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Convenient Nights by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Convenient Nights by Eve Morton

Danny doesn’t think much of working nights at the local convenience store. It’s just a job and a paycheck as he figures out what to do with the rest of his life.

Then Brad comes in. A shy, awkward man who buys a box of condoms and then bolts out again, Danny is pretty sure he’ll never see Brad again.

When Brad returns with a full box of condoms and a sad story of being stood up, Danny is pretty sure he knows how to make the night go right again.


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Basketball at Night by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Basketball at Night by Eve Morton

Coach Andrew Grady’s life has become rather trivial, mostly centered on leading high school gym classes and completing paperwork. He’s in his forties, and though he still runs every morning, time has not been kind to him. He’s slowly given up the idea of finding love, ever since his ex-husband dumped him in the school parking lot years before.

Everything changes when Jamal Knight, basketball star extraordinaire, returns to his high school to give an inspirational talk to a new cohort of students. Coach Grady still remembers Jamal as the awkward kid who sometimes tripped over his own feet, who was too nervous to speak, and who struggled to live with his alcoholic mother. Now that he’s reached the Big Leagues, he’s surprised that Jamal wants to grace this run-down school’s hallways. But Jamal does, and he’s become a stunning young man of almost thirty since the last time the two met.

Coach Grady gets another surprise when Jamal tells him he’s gay, and he’d like to take the opportunity tonight to come out. When Jamal sets his gaze on Grady after the whole evening is over, Grady has yet another decision to make: to be out in the public eye with Jamal, or bury himself in paperwork once again.


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Searching for Clones by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Searching for Clones by Eve Morton

Ryan Avery is on the lookout for clones. Ever since he was a young man, he’s been fascinated by the science behind biotech research and how cloning has developed from Dolly the sheep to the latest clones adults who live among us. But even though he buries himself in research, Ryan cannot seem to find a single clone out in the world.

This changes when he stumbles upon men in a cruising park. Since the only feature that differentiates clones from humans is the appearance of a navel, Ryan believes he will find the answer to what he’s seeking by following men into the park and seeking out what he’s always wanted.

Of course, like with all scientific discoveries, Ryan is about to find out more than he ever thought possible.


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Safe and Sound by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Safe and Sound by Eve Morton

Rory Murphy is so close to being a professor, he can’t sit still. As the last summer of his student career begins, he lands an interview with a prestigious school overseas — only to bomb it with a silly mistake. His successful ex won’t talk to him anymore. And his childhood lisp, the one that he did grueling hours of speech therapy to remove, now seems to come back at the most inopportune moments, like a fun game of trivia where he can’t even say the right answers anymore. Utterly defeated, Rory thinks that his life — at least his love life — might just be over. When a bartender named Taggart Floros offers him a drink and midnight camaraderie, Rory wonders if he was wrong about everything not going as he first planned.

Taggart Floros is trying to take life as easy as he can. When he’s not working at the campus bar run by his cousin, he’s volunteering at an animal shelter, or boning up on his random trivia knowledge, like micro-brews of the region, 1980s movies, or famous gangsters. Rory catches his eye right away, mostly because he does not quite seem to understand just how smart and cute he really is.

As the two fall more in love, Taggart should be feeling on top of the world. But his troubled past, and the main reason why Taggart has given up his own dreams of being a high school teacher, still haunt him. Deep down, Taggart fears it won’t be long before someone makes all the connections, and his last secret is revealed.


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Morning Light by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Morning Light by Eve Morton

Longtime girlfriends Alicia and Tara were only supposed to be in the desert for a weekend writing retreat. Now three months have passed, Alicia has finished her book, but she does not want to leave her home away from home.

On the day she finishes her novel, Alicia turns to Tara for solace and some inspiration for her next project. Tara, as ever, is ready to support Alicia with all her creative needs.


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