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Luc Orphelin and the Hodag of Rhinelander by Charles Payseur

OUT NOW! Luc Orphelin and the Hodag of Rhinelander by Charles Payseur

For the great and dapper detective Luc Orphelin, getting sent out to the remote Northwoods of Wisconsin seems almost like a punishment. Without even a decent hotel, “roughing it” is not anything a proper gentleman should engage in, but needs must when working for the powerful political families of the country, and supernatural mysteries like monster sightings at a logging camp fall firmly into Luc’s specialty. Unfortunately, they are the specialty of the infuriating and devilishly handsome Weston Colt, monster hunter, as well.

Not everything is what it seems in the bustling lumber town of Rhinelander, though, and there’s plenty afoot as Luc must separate fact from fiction with a little help from a young inventor, a recently acquitted murderess, and a monster hunting con man. Can he get to the bottom of it all in time, or will he end up the next victim of the fiendish hodag of Rhinelander?


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Every Beast of the Earth by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Every Beast of the Earth by Eve Morton

When Sheriff Paul Plowman wakes to find dozens of escaped mythological creatures roaming through the intergalactic city of Fabula Rasa, he is forced into action on his day off. He’s able to stop the invasion — but at a cost. His neighbour, Maurice, is dead and Paul has been forced to kill a unicorn, which is against the honour code of his family.

In the aftermath, Paul is tasked with solving where all of these animals came from. He soon meets Daniel Markus, a former interspecies biologist and now zookeeper on Fabula Rasa, who helps him navigate the complex underground world of mythological animal trading. As they delve deeper and deeper into the mystery, attraction blooms.

After the danger passes, will there be something more between them than a love of every beast of the earth?


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Southern Fried by Rob Rosen

OUT NOW! Southern Fried by Rob Rosen

When orphaned Trip Jackson’s granny dies, leaving most of her extensive estate to him and a puzzling stranger, the mysteries start piling on from there. How did Trip’s parents really die? What’s the deal with the conservative senator who shares the stranger’s last name? What’s with all the blackmail? And does Billy Ray really have the hottest, saltiest boiled nuts this side of the Mason-Dixon? Only Trip and his hot stable boy-boyfriend Zeb know for sure, and how they come by the answers makes for one erotically charged and funny whodunit.

Southern Fried, at its core, is about the love of family, the love of one’s heritage, and the love between friends, both old and new. Though not all is as it appears to be, and sometimes life can get turned upside down when you least expect it. Especially when lip-smacking romance, deep-fried humor, and a heaping side of mystery fall on your plate, all served up Southern style.


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Is It the Truth…or Lies? by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Is It the Truth…or Lies? by Edward Kendrick

Steve Richmond’s day off begins normally enough. Then, he’s abducted by someone who thinks he had information they needed about one Nate Loman. Only the intervention by the man’s partner keeps Steve from suffering a beating … or worse. It seems he was not the ‘Steve Richmond’ they were looking for.

Thanks to his ex, Steve is put in touch with Jace Evans, a bodyguard who is willing to protect Steve from his kidnappers if they came after him again. His fee? Twenty a day and a few home-cooked meals.

From there, things get complicated. First, someone tries to get into Steve’s place but Jace sends them packing. Then, Jace comes up with information about Loman and why people are looking for him. What he learns brings both Loman and his enemies out of the woodwork, putting Steve in greater danger.

Can they trust what Loman tells them becomes the ultimate question. And will they survive long enough to separate the truth from the lies while dealing with their growing attraction to each other?


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Death Changes Everything by Sean Cunningham

OUT NOW! Death Changes Everything by Sean Cunningham

Ian Hughes returns from a business trip only to discover his wife Debbie has been brutally murdered. When a bloody note reveals Ian was the intended victim, Detective Danny Diaz is assigned to act as Ian’s bodyguard. The two men were best friends in high school, and now that they’ve been thrown together again, the feeling they each secretly harbor for the other are rekindled. As Danny tries to keep Ian from being the killer’s next victim, things between them ignite into a sexual tension that’s hot enough to destroy Danny’s career.Secret business deals, sexual, and long-held grudges are all exposed as Danny tries to find the murderer. Amidst all the lies and cover-ups one thing is certain — although everyone seems to love Ian, someone wants him dead. The closer they get to solving the crime, the closer the attempts on Ian’s life come to actually succeeding.

Is it fate that brought Ian and Danny together? Will their relationship survive the scrutiny of the investigation or the stress of being a target? Will they catch the killer before the killer gets Ian? Or will Ian survive to live happily ever after with Danny?


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