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The Spectator by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! The Spectator by Eve Morton

Regina is used to getting what she wants. When she meets Shane, the brooding art school grad turned ad exec at her PR firm, the two fall in love and get married right away. But five years into their marriage, Shane’s frustrations only seem to grow and Regina tries everything to mend the relationship — new sex, vacation time, and long nights discussing their future.

Finally, when Regina suggests a threesome, everything seems to click. Shane surprises her when he says he wants to explore his bisexual side by inviting a man into their bed.

Together they frequent downtown Toronto and Regina’s night classes to see if they can find the perfect man to join them.

When they meet a blond, Adonis-like stranger, they think everything’s set. So why is Shane suddenly getting cold feet?


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Love and the Undead by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Love and the Undead by Eve Morton

Mike’s brother Zach has always been a little weird. He spends most of his nights sneaking out to hunt for ghosts, and then reading fan fiction for his favorite TV show Paranormal whenever he has free time. But when Zach comes out as gay, and is subsequently bullied at school, Mike realizes his brother needs an ally more than anything. Though Mike knows he’s also pretty strange, they form a pack with other outcasts at the school to make their time spent in high school a little better.

Everything changes when Ray, a new student, shows up at the school. Mike breaks away from his brother and soon falls for Ray — while at the same time unearthing a mystery about their small town. As teachers disappear and dead bodies pile up, Mike and Ray are left alone fighting evil, when all Mike wanted to do was fall in love.


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Sacred Isle by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Sacred Isle by Eve Morton

After Tara Hayes’s most recent best seller, she and her long-time girlfriend Wendy go on a road trip. They soon arrive along the Florida coastline at the Sacred Isle Diner where yet another case falls onto Tara’s lap. She uses her training as a PI and the notoriety from her famous book to wedge her way into the investigation of a man who appears to have been killed by a mermaid.

Though Tara knows the idea is ridiculous, the possible siren that haunts the Florida coastline is all she can think about. It’s not long before Tara stumbles on Sabrina Taylor, the victim’s sister and forgets about Wendy entirely.

Sabrina is a blonde bombshell with an amazing voice and even more amazing touch. Tara is enchanted right away, but a shocking turn in the investigation makes her realize that Sabrina may be more than who she says she is.


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2023 Top Ten Gay Romance edited by J.M. Snyder

OUT NOW! 2023 Top Ten Gay Romance edited by J.M. Snyder

2023 Top Ten Gay Romance brings together the best-selling short stories published by JMS Books that year.

From first love to true love, from submission to sensual, from heat to sweet and everything in between, the couples in these stories are sure to keep you turning the pages as you fall in love with them.

With stories by T.J. Blackley, Holly Day, Nell Iris, Shawn Lane, Eve Morton, K.L. Noone, Charles Payseur, Glenn Quigley, Mere Rain, and Ellie Thomas, this head-over-heels collection goes beyond bedtime reading. Whether happily ever after or happy for now, there’s an ending for everyone in here!

Contains the stories: The Wedding by T.J. Blackley, Saved by the Bear by Holly Day, After Marcus by Nell Iris, Loving the Boss by Shawn Lane, My Roommate Kyle by Eve Morton, December Beginnings by K.L. Noone, Fieldwork by Charles Payseur, The Great Santa Showdown by Glenn Quigley, Nice and Vicious by Mere Rain, and A Christmas Engagement by Ellie Thomas.


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Merry Christmas, Jane Doe by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Merry Christmas, Jane Doe by Eve Morton

Sara Jones would know Jennifer Cohen’s voice anywhere.

When Sara runs into her favourite true crime podcaster at her pet store, she wishes her all the best for her 100th episode of I Love You, Jane Doe, where Jennifer plans to unearth the identity of a local woman. Sara also gives Jennifer advice on cat diets, since her girlfriend’s cat has been putting on the pounds. What should be a quick and helpful meeting ends up spiralling into an adventure over the longest night of the year to return the cat to its rightful home and to record the 100th — and final episode — of the podcast. Together.

Sara’s crush on the always poised, and now recently single, Jennifer grows and grows. But while she and Jennifer share a traumatic past that bonds them, both women fear a future where violence lurks around every corner and the world, even during Christmas time, seems to still believe the worst in people. Can both women heal themselves in time to fall in love? Or will they always be left scarred and victimized by the harsh world around them?


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