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Crazy About You by T.J. Blackley

OUT NOW! Crazy About You by T.J. Blackley

Devante Miller, a grad student studying library science, is just about ready to try and make things work with fellow student Preeda as they both rocket toward graduation. Certainly their friend Mike wants them together, from how much he keeps pushing Devante about it. But then Devante meets Michael Lopez, an out-and-proud, up-and-coming figure skater, and all of Devante’s plans — and Devante himself — go head over heels.

Michael is like no one Devante’s ever met before, and Devante finds himself falling into Michael’s orbit. But loving Michael comes with its own complications. Devante has to figure out how to come out to his father, for one, on top of launching his own career and supporting Michael’s skating. And why is one of their friends so threatened by their budding relationship?


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The Silver Medalist by T.J. Blackley

OUT NOW! The Silver Medalist by T.J. Blackley

Danny Schaer, a Swiss champion figure skater who has freshly graduated from the Juniors circuit, takes his first steps onto the Seniors stage — or rather, rink. His first months as a Seniors competitor involve a new coach, a changing body, and the attentions of two other skaters: Danny’s new rival Andrei Lebed, the Yellow Swan of Russia, and Danny’s new rinkmate, the beguiling ice dancer Noah Favre.

Andrei makes it very clear that he has high expectations for Danny, both on the rink and off. Noah, on the other hand, keeps his feelings about Danny to himself, always staying just out of reach — until, abruptly, he isn’t.

As Danny’s relationships with the two deepen and change over his years in the Seniors figure skating world, he can never lose sight of his main goal, the one thing the three of them have in common: a burning desire for the gold medal and a place in the annals of history.


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