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Maybe His by Shawn Lane

OUT NOW! Maybe His by Shawn Lane

Travis Stone has been chatting with fellow Masonville police detective, Dustin Brooks, in a chatroom for months when Dustin suggests they finally meet in person in December.

Travis doesn’t trust easily and is still mourning the suicide of his best friend and partner Henry. He spends much of his personal time with Henry’s widow and children, but when Dustin shows an interest in him, Travis starts to take a chance.

But Dustin’s on his way out of Masonville. The ambitious young detective has his eye on law enforcement’s prestigious FBI. So his time to have a relationship with Travis appears to be very limited.

They begin a seemingly short-lived holiday romance anyway, but despite his bigger plans, Dustin doesn’t see Travis as a limited time lover. He’s soon thinking much longer term. If he can convince Travis they can survive an absence, just maybe, Travis can be his.


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The Witch’s Spoon by Shawn Lane

OUT NOW! The Witch’s Spoon by Shawn Lane

Sean Kelaghan lives a quiet life running a teashop, The Witch’s Spoon, in Vermont after the death of his husband. His favorite time is fall and he looks forward to the treat of his special Halloween and Autumn themed tea events.

When a new man moves into the tightknit Vermont community with plans to open a wine bar, Sean can’t help but be intrigued. Carmichael Donovan might have a strange name but he’s one gorgeous man and doesn’t hide the fact he’s very interested in Sean. It’s been a long time since Sean’s had a relationship, but this is definitely no trick.

Getting to know Donovan and welcoming him into their community makes Sean look forward to whatever the future may bring, and it looks like that future might just be with Donovan.


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12 Berkshire Court by Shawn Lane

OUT NOW! 12 Berkshire Court by Shawn Lane

In Regency times, a romance between two men is forbidden, but Lord Jack Belmont and Connor, Duke of Granby, continued their affair for twelve years until Connor broke things off to make the expected marriage. But to Jack he committed the ultimate betrayal when Connor fell in love with his wife.

Three years later, Connor is a widower now and wants to rekindle his love with Jack. Jack gives in for one night, but that isn’t enough for his former lover. He wants the rest of their lives. He even sends twelve red roses of devotion to convince Jack their love can last at least another twelve years.


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More Than Enough by Shawn Lane

OUT NOW! More Than Enough by Shawn Lane

Bart Smith, struggles with the day to day life of trying to keep his minor sister out of the range of their abusive father. He dreams of getting them both away once she turns eighteen. He doesn’t think any guy would have an interest in someone like him, but he does have a thing for athletes. The one time he gave into that attraction, however, turned out to be a complete disaster. Now he’s leery of all guys, especially gorgeous junior, Evan Caruthers.

Sweet, sexy Bart is just Evan’s type, though it takes a bit of doing to convince the hot little redhead that his interest in genuine. Eventually Evan’s patience pays off, and Bart lets down his guard, believing he’s ready to take a chance on a relationship with Evan.

But as Bart’s home life goes from bad to worse, Bart and Evan may lose that chance for good.


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More Than Anything by Shawn Lane

OUT NOW! More Than Anything by Shawn Lane

College freshman Shayne Ralston never expected to meet the man of his dreams on his first day of school, but star quarterback Desmond Stratton is a force to be reckoned with. Soon he slips past Shayne’s reluctance and romances the shy history major.

Des has a decision to make about his future. His family has been pushing him toward a professional football career for years, but Des also has dreams of being a doctor.

As his feelings for Shayne grow, Des’s decision becomes more important than ever. Shayne is openly gay, and Des needs to remain in the closet if he wants a football career. Staying in the closet, however, could lose him the man he’s fallen in love with.


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