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The Vampire Who Needed Luck by W.S. Long

OUT NOW! The Vampire Who Needed Luck by W.S. Long

Ian McDonell expected to return home to Florida after his internship in Alaska ended. But a lifesaving moment changed all that. He didn’t know that the man who saved him from a bear attack in broad daylight was a vampire. Or that he would fall in love with him.

James Raven is alone. In fact, he is more than alone. He is lonely. He thought he would never find someone after decades of longing. But an attempted theft of his dead father’s diary throws James and Ian, a human he saved from a bear mauling, into each other’s paths. Vampires and humans are not supposed to live with each other, and humans aren’t supposed to know that vampires exist in the daylight, living amongst humans. But James’s attraction to Ian is undeniable. Can their attraction to each other be enough to forge a life together?


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Red Roses by W.S. Long

OUT NOW! Red Roses by W.S. Long

Ward Gabriel was devastated when his husband died unexpectedly, leaving him to care for their young son. Ward didn’t expect to meet Paul, one of the teachers at his son’s school, and the feelings Paul stirred up.

Paul Kowalczyk wasn’t expecting the hot lawyer he met in passing would agree to go on a date. But he does, and as their relationship gets more serious, Paul gives Ward a dozen red roses, not realizing Ward’s husband used to give him roses every week.

When Ward’s son discovers the roses, should he tell his son he’s dating Paul, who isn’t out at school? Will Paul choose his feelings for Ward over his desire to remain closeted at work?


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Townies by W.S. Long

OUT NOW! Townies by W.S. Long

Back in high school, Johnny Cunningham had a secret crush on quarterback Zach Carpenter. Because of fear and anxiety, he didn’t do anything about it. A chance meeting after high school brings their paths together again, and sparks fly.

Zach Carpenter was born into the richest family in town, but since ten grade, he has been attracted to Johnny Cunningham and wasn’t sure if Johnny liked him too. When they meet again after high school, Zach cannot deny his strong attraction to Johnny and pursues him, even though Johnny is a Townie and dirt poor and Zach’s parents have already determined Zach’s path in life.

When Johnny discovers Zach suffers from bipolar disorder and his parents have other plans for Zach that don’t include Johnny, can they overcome these obstacles and make their love last forever?


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Escape to Neso by W.S. Long

OUT NOW! Escape to Neso by W.S. Long

Enhanced humans were supposed to help explore the stars. But their existence threatened a fragile world, and so they were hunted on Terra, Luna, and Mars.

Before the purge of all enhs on Terra, Sartre is sent to Luna, where he falls in love and fathers twins. When his existence and his children’s existence is endangered, he flees with other clones to a distant moon.

When Madsen meets Sartre on a distant city-station, little does he know that their paths would intertwine. Although they share a mutual distrust of each other, they soon find out each other’s survival is dependent on the other, and their escape to a distant moon of Neptune may be the only chance to save their lives, and the lives of their loved ones.

When feelings between Madsen and Sartre surface, can they learn to trust each other to see where things might lead?


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Pizza Delivery by W.S. Long

OUT NOW! Pizza Delivery by W.S. Long

Chad and Brick have it all — a fairy tale beginning and, against all odds, a great life and each other. But what they fear most is starting to happen. With Brick’s genetic disorder becoming more progressive, Chad and Brick uproot their lives to start fresh, to live only for each other.

What they don’t count on is the sexy pizza delivery boy who is soon delivering more than pizza in their lives.


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