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Hot Dogs and Kisses by J.D. Walker

Hot Dogs and Kisses by J.D. Walker is now available!

Darwin “Dare” Mancuso owns a string of food trucks across the city. His friends often tell him he works too hard and has too little fun. Dare knows it’s true, but he has high standards for both his business and his love life, and isn’t about to fall into bed with just any man he meets, no matter how hot he is.

Then Abel Messler comes into his life, and Dare takes notice. Unlike the entitled business types to whom he serves every day, Abel has an innocence that’s hard to ignore and draws Dare in. When Abel loses his job, it’s all Dare can do not to hug him and kiss all his troubles away.

Instead he invites Abel out for a good time with friends, and the end result gives both men more than they ever expected.

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Destination Elk Pond by H.D. Nels

Destination Elk Pond by H.D. Nels is now available!


No sooner does flight service specialist Sam Hare take up his post in Elk Pond than he’s warned to watch out for handsome pilot brothers Brett and Randy Edmond. As he settles into his new job and gets to know Brett better, his meddlesome landlady is taking bets on which brother he’ll fall for.

When Sam finds out about the wager, he’s furious and humiliated and decides to resign. But a serious accident sends him and the brothers on a rescue mission, drawing them closer together.

Then Sam’s best friend Mike comes to visit and falls in love with Randy. In the meantime, Brett’s relationship with Sam deepens. Suddenly it isn’t so easy for Sam to leave town. With clear skies ahead, will Sam stay grounded in Elk Pond or will he take flight?

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Welcome to our new blog!

JMS Books logoIn a concerted effort to market better, I’ve begun rebranding JMS Books a bit and trying to connect better with our readers through social media.

To that end, I’ve moved our blog to this shiny new space, which I hope will play better with our social media sites.

Can you believe 2016 marks our 6th year in business? When I started JMS Books, I had no idea things would ever get this far!

Update your bookmarks and check back often to interact with our authors and keep up with our new releases!