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Dance of Blood by Temple Madison

OUT NOW! Dance of Blood by Temple Madison

Ares, the God of War, is cast out of Olympus by Zeus, and sent to Earth where he adopts the name Cato Mendez. Pretty soon, he is successful, rich, and lonely. And he has no memory of Olympus, playfield of the gods, and who he really is. Handsome as he is, finding a soulmate seems impossible.

Christopher Locke is a brilliant dancer, wasting his talent at a local club, but has no ambition to further his career. He is content, as long as he has his dancing and music to dance to. Christopher, however, has no time to develop a long-term relationship.

When the two meet, sparks fly. Before they know it, they are involved in a relationship. Then Olympus calls, and Cato and Christopher have some decisions to make.

How will Olympus affect their relationship? Will Christopher be able to do what he loves best? And will Ares win the war that will decide the future of Olympus?


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Strangers in Paradise by Temple Madison

OUT NOW! Strangers in Paradise by Temple Madison

Fallen angel Adam Blackstone, also known as Adamas the Black Knight, is gorgeous as hell, from which he escaped. Adapting quickly to life on Earth, he builds a new life as the owner of a popular restaurant. Despite being mortal and vulnerable to the earthly dangers, he still thrives. And he is waiting for the meeting that will change his new life.

X-Tilla, the Underworld’s best assassin, follows Adam through a vortex to Earth. He undergoes several changes while in the vortex, just like Adam did before him, and arrives on Earth without memory of his past. He now goes by the name Phoenix Webber and struggles to adapt to life on Earth, not being able to find a sustainable job. That is, until he arrives for an interview and meets Adam by accident.

The two men are strongly attracted to each other. They fall in love, and quickly learn there are obstacles in mortal life to conquer. Phoenix experiences strange dreams and visions until he remembers he followed Adam to Earth to kill him. Realizing every mortal has both a good and a dark side, Phoenix struggles with fear, loyalty, and love. Will he disobey the command to kill Adam? Or will love really conquer all?


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Sin and Salvation by Temple Madison

OUT NOW! Sin and Salvation by Temple Madison

It was a dark night on a shadowy path when two men came face to face. One man carried a knife, the other, a Bible.

Rocco Marz was a rebel with a free spirit and a hair-trigger temper. He cursed freely and obeyed no one’s rules but his own. Nathan West was a devout churchgoer with a spotless reputation, but something was missing in his life.

Once Nathan got to know Rocco, he was drawn to him sexually and tempted to step into his world of sin. But it came at a high price. Did it mean Nathan was doomed forever? Did it mean he was bound for hell?

Or did God in His wisdom have a reason for bringing these two conflicting personalities together?


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King of Sin by Temple Madison

OUT NOW! King of Sin by Temple Madison

Handsome, fearless Lathe Bronson is New York City’s weapon against crime. He works and lives alone, fighting a war in the back streets where gangs operate in the dark. Pretty soon, they start fearing him, and give the cop a fitting name. They call him Lucifer.

Dissatisfied with his pampered, sheltered life, gorgeous Anjelo decides to escape by getting acquainted with life on the streets. Innocent and naïve, he feels drawn to the city’s dark side. But he’s an easy target in an underworld with no rules.

When his path crosses Lathe’s, sparks fly. Can he overcome his own dark side and save Anjelo? Or will Anjelo’s wings get singed, trying to find love?


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Sugar and Spice by Temple Madison

OUT NOW! Sugar and Spice by Temple Madison

When she’s Sugar, she’s every man’s dream, but when she’s Spice, she’s his nightmare!

Dark nights and full moons mysteriously turn a beautiful white-haired beauty into a growling, voluptuous she-devil who dines on blood, flesh, and sex. She’s a dancer at the Rock Candy Club where she has her pick of men. By the time the evening is over, not one, not two, but three take the beautiful dancer to the parking lot for an evening of sexual debauchery. While she’s enjoying the hot feel of these hard bodies inside her, her sister Spice makes an appearance, and the parking lot runs red with blood.

Later she meets a mysterious, fair-haired stranger who falls in love with her. Used to having any man she wants at her beck and call, she wonders if this man can satisfy the raging sexual appetite of both her and her devilish sister, or if should she send him back to the hole he crawled out of … a hole called Hell!


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