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Thea by Chelsi Robichaud

OUT NOW! Thea by Chelsi Robichaud

Most people in Ios know better than to challenge Vivarre and its powerful navy. Queen Thea, however, is not afraid to challenge anyone who gets in her way. For years, her kingdom has been supported by pirates. They sail the Iosian sea and raid any ship they come across for resources.

When Thea takes the throne she is challenged by enemies and allies alike. Though women can be warriors, they can never be true rulers. She hopes to change that belief, but she cannot do it alone. Driada is the only female pirate enlisted in Ios. She has served her kingdom faithfully for years, her dedication inspired by her father’s work on the royal ships. When she sees injustices being done against innocent people, she cannot simply sit idle while they suffer.

When these two bold, powerful women meet, it is obvious that they must form an alliance to keep Ios safe. But this alliance quickly shifts from being solely a political move, to one of the heart. Thea is forced to decide which path will lead to victory — fighting Vivarre without divine help or betraying her promise to never bow down to the gods ever again.


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Curtain Call by Lisa Timpf

OUT NOW! Curtain Call by Lisa Timpf

From the first time she picked up a softball bat, Kayla has loved team games of any stripe. Now in her mid-forties, though, she is starting to come to the bitter realization that like all good things, her involvement in team sports must come to an end one day, whether she’s ready or not.

When her broomball teammates start making noises about this being their final season together, Kayla sets her sights on capturing the league championship. What better way to remind them of how much fun it can be to win?

The prospect of snagging the league title seems brighter with the addition of a new player, Val, who Kayla would like to get to know better. That is, if her meddlesome ex Abby will stay out of the picture long enough.

Will winning the championship be enough to bring Kayla’s teammates back for one more season? If not, what can she do about it?


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To Push Back the Darkness by Lisa Timpf

OUT NOW! To Push Back the Darkness by Lisa Timpf

When the trail goes cold on a string of robberies, Detective Janet Vertran is forced to call on her ex Fiona for help. When Fiona broke things off between them two years earlier, Janet swore she’d keep her distance. But she also knows from past experience how helpful Fiona’s creation, an android named Pat, can be in ferreting out the little details that make all the difference when solving tough crimes.

Though the robberies appear to have been conducted by separate individuals, Pat finds an unexpected connection between them. But as Janet, Fiona, and Pat get closer to unearthing the truth, it becomes clear the case is taking an emotional toll on Fiona.

As she works with her ex once again, Janet is reminded of old times and familiar feelings begin to stir. Is it possible they’ll get a second chance to make their relationship work? And will Janet find the courage to do what it takes to find out?


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Before She Goes by Katie Brown

OUT NOW! Before She Goes by Katie Brown

Eliza Banks is the perfect housewife: dutiful, attentive, considerate. She knows there is nothing more she could possibly want than what she already has. Her husband, her childhood sweetheart, is the kind of man other girls would give their lives to get their hands on. Her life is idyllic, picture-perfect. Eliza Banks’ life is surely a dream come true.

But all of her delusions come crumbling down with the return on Callie Stewart seven years after she last saw the woman, storming from her bedroom in the early hours of the morning. Eliza knows it’s a dangerous game she’s playing when she offers to help Callie pack up some of her belongings in her old house. She knows, deep down, this can only end badly.

Old feelings stir, old flames are sparked, and everything Eliza worked so hard to bury beneath the folds of a wedding dress comes rising to the surface once more.


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#DogMom by Kassandra Lea

OUT NOW! #DogMom by Kassandra Lea

Scrolling through the posts of a local dog owners group, Allie Karlin comes across a plea. A woman how lost her beloved pooch a few months back is hoping some kind soul is willing to share their dog to help her see if she’s ready to welcome a new pup into her life. Allie suspects her sweet Checkers is perfect for the job.

Sage Arrows still feels the familiar sting of losing Bixby, but she thinks she might be ready to move on. When she meets Allie and her mutt Checkers, the trio become fast friends. Their get-togethers are meant to heal Sage’s broken heart, and to some extent, that’s exactly what’s happening. Only it seems there’s more than the love of dogs between the two.


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