<i>Dance of Blood</i> by Temple Madison

Dance of Blood by Temple Madison

<i>Dance of Blood</i> by Temple Madison

OUT NOW! Dance of Blood by Temple Madison

Ares, the God of War, is cast out of Olympus by Zeus, and sent to Earth where he adopts the name Cato Mendez. Pretty soon, he is successful, rich, and lonely. And he has no memory of Olympus, playfield of the gods, and who he really is. Handsome as he is, finding a soulmate seems impossible.

Christopher Locke is a brilliant dancer, wasting his talent at a local club, but has no ambition to further his career. He is content, as long as he has his dancing and music to dance to. Christopher, however, has no time to develop a long-term relationship.

When the two meet, sparks fly. Before they know it, they are involved in a relationship. Then Olympus calls, and Cato and Christopher have some decisions to make.

How will Olympus affect their relationship? Will Christopher be able to do what he loves best? And will Ares win the war that will decide the future of Olympus?


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