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Adventures from Mr. Fix It’s Channel by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Adventures from Mr. Fix It’s Channel by Eve Morton

Derek Smith has been working as a super since the New Year, but still can’t quite get the hang of it. He can clean, he can deliver notices, and he can even evict people without too much fuss — but fixing toilet tanks? No, thank you.

Yet that is what he is tasked with doing when an order comes down from the higher up bosses. Since this job is pretty cushy so far, he tries it out. And soon learns from a very impressive expert called Mr. Fix It online.

Derek soon becomes obsessed with the deep voice of the plumber, along with his calloused hands and his skills fixing anything he touches. He can’t see him — Mr. Fix It never shows his face online — but Derek is pretty sure he’d fall for him right away if he saw him in person. What that means for Derek — a typically straight guy — he’s not too sure. But his fantasies are harmless, and so he continues to both use Mr. Fix It’s video to repair his building and get himself off at night.

When an emergency in the building means that Derek must call in outside help, a familiar plumber shows up and lends more than a helping hand …


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Think Pink by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Think Pink by Eve Morton

Selene Parish is a hard-working lawyer in need of a vacation. A legal conference in Key West, Florida, seems like the perfect combination of work-turned-vacation. When she arrives and everything seems to go wrong, she starts to wonder if she’s doomed to have no fun at all. Luckily, she’s already met Gilberte Martin, a former artist now living in the Keys who is willing to make all of Selene’s wishes come true.

Gilberte “Gil” Martin has never known where she would truly end up. A runaway at age sixteen and accidental cult movie maker at twenty-six, she’s nearing her forties and still trying to understand how she came to live in the middle of a beautiful beach with amazing friends, a great boss, and a mentor queen down the street who showers her with love and affection. When she’s invited to a tenth anniversary screening of her cult film, she figures the ghosts of her past might be over. She’s proven wrong almost immediately. The only thing that saves her trip is a casual run-in with another woman having an equally hard time with her travels.

When Selene’s vacation ends and Gil gets her itch for art once more, their love story seems to be over. But is it? Will they be able to see a future together with both their pasts absolved? Or will their stories be condensed into souvenirs and films for later viewing?


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Of Sound Mind and Body by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Of Sound Mind and Body by Eve Morton

When Nelson gets a night job at the Sleep Eaze Motel, it’s not long before he’s pretty sure he’s seen it all: junkies, criminals, and of course, the suicides. But when a group of professors travelling for a conference all die in their rooms — seemingly by their own hands — he’s not too sure what’s going on. Only that something’s not right.

So when the nephew of one of the victims — a deaf man named Jeremy — comes to stay at the motel, Nelson pays attention. Jeremy has his uncle’s journal, and longs to complete his cryptic research, but he needs Nelson’s help. Soon the two fall under the spell of the same mystery that took the so-called Suicide Five, and they fall for one another.

Can Jeremy complete his uncle’s research before it’s too late, or are there some secrets better left unheard?


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The Last Trace by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! The Last Trace by Eve Morton

Kiernan Sullivan has a secret: in addition to being a great dad, husband, and private investigator, he also likes to dress up in drag. It’s only a passing fancy — nothing permanent, and certainly not anything to share with his family — but it’s still something he likes to do. And when he investigates cases, a disguise can go a long way.

Kiernan meets his greatest challenge when the person selling the drum kit he was going to get for his son turns out to be a violent predator. Caught off-guard and completely made-up from head to toe, Kiernan is in trouble. But more than that, so is his family. Will Kiernan escape and save those he loves? Or will he — like his secret life — remain hidden?


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The Way Out by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! The Way Out by Eve Morton

Violet Vance is living her best life. Surrounded by good friends and colleagues at her thriving life coach and therapy business, Alternative You, she wants for very little. Maybe a night out here and there, but certainly nothing too fancy. As long as she’s helping people, then she’s good.

When her business is asked to take on a crumbing rock band called Dis-Chord after their lead singer is arrested, everything changes. Mick is not coming back, which leaves the three remaining members of Dis-Chord — Clint, Red, and Lucien — stuck in LA, re-recording an album and in desperate need of help. There are angry fans. A hot-head record exec. Past and present victims. Plus the general malaise that comes from destruction at the edge of fame. Can Violet and her team solve this issue? Or has simply too much happened?

For once, Violet’s not sure there’s much she can do. But Lucien, the guitarist of the band, is quiet and intelligent. Kind and caring. And he really loves the movie The Wizard of Oz, which Violet thinks is endearing. He’s not what Violet expected at all from a rock star — and that just may be perfect for both of them after all.

But if, and only if, Dis-Chord manages to make it out of this mess alive and intact.


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