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Becomes the Rose by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Becomes the Rose by Pelaam

Although Tarin’s long-term relationship ended recently, he still decides to go on the long-planned camping trip with his ex. Since the relationship had been comfortable but nothing earthshaking, they both enjoyed camping, and they’d moved back to just friends easily enough, there was no reason not to.

But when he wakes up after an argument about sharing a bed, he finds his ex gone — with the car — leaving him miles from the nearest bus route back to Auckland and only his two feet to get him there. Despite detailed instructions from his hostess, Tarin gets lost on the unsigned, unpaved roads.

With the approaching night shrouded in a thick, creepy mist, Tarin can’t believe his luck when he stumbles upon a nameless hamlet. But are the friendly, gorgeous men who live there his saviours or his downfall?


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Of Sound Mind and Body by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Of Sound Mind and Body by Eve Morton

When Nelson gets a night job at the Sleep Eaze Motel, it’s not long before he’s pretty sure he’s seen it all: junkies, criminals, and of course, the suicides. But when a group of professors travelling for a conference all die in their rooms — seemingly by their own hands — he’s not too sure what’s going on. Only that something’s not right.

So when the nephew of one of the victims — a deaf man named Jeremy — comes to stay at the motel, Nelson pays attention. Jeremy has his uncle’s journal, and longs to complete his cryptic research, but he needs Nelson’s help. Soon the two fall under the spell of the same mystery that took the so-called Suicide Five, and they fall for one another.

Can Jeremy complete his uncle’s research before it’s too late, or are there some secrets better left unheard?


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Mated to the Fire Dragon by Holly Day

OUT NOW! Mated to the Fire Dragon by Holly Day

Zale wanted to see a dragon. He never expected a miracle.

Zale Hagan is dying. He doesn’t have many days left, but he wants to see a dragon before he leaves the world behind. As a fisherman, he’s seen where land ends many times, but he wants to visit the town where the human realm ends and the dragon realm begins.

Albus the Abomination is a blacksmith on Dragon Row. As a white dragon, he has no status and does his best to keep out of the way of the other dragons living there. But one day Zale steps into his smithy, and everything inside Albus catches fire.

Albus can tell Zale is very ill, but he can’t let him die. Dragon mates don’t get sick, and they live for a long time. Albus tries his best to get one of the other dragons to mate with Zale, but when no one wants to, Albus is at a loss. He could breathe fire into him, but then Zale would have to live his entire life with a white dragon, and no one wants that, do they?

NOTE: Mated to the Fire Dragon takes place on the same street as The Book Dragon’s Lair but can be read as a standalone story.


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Diable by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Diable by Pelaam

Sequel to Incubus

When Slayer Henri and his Intermediary Sébastien are sent to Paris to deal with attacks by vampires, they find the truth is worse still. They also find unexpected allies in a family of gargoyles who help protect mankind.

Paris is under attack by demonic forces and it will take the united talents of humans, gargoyles, and vampires if they are to be defeated.

Sébastien also finds that his mate is the last creature on earth he would have expected. When the time to fight comes, can Sébastien survive, or will his life be forfeit in the depths of the dungeons of the infamous Cardinal Richelieu?


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Incubus by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Incubus by Pelaam

Sequel to Slayer

Geoffrey of Whalley is a Slayer on the mend. Still healing from an almost fatal demon hunt, his full recovery has been slow, with missing memories and odd dreams impeding his recovery.

A call from a friend to investigate a report of an incubus in a small village, sure to be nothing more than an innocent falsely accused, gives him an easy job while he regains his full strength, and an opportunity to find a new intermediary, one who suits better than the last.

When Geoffrey arrives, he finds the accused is new to town, and none of the usual signs of an incubus. But four people have disappeared recently, and he refuses to leave until he finds out why. There is evil in the village, but not in the form Geoffrey imagines.


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