<i>Strangers in Paradise</i> by Temple Madison

Strangers in Paradise by Temple Madison

<i>Strangers in Paradise</i> by Temple Madison

OUT NOW! Strangers in Paradise by Temple Madison

Fallen angel Adam Blackstone, also known as Adamas the Black Knight, is gorgeous as hell, from which he escaped. Adapting quickly to life on Earth, he builds a new life as the owner of a popular restaurant. Despite being mortal and vulnerable to the earthly dangers, he still thrives. And he is waiting for the meeting that will change his new life.

X-Tilla, the Underworld’s best assassin, follows Adam through a vortex to Earth. He undergoes several changes while in the vortex, just like Adam did before him, and arrives on Earth without memory of his past. He now goes by the name Phoenix Webber and struggles to adapt to life on Earth, not being able to find a sustainable job. That is, until he arrives for an interview and meets Adam by accident.

The two men are strongly attracted to each other. They fall in love, and quickly learn there are obstacles in mortal life to conquer. Phoenix experiences strange dreams and visions until he remembers he followed Adam to Earth to kill him. Realizing every mortal has both a good and a dark side, Phoenix struggles with fear, loyalty, and love. Will he disobey the command to kill Adam? Or will love really conquer all?


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