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Tipped Scales by Gareth Vaughn

OUT NOW! Tipped Scales by Gareth Vaughn

Sequel to Slim Chance

A series of murders and attempted murders gets the summer off to a dangerous start as Sean finally has a little time off from teaching to help Decrypter Dane investigate what’s going on in Bleu Falls. The town’s magic is being manipulated, and not only is Dane’s Order of Decrypters leaving him out of the loop, he’s being assigned to play bodyguard for the owner of a local smoothie shop, who might also be a Bigfoot. While Sean and Dane attempt to balance their relationship and their obligations to their paranormal organizations, the attacks escalate.

As the pieces start clicking into place, what becomes obvious is that there’s an awful lot of raw magical power concentrating in Bleu Falls. Enough that whoever controls it could completely change not just the town, but the whole world. And the closer Sean and Dane get to the bottom of things, the less likely it seems they will ever have a chance at a future together — unless they can tip the scales in favor of a happy ending.


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Slim Chance by Gareth Vaughn

OUT NOW! Slim Chance by Gareth Vaughn

Sequel to Family Bonds

Settling into a stable relationship proves to be harder for Dane and Sean than dealing with monsters or murderers, so when Professor Sean starts seeing something weird — something unnatural — at work, it’s almost a welcome challenge. Except that Sean’s getting sick, too.

When Decrypter Dane agrees to investigate, he is dragged further and further into uncomfortable territory when he must pose as a student to find the source of Sean’s mysterious illness. He hates his undercover role and wants to get the job done as fast as possible, but digging into the goings on at Sean’s school uncovers a dark secret, one dating back decades and not dead yet.

Can Dane find out what’s going on, maintain his cover, and not screw up his already rocky relationship, or are their chances for success, and survival, slim indeed?


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Shooting for the Moon by Gareth Vaughn

OUT NOW! Shooting for the Moon by Gareth Vaughn

With winter holidays approaching, it’s supposed to be a time for romance and togetherness for Colton and Ben. Except climate change has erased the chance for a white Christmas, their rent is going up, and neither of them have energy after working all day and barely getting to see each other. As their frustrations mount and finances dwindle, it almost seems more likely they’ll be single for the new year rather than doing anything special for each other.

Colton isn’t willing to give up without a fight, though. He might not be able to give Ben his dream of visiting the moon, but he can bring a bit of the moon to Earth. Rekindling some of his own hope and romance, he decides to put his skills as a chef to good use and go all out in preparing Ben a meal — and a night — not to be forgotten. The world might be a grim place, but if he shoots for the moon, maybe he can hit a bit of holiday magic.


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Just a Game by Gareth Vaughn

OUT NOW! Just a Game by Gareth Vaughn

Friends Colin and Edward are ready for a night of tabletop gaming. But when no one else shows, they decide to go ahead and play anyway.

A little just-for-fun roleplaying takes a steamy turn when a few chance rolls of the die put Colin’s and Edward’s characters in bed together. They could stop playing at any time, or see where luck takes them … and their friendship.


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Family Bonds by Gareth Vaughn

OUT NOW! Family Bonds by Gareth Vaughn

It’s January and Professor Sean Sanderson has a little time off, though it’s anything but relaxing. Between a Guild initiation and a birthday, he’s stressed, and that’s before he and Dane, his Decrypter boyfriend, learn a werewolf has been murdered. The local Packs are at each other’s throats about the death and don’t want either Sean or Dane getting involved, which they’d be glad to do … if the werewolf in question hadn’t reappeared as a violent ghost.

Just when they have their hands full trying to dodge around Pack politics and track down a werewolf ghost before he hurts anyone, Dane’s parents show up at his coffee shop. They have no idea their son is a Decrypter, and they have no intention of leaving until they spend some quality family time together.


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