<i>Jupiter’s Jungle</i> by Temple Madison

Jupiter’s Jungle by Temple Madison

<i>Jupiter’s Jungle</i> by Temple Madison

OUT NOW! Jupiter’s Jungle by Temple Madison

When club owner Jupiter Marston drinks water from a wild cat’s paw print, he doesn’t realize a curse lurks in its depths and becomes a were-creature living in two different worlds. One night a handsome young biker who is lost and hungry walks into his club, and Jupiter falls in love. Shane is on the run from a dangerous lover, and he discovers Jupiter is a dangerous were-cat.

Then the full moon takes Jupiter deep into the mysterious urban jungle and, when he doesn’t return, Shane goes to find him. A woodland fairy saves him from death and removes the curse by wiping both men’s memories. A magic wind thrusts them back into the past, but with their memories of each other gone, will they fall in love again … or will Shane and Jupiter pass by each other like wandering ships lost in the night?


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