<i>Chrysalis</i> by Mags Hayward

Chrysalis by Mags Hayward

<i>Chrysalis</i> by Mags Hayward

OUT NOW! Chrysalis by Mags Hayward

Amy doesn’t know who she is. Determined to put that right, she’s arranged a date through the Pink Roses website. The hotel room is booked, she’s bought wine to break the ice, and now she’s face to face with prospective lover, Kayla.

Kayla’s gorgeous but Amy’s terrified. She’s new to dating, and new to women. Torn between, curiosity, lust, and fear, she doubts her ability to continue the date in spite of Kayla’s reassurances.

Was this all a mistake? Has she left it too late to explore her true self? Is she destined to remain the chrysalis, never the liberated butterfly?


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