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Crypt Coffee Box Set by Gareth Vaughn

OUT NOW! Crypt Coffee Box Set by Gareth Vaughn

Part of a secret organization tasked with responding to paranormal threats, Dane is a loose cannon operating out of a niche coffee shop, Crypt Coffee. When Sean, a local professor addicted to Dane’s pastries, accidentally sees something he shouldn’t have — something impossible –it starts the two of them on a dangerous and passionate affair full of sex, secrets, strange characters, and … murder.

This box set contains all five books in the series, including:

Bad Seed: Monster hunter Dane and professor Sean make an unlikely pair, but teaming up together is the only chance they have at catching a killer — that is, if they don’t get too distracted with each other first.

Night Terror: Something in Bleu Falls is killing off cows, and monster hunter Dane is ready to track it down with the help of his partner, Sean. The only problem is Sean doesn’t remember him anymore.

Family Bonds: When a violent werewolf ghost threatens to rip the delicate peace between the local packs apart, it’s up to Sean and Dane to step in and diffuse the situation. Negotiating killer ghosts and shady secret organizations might be easier than dealing with a surprise visit from Dane’s parents, who have no idea about his real job and who are intent on spending some quality family time with their son.

Slim Chance: A stable relationship is harder for Dane and Sean than dealing with monsters or murderers, so when Sean sees something weird at work, it’s almost a welcome challenge. Except that Sean’s getting sick, and Dane has to pose as a student to get to the bottom of things, a role he hates. Can they solve the mystery in time or are their chances for success, and survival, slim indeed?

Tipped Scales: A series of attacks gets the summer off to a dangerous start as Sean and Dane investigate what’s going on in Bleu Falls. As the pieces click into place, they find there’s an awful lot of magical power at stake, enough to change the world. But the closer they get to answers, the less likely it seems they will ever have a chance at a future together — unless they can tip the scales in their favor.


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Quint and Clay Art Crimes Box Set by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Quint and Clay Art Crimes Box Set by Edward Kendrick

This M/M romance box set by best-selling author Edward Kendrick includes five interconnected stories of crimes in the art world. Contains the stories:

The Element Case: Can Clay, an artist, and Quint, a homicide detective, determine who is murdering the subjects of Clay’s Element paintings? As they search for the killer, they’re attracted to each other, but it can’t become more if the killer eliminates Clay.

It Takes an Artist: When Trev is framed for murder, he needs the help of his new friend Doctor Zack Kendall and Detective Hawk to catch the villains. Can Trev and Zack’s mutual attraction survive attempts to take them out of the picture … permanently?

It Takes a Forger: Despite their instant antipathy, Lou Hernandez and Rory Kinley must work together to stop an art forger. They eventually learn to trust each other, but will their growing attachment survive what’s to come — or be destroyed in the process?

It Takes an Archaeologist: Much against his better judgment, Gideon has agreed to help archaeologist Cole Newell find the looters of a dig Cole worked. In the process, Cole forces Gideon to face what happened in his past that made him unwilling to have any kind of personal life. When he does, will Gideon finally be able to find love again?

It Takes a Photographer: While taking photos of Clay and Quint and their newly adopted son, Olivia captures what appears to be a murder. Is it really what it seems? Lou and Quint decide to investigate, with the help of Rory and Gideon Monahan.


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D.B. and Me by Rob Rosen

OUT NOW! D.B. and Me by Rob Rosen

In the gripping tale of D.B. and Me, the enigmatic hijacker D.B. Cooper parachutes into the unknown with $200,000 in ransom money, but little does he know that his daring escape is just the beginning of an unforeseen journey filled with mystery, suspense, and steamy romance.

D.B., now Tim, finds himself along the banks of the Columbia River attempting to fade into the shadows. However, fate has other plans when he encounters Adam, a charismatic stranger who’s also in hiding. The air becomes charged with anticipation as the two men become entangled in a mysterious dance, each harboring secrets that could shatter the fragile equilibrium they’ve quickly established.

Tim’s initial plans to vanish into the vast expanse of Canada are abruptly put on hold as the magnetic pull of Adam draws him into a world where passion and danger collide. As their connection deepens while they wander through the snow-covered forests of the Pacific Northwest, so does the labyrinth of unanswered questions surrounding their pasts. The suspense thickens with every stolen glance, every shared secret, as Tim and Adam navigate a love affair shadowed by the lingering echoes of several daring crimes, all against the backdrop of the Vietnam War.

As the story unfolds, readers are taken on a heart-pounding journey through a landscape of intrigue, where the line between right and wrong blurs, and the boundaries of love are tested. Will Tim’s past catch up with him, will Adam’s, or will they find a way to rewrite the narrative that destiny has penned for them?

D.B. and Me is a riveting exploration of love in the face of danger, a tale where passion and suspense interweave, leaving readers breathless and eagerly turning each page to unravel the secrets hidden within the folds of this captivating romance. Will Tim find redemption or be swallowed by the sadness of his past? And what about Adam and his troubled family and the ever-nagging reminders of a horrible war that still plague him? Dive into the depths of mystery and desire in this thrilling novel that will keep you on the edge until the very end.


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A Town, a Disappearance, and a Cat by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! A Town, a Disappearance, and a Cat by Edward Kendrick

My name is Shaun Marlow and I write mysteries. When I inherited my grandfather’s house, a couple of miles from the town of Winterdale, I packed up and moved into it. I wanted the serenity of small town life and chance to fully involve myself in my writing without the distractions of city living. Little did I know that wasn’t going to happen.

Within a few days of the move I met three men, all gay but then so am I, and we became friends. I had no expectations of more because I find relationships almost impossible to maintain — my fault, I know, but it is what it is.

I also met a stray cat. I named him Laird after he decided I was going to be his person. If it wasn’t for him things might have turned out quite differently in my new life.

Then there was the disappearance, and ultimate murder, of Norma Willows, the town gossip and flirt. I became involved because she came on to me more than once. Lucky me? One of my new friends was the sheriff, Alan Quinn, who didn’t really object when I stuck my nose into the case, once he decided I hadn’t killed her.

Last but not least, I managed to obtain a stalker, much to my and Alan’s dismay.

Yes, my new life was definitely turning out to be much more interesting than I’d expected.


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It’s Your Lucky Holiday by David Connor and E.F. Mulder

OUT NOW! It’s Your Lucky Holiday by David Connor and E.F. Mulder

Sequel to Change of Luck

Waz and Renny are finally together and ready to start their next chapter without fame getting in the way. A crowded house puts a damper on things, and the two hatch a plan to get rid of Jordan, Renny’s houseguest who’s overstayed his welcome.

Jordan is a lot of things. He’s a talented performer. He’s loyal to Renny, and a cheerleader for Renny’s nephew Sterling when he needs one. He’s a mooch and an erotic Christmas card model. Is Jordan also a backstabber?

When someone tips off the tabloids that once rich and famous Waz is living in a trailer park and doing manual labor, Jordan is the obvious suspect. Waz wants nothing to do with the notoriety and nothing more to do with Jordan, who he and Renny kick to the curb. Is Jordan the real culprit, or have Waz and Renny made a big mistake?


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