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Elias and the Egg by Mere Rain

OUT NOW! Elias and the Egg by Mere Rain

Trajan is descended from dragons. He mostly passes for human — except when it comes to reproduction. His kind don’t take mates, finding partners only long enough to incubate their eggs. Caught unprepared by a rare fertile period and longing for a child, Trajan takes a human back to his hotel. He knows it’s wrong to use Elias without telling him the truth, but it’s only for a few days. No harm done. After all, there’s no reason for them to see each other again. Even if the sex is amazing, and Elias is sweet, and Trajan has suddenly realized he isn’t sure how to take care of a baby after it comes out of the egg …

Elias’ life has been nothing but hardship since his parents kicked him out. A night in a swank hotel with a man who seems kind is at least a warm bed for once. And the sex is great, if a bit … intense. But then Trajan starts talking about dragons and eggs. Is Trajan crazy, or is Elias actually having an egg? And which is scarier? Trajan tells him he can leave in a couple days, but how do you forget an experience like this? Elias isn’t sure he wants to, especially if he’s really having a baby.

Neither of them knows what they want. But with every day that passes, it gets harder to say goodbye.


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Nice and Vicious by Mere Rain

OUT NOW! Nice and Vicious by Mere Rain

Nice lived for Fritz, until Fritz dumped him just before the holidays. Nice is convinced Fritz doesn’t really love his new boyfriend. He’ll do anything to get Fritz back — even pretend to date Fritz’s hated rival, Visho. When Fritz sees Nice with Visho, he’s sure to be jealous. Right? This plan sounded better in Nice’s head than it does when he’s explaining it to a very hot, very sarcastic stranger.

Visho lives for his career. He doesn’t have time for romance. How did that incompetent Fritz end up with both the promotion and the boyfriend? At least Visho can get a little revenge by pretending to date Fritz’s adorable ex — even if sweet, easy-going Nice is the opposite of Visho’s type. Visho likes edgier guys, guys who push back when he gives them a hard time. Not men who are so … Nice.

Nice and Visho both know what they want, and it’s not each other. Absolutely not. Definitely no. Probably …


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Until We Sort This Out by Mere Rain

OUT NOW! Until We Sort This Out by Mere Rain

Cato and Roy have lived in the same dorm all through college. They know each other, but they’re not quite friends. Roy is hard-working and responsible. Cato likes parties, pranks, and skipping class. Now in their junior year, Roy is the dorm RA and is supposed to keep everyone else out of trouble. Half his job seems to be telling Cato to be quiet.

When Cato is faced with a family emergency, Roy is the first to offer to help. And when a social worker is reluctant to assign Cato custody of his minor sister, Roy finds himself claiming to be Cato’s fiancé. It’s a harmless lie, but as the bureaucratic process unfolds, Roy and Cato realize they’ll have to keep up the pretense of being a couple for a while.

Roy thinks they can be convincing. Cato isn’t sure he’s still pretending.


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Tricks with Cats and Dogs by Mere Rain

OUT NOW! Tricks with Cats and Dogs by Mere Rain

Halloween is supposed to be a night for safe scares and harmless tricks, not terror … or romance.

College student Colin agrees to take his little cousin trick-or-treating, anticipating nothing worse than having to shepherd a bunch of sugar-crazed third-graders and a poorly-trained puppy. When the kids run ahead to peek into the local supposedly-haunted house, it seems like a harmless bit of mischief until the puppy crawls through a basement window and is lost. Colin promises to get her back. The place may be dark and creepy, but it can’t really be haunted. When the house turns out to be occupied by an attractive man who is willing to let him in, it seems like a lucky break … at first.

Secrets. Sometimes Cat feels like he has nothing but secrets. No family, no freedom, not even a real name. Colin seems nice, but Cat doesn’t owe him anything, not when the risk of punishment for helping a stranger is so high. But he’s looking for a puppy, and Cat has a soft spot for dogs. And possibly also a soft spot for kind boys with soft lips. But the apparently simple task of finding a missing pet won’t be as easy as it sounds, because the house isn’t what it seems … and neither is Cat.

Could Colin possibly still want Cat if he learns the truth? They won’t find out unless they manage to escape the darkness of the house.


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Dark Arts for Bright Hearts by Mere Rain

OUT NOW! Dark Arts for Bright Hearts by Mere Rain

All Jet wants is a fun night out at the club he’s finally old enough to get into. Okay, not all — he also wants mystery, adventure, love, college tuition, and a new best friend who isn’t too busy to spend time with him. But he wasn’t expecting any of those to find him at Club Nox. And he definitely wasn’t expecting a gorgeous stranger to offer him his heart’s desire in exchange for … his actual heart? What kind of crazy deal is this? And what does the alluring Darken mean when he says it’s too late for Jet to change his mind? Why can’t Jet take off the heart-shaped pendant?

Darken feels a little guilty about tricking the cute goth boy at the club into taking on his curse. But what choice did he have? Any one person can only wear the heart pendant for so long before it drains them, and he’s served his three years. As curses go, this one honestly isn’t so bad. And maybe Jet will let Darken sweeten the deal with a few kisses. He isn’t sticking around now that he’s free, though. And he definitely isn’t falling in love again. That’s what got him into this mess in the first place.

Soon Jet realizes Darken told him the truth: Jet has made a bargain he can’t escape. Does he even want to, if Darken is part of the package? If only human hearts were as easy to win as magical ones …


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