blood magic opening up around Jorgi cause him a massive internal shift. Suddenly, he becomes aware there is a part of him who comes and goes and who claims their family is not as innocent and Christian as Jorgi always believed. Jorgi has Dissociative Identity Disorder, and his other selves are holding onto dark secrets about the Williams family’s real religion. Thane is supportive every step of the way, causing Jorgi to fall in love.

Then one of Jorgi’s inner selves points the finger at their mother, and Jorgi’s sense of reality is thrown into chaos. Is his enemy Christy or his mother? Can Jorgi and Thane stop the haunting, break the evil contract, and get their happily-ever-after?


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