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Dinner at 8:00, Death at 8:30 by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Dinner at 8:00, Death at 8:30 by Edward Kendrick

Attending the dinner party thrown by his father, Ed Newton, to celebrate his sister’s engagement seemed like a fine idea to Mick and his lover, PI Trent Taylor. Even a snowstorm didn’t dampen the spirits of everyone attending, despite the fact it soon turned into a raging blizzard.

Everything would have gone as expected — until the power went out during dinner, trapping the guests in Ed’s penthouse condo. Even that would have been surmountable if James, the father of the future groom, hadn’t died suddenly, soon after dessert was served. At first glance it seemed to be a heart attack brought on by a severe case of food poisoning. Trent wasn’t so certain that was the case, but with no proof otherwise, he kept quiet other than to tell Mick why he believed it could be murder.

The death, and the blizzard, definitely put a damper on the festivities. Then a second person dies, and this time the circumstances are decidedly suspicious.

Will Trent be able to prove what he believes, that someone at the party is a killer, before anyone else dies? Only time will tell.


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Transitory Identities by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Transitory Identities by Edward Kendrick

As an operative for Mitchell Security, Colt has spent much of his adult life being someone else. Presently, he’s undercover as a bartender at a strip club to prove that its owner is part of a sex-trafficking ring. On his way home late one night, someone tries to kill him. Only Sax Lowe’s fast actions save him — which would be well and good, if Colt and Mitchell didn’t suspect the whole thing was a set-up engineered by Sax as a way to insert himself into Colt’s life.

Sax is a freelance photographer who often uses his job as a cover while working for the FBI. If he hadn’t been following Colt, as part of his present assignment, he wouldn’t have been around to save his life. A fortuitous event as it gave him a reason to stop by the bar the Bureau suspected was the center of a sex-trafficking ring.

Things escalate when Colt has a chance to obtain the final proof he needs to bring down the club’s owner and the man’s cohorts. When Colt and Sax’s paths collide, again, the result is a surprise to both of them. Even more surprising, once the dust clears, is Sax’s suggestion they work off their tensions in bed. Things don’t go quite as planned, however … But then, that’s often the case for men whose jobs require them to be someone other than themselves.


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On Pins and Needlepoints by Gareth Vaughn

OUT NOW! On Pins and Needlepoints by Gareth Vaughn

When Ian picks up a weird needlepoint at an antiques store, he expects nothing more out of the ordinary than dealing with his eccentric buyer, Ellen. But when the man he bumps into on the way out of the store finds him again later at a local bar, Ian decides to throw caution to the wind and take Gabe back home with him for the night. Ian’s pleased with the decision — until he realizes Gabe has stolen the needlepoint in the night and is now missing.

Offended, Ian tracks down Gabe and the missing needlepoint. What he discovers when Gabe finally confesses his reasoning to him is much more than Ian is expecting. With a mystery on their hands and Ellen as enlisted help, Ian and Gabe are on a mission to unravel the secrets of the strange needlepoint — before the man stalking them injures them, or worse.


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Rogue Delivery by Gareth Vaughn

OUT NOW! Rogue Delivery by Gareth Vaughn

Lyndon is running on empty when he makes his last courier pickup of the day at a strange business. He’s definitely not ready for the shy and attractive man who’s supposed to sign off on the delivery to jump into his van and order him to drive as fast as he can. But acting on instinct is sort of Lyndon’s thing, so before he knows it he’s in a cross-country chase with danger hot on his heels.

Curtis had his doubts about working for his employers, but he deeply appreciated the routine of it. When he discovers that he might have unwittingly helped create a bug that could spread like a deadly fire through the country, though, he knows he has to act, and he’s only glad that the brash courier who picks him up is willing to go all the way to make sure what Curtis is carrying reaches its final destination.


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Jealousy by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Jealousy by Edward Kendrick

It all began when Brock hired Pat McKenzie to become the newest employee of Moran Investigations. Neither of them expected it would be more than that until someone slipped a note under Pat’s apartment door warning him to stay away from Brock. In an attempt to draw the man out, they decide to pretend they are in the beginnings of a relationship that is more than merely boss/employee. This accomplishes two things. One, the man steps up his harassment, and two, what was pretend might become the real thing the more time they spend together outside of work.

If they’re going to stop the man, they have to find out who he is, and that may be more difficult than they anticipated. Can their budding relationship survive when the harassment escalates as the man attempts to force Pat out of Brock’s life, even if he has to destroy him in the process?


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