Sunlight and Gold by K.L. Noone

Sunlight and Gold by K.L. Noone is now available!

Companion to A Demon for Midwinter

Can a rock star and a half-demon ever get married?

That question’s been on Justin Moore’s mind a lot lately, especially now that life’s going so well. He’s moved in with Kris Starr, his very own rock-and-roll legend; he has a new job he loves; Kris’s career is taking off all over again; and he’s happier than he can ever remember being.

There is something he wants, though. Justin might be half-demon, but he’s also half-human, and he rather wistfully likes the thought of the whole human ritual of marriage: standing together and saying vows. But Kris has never mentioned the idea. So Justin can’t ask, not when everything else is already wonderful.

Kris Starr never planned to settle down, that’s true — he never imagined he’d want anything other than the rock and roll life. And he isn’t convinced he’s great at domesticity. But he’s pretty sure his half-demon boyfriend wants a very human commitment. And he’s beginning to think finally, maybe, he wants that, too.


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