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Sext-Based Adventures by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Sext-Based Adventures by Eve Morton

Chris thought he was done with his gaming days. He’d deleted his account, gone back to his day job, and put his fantasy world days behind him … but couldn’t resist the urge to return. This time, however, he decided to play as a woman — a persona he maintains even when he makes friends with Jessica.

When Jessica offers online sex, Chris still cannot bring himself to confess his secret. As their relationship turns serious, still he cannot admit to the ruse. Then Jessica proposes they meet offline, and Chris is finally forced to confront the questions and choices he’s been avoiding …


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Chase This Light by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Chase This Light by Eve Morton

When Jason Flores moves to the Yukon for a new job, he’s not sure what to expect. His son Micah seems enchanted by the wildlife, but his recent fear of the dark means that the eighteen-hour nights in the winter will be a difficult adjustment. When Jason takes Micah to the local museum’s interactive lecture series on the Gold Rush, it turns out to be one of the best decisions he’s ever made.

Pete Odjick, a tattooed First Nations man, dresses up for the weekly lectures as Skookum Jim, one of the first prospectors to find gold. He takes an immediate interest in Micah and an even bigger interest in Jason.

As their flirtation grows into something more serious, Jason’s job at a big name oil company and Pete’s volunteer work with an environmental group become a point of contention. Can they come to an understanding and give Micah a family again? Or will the drastic differences between them tear them apart? As the winter nights grow longer, Pete and Jason worry their love won’t be enough to chase the darkness away.


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The Professor and the Porn Star by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! The Professor and the Porn Star by Eve Morton

Cassandra Durand is an up-and-coming professor at a Toronto university about to give a very important talk in her research field. While practicing one night, she runs into Grady, a custodian, whom she instantly recognizes as a former porn star. Can Cassandra maintain her professional distance while also indulging in her ultimate fantasy and dream man?

When her relationship becomes threatened by her once loved research field, will she and Grady be able to have a future in spite of his past? As Cassandra deals with her new label of provocateur, she turns to Grady for help navigating public life when everyone only wants to see the darker side of her private desires.


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Don’t Forget About Me by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Don’t Forget About Me by Eve Morton

After Shawn Connors returns from the war, he’s facing life with an injured leg and a changed perspective on what it really means to be a solider and to fall in love.

Shawn Connors had no illusions about the war. But after injuring his leg in a blast, he goes home to his sister’s in Maine and isn’t prepared for the reality of his return. As everyone around him gets married, promoted, or moves on with their lives, Shawn is left drinking alone at a bar on a Thursday night.

His best friend had warned him that life after deployment would start to feel like a high school reunion, but as Shawn meets a stranger at the bar, he begins to think that his life is more like a high school movie instead.


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Forbidden Fruit by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Forbidden Fruit by Eve Morton

Katrina Rose knows there are two things cancer patients can’t do: laugh and date. She tries to challenge each one of those assumptions at every last turn. When she finally receives surgery to remove her tumor, she wants to go back to a normal life, but finds herself going to the all-women therapy group for cancer victims and survivors every week. After an aggravating discussion that threatens to shatter Kat’s devotion to her group, Carmen walks in and completely changes Katrina’s goals.

Carmen Sykes is a tall, beautiful woman, who just lost her girlfriend of cancer. She teaches at the local university and is the curator at the local museum. After she argues with a woman about cancer’s perception in the mainstream media, Kat knows she has found her intellectual — and physical — match.

The two women immediately start an overwhelming affair that lasts into the final days of autumn. They go shopping for forbidden fruit in the local farmer’s market, talk about myth and art and cancer as they stay in bed all day. But soon, Kat realizes Carmen’s hiding something she can’t quite recognize or name. When a figure from Carmen’s past turns up, the truth about what she’s really growing in her garden may surprise — and also relieve — Kat of all her worries.


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