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Murder on the Orion Express by Gareth Vaughn

OUT NOW! Murder on the Orion Express by Gareth Vaughn

After finding a dead man in her office, Hercula Perry simply needs some time away from her job at Hjerson University. When her rich aunt Cynthia books her on the Orion Express, the first-of-its-kind tourism transport to the Moon and back, it’s not what Hercula had in mind to escape, but she’s not about to pass on the opportunity — or the free food and drink. She takes the chance to get away from it all for a week, only to find things aren’t necessarily smoother far above the earth as they are on its surface.

Immediately a passenger dies in suspicious circumstances, pulling Hercula into another questionable death on a ship which won’t return home for days. This time, she’s determined to figure out what went wrong. This time, she will get to the bottom of it before they return to earth — or before someone else, maybe even herself, is killed.


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Crypt Coffee Box Set by Gareth Vaughn

OUT NOW! Crypt Coffee Box Set by Gareth Vaughn

Part of a secret organization tasked with responding to paranormal threats, Dane is a loose cannon operating out of a niche coffee shop, Crypt Coffee. When Sean, a local professor addicted to Dane’s pastries, accidentally sees something he shouldn’t have — something impossible –it starts the two of them on a dangerous and passionate affair full of sex, secrets, strange characters, and … murder.

This box set contains all five books in the series, including:

Bad Seed: Monster hunter Dane and professor Sean make an unlikely pair, but teaming up together is the only chance they have at catching a killer — that is, if they don’t get too distracted with each other first.

Night Terror: Something in Bleu Falls is killing off cows, and monster hunter Dane is ready to track it down with the help of his partner, Sean. The only problem is Sean doesn’t remember him anymore.

Family Bonds: When a violent werewolf ghost threatens to rip the delicate peace between the local packs apart, it’s up to Sean and Dane to step in and diffuse the situation. Negotiating killer ghosts and shady secret organizations might be easier than dealing with a surprise visit from Dane’s parents, who have no idea about his real job and who are intent on spending some quality family time with their son.

Slim Chance: A stable relationship is harder for Dane and Sean than dealing with monsters or murderers, so when Sean sees something weird at work, it’s almost a welcome challenge. Except that Sean’s getting sick, and Dane has to pose as a student to get to the bottom of things, a role he hates. Can they solve the mystery in time or are their chances for success, and survival, slim indeed?

Tipped Scales: A series of attacks gets the summer off to a dangerous start as Sean and Dane investigate what’s going on in Bleu Falls. As the pieces click into place, they find there’s an awful lot of magical power at stake, enough to change the world. But the closer they get to answers, the less likely it seems they will ever have a chance at a future together — unless they can tip the scales in their favor.


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Ghoul Me Once by Gareth Vaughn

OUT NOW! Ghoul Me Once by Gareth Vaughn

Rob and the rest of the SIPS (Society for Investigative Paranormal Study) are eager to spend the holidays at the Dead End Inn, a bed and breakfast where a supernatural encounter is guaranteed. When they arrive, though, and find that the inn’s proprietor, a certain former Decrypter with a professor boyfriend, has booked a second band of ghost hunters, friendly rivalry threatens to spill into outright hostility.

To make matters worse, Rob can’t stop thinking about a member of the rival group, Edward. And despite trying to stay focused on the job, it seems like fate, or perhaps the resident mischievous ghost, is determined that the two men spend time alone together in rather distracting circumstances. Will Rob be able to help the SIPS find their first proof of the paranormal, or will it be he and Edward who end up going bump in the night?


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The Ishcrin Affair by Gareth Vaughn

OUT NOW! The Ishcrin Affair by Gareth Vaughn

Clem Turner is pretty sure nothing else can go wrong. Assigned by the head of his museum to check out a possible acquisition, his train ride from Chicago to Duluth has been full of problems — lost luggage, food poisoning, and now an unscheduled stop in the middle of nowhere, Wisconsin. Hoping for a bit of distraction, he decides to check out the local fair, only to run right into a different sort of predicament.

The 1890s aren’t a great time to fall for another man, but with Anton Hess it’s hard to resist. An adventurer and businessman, Anton has captured the legendary ishcrin, a beast with wings, spines, and a nasty disposition, and he’s charging people to see it. For the nickel admission, though, Clem gets much more than he bargained for, and faces the prospect of the greatest disaster of his journey yet — a broken heart.


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The Heart of Ailonsileah by Gareth Vaughn

OUT NOW! The Heart of Ailonsileah by Gareth Vaughn

The heist: steal the Heart of Ailonsileah from a heavily fortified space station during a ball held by its wealthy and unscrupulous owner. Do not get distracted by the other expensive baubles on display, and definitely don’t get distracted by Galenn, the attractive and mysterious art appraiser who has his own agenda. Too bad Shay was never good at sticking to a plan.

Things go from bad to worse as the heist meets more than its share of complications, including seduction, calamity, and betrayal. And through it all, Shay finds himself drawn to Galenn, even over the objections of some of his team.

Can Shay make it through with his skin intact, his wallet full, and his heart unbroken?


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