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My Roommate Kyle by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! My Roommate Kyle by Eve Morton

Richard, Kyle, and Devon are roommates through circumstance, not necessarily by choice, but Richard figures he’s lucked out, especially with Kyle. They’re good friends, like the same books, and don’t mind sharing a movie and a joint every now and then.

Everything changes one New Year’s party when Richard and Kyle go beyond the bounds of friendship. Richard isn’t gay, though Kyle is, and the two move past the incident rather quickly, and move on with the rest of their lives.

When their random one-off nights are no longer random, and definitely not one-off any longer, Richard is forced to wonder if he and Kyle should do something more about their developing relationship. When Devon moves out, a chance presents itself to move into something more — together.

Will Richard and Kyle take it? Or hide behind movies, books, and other people for the rest of their lives?


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Call Me Mojo by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Call Me Mojo by Eve Morton

James DiMascio, Jace for short, spends the summer getting clean at his father’s house on Earth. He’s been living on the street ever since the notorious drug called “Big Sug,” developed by the military for bored soldiers but then smuggled to earth, has taken over his life. He’s too thin, his nose is scarred from the drug’s after effects, and he may have brain damage. But with the help of his father, he slowly recovers enough to visit one of the vacation planets close by: the water-based Hydro, known for its calming effects on its occupants and tourists alike, along with its dual moon system.

On the ride over, Jace meets Julian, a scared man mourning the loss of his former professor-turned-lover. He keeps his lover’s ashes next to him the entire flight, and after a disastrous attempt to bury him in the planet’s ocean, Julian and Jace seek solace in one another. They rent boats and surfboards, talk to the zany regulars who inhabit the planet like the Tin Man who collects trash and the local psychic Donna, all before signing up for the big surf competition at the end of their vacation.

When Julian leaves unannounced, Jace is left alone and without any mojo. Can he manage to live the clean life he’s worked so hard to obtain — even if it means being alone when he returns to Earth — or should he stay on a planet filled with oddballs and freaks that he’s used to?


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Many Days and a Night by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Many Days and a Night by Eve Morton

Chris is not having a good day. His night shift job ends in a bloody nose (for someone else), it’s freezing cold in Chicago, and his best friend of almost twenty years won’t return his phone calls. When he heads to the park for some release in the cruising area, he’s not expecting to find Lorne: an attractive older investment banker with a unique perspective on the New Year’s.

How we spend New Year’s Day is how we spend the rest of the year, according to Lorne, and in attempt to keep both of their good times going, Lorne invites Chris out for a day of fun and surprises — both mundane and erotic.

Will their mutual attraction and affinity last beyond a day, or is Lorne right, and will this stunning afternoon and evening become something much stronger as the New Year goes on?


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The Holiday Spirit of the Road by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! The Holiday Spirit of the Road by Eve Morton

Markus and Joel have been together for years. Yet each holiday brings with it new challenges they must navigate.

This year, they should have left long before traffic and a winter storm makes it impossible to get anywhere before midnight. But Markus had work to do, still had to wrap presents, and didn’t even manage to find Joel a gift before they left.

Now Joel’s angry and cranky in the driver’s seat, and there seems to be only one way to cheer him up …


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A Good Marriage by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! A Good Marriage by Eve Morton

Adam North has never seen a good marriage. His friends and past boyfriends are commitment-phobic and his parents were not together long at all. After spending years jumping from job to job, he settles in NYC where he meets Jack one night at a New Years’ party.

Jack and Adam soon fall in love, but their relationship is far from perfect. After three years, the inevitable happens: he and Jack split — but so do Jack’s parents, David and Linda. While Adam has always harboured a small crush on his father-in-law, David, he thinks nothing can ever come of it.

As Adam soon finds out, all that he previously knew of marriage — good or bad — has been wrong. David is a kind and gentle man, forced into a life that he was not ready for, and now that he is on his own, he longs for his own freedom. Can both men find their freedom together, and in the process, create something much better?


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