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I Choose You Again by Kimberly Nicole

OUT NOW! I Choose You Again by Kimberly Nicole

The year is 2020 and coronavirus is sweeping the nation, along with protests across the country. Rae wonders if this is the start of a real revolution. She has many questions for her wife Morgan, but is confused and hurt when Morgan tells her to stop looking to her for all the answers and do her own research. Rae realizes as smart as she thought she was, she has a lot to learn about the world.

On a date night in early June, Rae must get creative and show Morgan a good time to prove how much she loves and appreciates her. Will a run-in with Rae’s ex-girlfriend Kenzie ruin the evening? How wild will their date night get?


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The Color of Rage by Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk

OUT NOW! The Color of Rage by Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk

In the 24th Century, civilization and country borders have changed. Law enforcement has changed. Money has changed. But politics have not.

It is the beginning of the election season and riots are breaking out after every political rally. Dr. Engalla Ruth has found a way to ensure elections, but it will take a lot of work. Why settle for the lesser technicians when she can get the very best? Should she buy or seduce the one she wants?

Some think the music discs everyone have might be the cause of the violence, and only Dr. Kailyn DeKendren, the leading authority in Acoustic Behavior, would know. Her sister, a Sensei training the security forces, has promised to find out. But right when she’s needed most, Kailyn mysteriously disappears. Can she be found before all hell breaks loose?


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Kuroki-san’s Slave by Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk

OUT NOW! Kuroki-san’s Slave by Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk

After volunteering for a Kinbaku exhibition, Micheleen finds that all she’d ever wanted in her life could be given to her by one woman. When Kinbaku expert Yuriko offers her a contract to become her main exhibition model, it also carries the terms that Michy will become her sex-slave.

Can Michy give away or sell everything she owns and move across country to be at Yuriko’s every whim? Or should she stay in her boring 9-to-5 in San Francisco?

Michy finds that a new lifestyle with a new name reminds her daily of Yuriko’s wants and desires. Can this be love and not just a job?


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I Always Choose You by Kimberly Nicole

OUT NOW! I Always Choose You by Kimberly Nicole

RaeAnne Hunter has two secrets: the first is she’s gay. The second is she wants to know what it’s like to smoke weed. While smoking with her friend Morgan, she meets a woman named Kenzie and the two soon form a relationship. Rae doesn’t tell her other friends about either her partying exploits or her new girlfriend. But she does start smoking weed with her brother Jacob, and the two call it Family Night.

Rae wants to go to college to become a doctor, but she decides to take a year off to party first. Kenzie turns out to be wilder than Rae expected, but Rae still loves her and wants things to work out. Meanwhile, Rae and Morgan become closer, and Morgan proposes that she and Rae start their own secret relationship.

Rae thinks her current situation is perfect. She doesn’t want to get married any time soon, and she wants to experiment with both drugs and women. As her partying escalates beyond weed to include more drugs, and her time spent between Kenzie and Morgan becomes more complex, will Rae find she has taken on more than she can handle? When Jacob starts messing with even harder drugs, will Rae be able to influence him to be safer?

Rae’s thoughts become more confused on whether she likes Kenzie or Morgan best, but maybe living with them both will fulfill her wildest dreams.


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Eternally Yours by Cynthia O’Malley

OUT NOW! Eternally Yours by Cynthia O’Malley

Grad student Andrea is mostly self-assured and quite open to whatever the world might bring her way. She’s sensible, but she’s got a quiet belief in the supernatural and a daytime interest in studying history, and finds herself surprised to be falling head over heels for the older woman she just met.

Liz is thrilled to have made a new best friend. Overjoyed with how well they click, how well her son likes Andrea, how much fun they have together, and how easily she can open up, Liz finally considers it might be more.

Blissfully in love, Liz relishes in how all this makes her feel, and how it’s almost made her forget that high school boyfriend she’s been grieving over for a couple decades.

But maybe things are too good to be true? A family dinner brings up questions for Liz. Questions that prove difficult to answer, and possible answers that defy logic and reason.


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