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Lust Unleashed by Eva Hore

OUT NOW! Lust Unleashed by Eva Hore

Sheila Donaldson is bored. No, not bored — frustrated. She’s spent years married to the same wonderful man, and now she’s ready to live out some of her naughtiest fantasies through her own personal bucket list. Number one on her list: making her best friend Melissa orgasm while her husband watches.

Once Sheila admits to Richard that she has always wondered what it would be like to pleasure another woman, it isn’t difficult to get him on board with her plan to spice up their sex life with a little girl-on-girl action, especially once they both realize how much they’ve been missing.

Now the hard part … asking Melissa to play along.


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The Bitch Got Her Way by Eva Hore

OUT NOW! The Bitch Got Her Way by Eva Hore

Samantha takes a position as James’s personal assistant and things seem to be going smoothly until she manages to convince James she is madly in love with him. She’s so much younger than he is, and hits on his daughter Melanie, who is convinced Samantha is only after her father’s fortune.

Fracturing his happy family does not affect Samantha at all, so Melanie takes it upon herself to find something incriminating about her. After snooping in Samantha’s old room, she discovers a journal from Samantha’s younger days that doesn’t paint the picture of innocence she wants to portray …


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The Spectator by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! The Spectator by Eve Morton

Regina is used to getting what she wants. When she meets Shane, the brooding art school grad turned ad exec at her PR firm, the two fall in love and get married right away. But five years into their marriage, Shane’s frustrations only seem to grow and Regina tries everything to mend the relationship — new sex, vacation time, and long nights discussing their future.

Finally, when Regina suggests a threesome, everything seems to click. Shane surprises her when he says he wants to explore his bisexual side by inviting a man into their bed.

Together they frequent downtown Toronto and Regina’s night classes to see if they can find the perfect man to join them.

When they meet a blond, Adonis-like stranger, they think everything’s set. So why is Shane suddenly getting cold feet?


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Cracks in the Pavement by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Cracks in the Pavement by Eve Morton

When professors Stephanie and Lee decide to rent out the room above their garage to students, they were just doing it for the money. So when Joe, the short, caring, and charismatic lead singer of the post-hardcore band Armour for Life comes to live with them, both professors get more than they bargained for.

Stephanie insists that her sudden desire in their new boarder is not a mid-life crisis and instead focuses all her energy in applying for tenure. Lee takes a sabbatical, writing his new critical theory book late into the night, while also listening to Joe’s new music CD during the day. When a tentative friendship between Joe and Lee develops, Lee believes that he wants to help Joe escape their city the way Lee was never able to when he was younger.

When Joe leaves to go on tour, both Stephanie and Lee realize how empty their house becomes without him. In order to get what they want from Joe, both professors must be the ones to take the first steps.


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Lewis Klein, the Part-Time Sugar Daddy by Dove Spalding

OUT NOW! Lewis Klein, the Part-Time Sugar Daddy by Dove Spalding

Being late on rent is becoming a habit for Aaron Daniels as he struggles at university. While training for his ballet classes, he meets a man whose selfless actions make Aaron suspicious of his motivations.

Lewis Klein is a billionaire hiding under a humble disguise. His only goal is to give Aaron exactly what he wants, no matter the cost, but he’s afraid of appearing to buy Aaron’s affection. Aaron is worried about taking advantage of Lewis’s generosity, but his suggestive comments and physical hints betray his true desires.

Their attraction to each other is fiery, but insecurities hold them apart. As they walk the line between friendship and romance, can they put a label on their relationship?


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