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In the Dark Heart of Winter by Mere Rain

OUT NOW! In the Dark Heart of Winter by Mere Rain

Isabeau is having history’s worst honeymoon. Heart-broken when her lover and best friend Margaret married and moved away, she accepted the proposal of a distant cousin, but she regrets this decision even before he insists on taking her to his cold and ruinous ancestral home. Horace does not seem to care about her, either, and soon she begins to wonder about his motives.

Her fears are compounded when strangers arrive seeking refuge from the snow, and her husband’s behavior becomes strangely hostile. Vairya and Ranat seem friendly, but why are they in this isolated region at all? It can’t be coincidence that they come from Persia, where her husband was until recently stationed as a diplomat.

Eventually one visitor confides in Isabeau, but her claims are so wild they cannot be true. Can they? Should she trust her heart, and perhaps her survival, to this stranger who seems to share her forbidden desires?


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BridePrice.com by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! BridePrice.com by Eve Morton

Krystal has always felt like an outsider. As the only adopted child in her family, she longs for some kind of connection to another person. When Gita moves next door, Krystal is immediately smitten. The self-declared “Desi girl extraordinaire” provides Krystal with an insight into another culture and the possibility for love.

Over ten years later, when Krystal finds out that Gita is about to be married in an arranged ceremony with a man, Krystal knows she has to stop the wedding. Gita never wanted to be married like this and Krystal never got to apologize for the fight that tore them apart. Krystal drags her best friend Brianna on her quest to save Gita, but soon starts to wonder if breaking up a wedding is what she really wants to do.


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Lucky Jinn by Eule Grey

OUT NOW! Lucky Jinn by Eule Grey

What’s a butch to do? Ignore everything she believes or listen to her heart?

Shelly is a straight-talking gardener who doesn’t believe in anything she can’t see. Give her a square patch of earth, and she’ll bring it to life. Hand over a power drill, and Shelly can knock together a fancy bedroom in under a day. Physical tasks are easy. If only people were as straightforward!

The problems arise when she begins work on a garden near the sea. The owner insists the property has a water issue and demands an excavation of the area. Shelly digs deep, but the ground is dry as sand. In frustration, she talks to the flowers. A sweet voice answers from inside an old lamp. It’s a beautiful Jinni who badly needs the help of a buff woman. Shelly insists the voice is nothing but her own subconscious playing tricks. After all, it’s been a year since her last relationship. Everyone gets lonely. Right?

Kind, loving Jinni. The unluckiest of magical spirits with a history of choosing the wrong mistress. All she’s ever wanted is the love of a strong woman exactly like Shelly. Can Shelly find the strength to believe what’s in front of her nose and make them both happy?


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Come Sail Away with Me by M.E. Dain

OUT NOW! Come Sail Away with Me by M.E. Dain

Britt Belladonna, a workaholic employed at a cruise company, is sent on a rival company’s cruise to dig up dirt on the competition. It seems like an easy enough assignment: go on the cruise, figure out why this company is drawing in more customers than the cruise line she works for, and create an amazing report that will earn her a promotion.

While on the cruise, however, she learns it’s for singles and everyone on board is looking for love. As a single businesswoman, she has no desire to engage in any romantic endeavors. But her roommate Jamie Lyonne, a total slacker Britt had the displeasure of meeting in college, has a different idea. Jamie wants to experience everything the cruise has to offer, and drags Britt through all the different excursions. Water parks, ziplining, snorkeling … Jamie wants to do everything, and Britt goes along with it under the guise of secret research.

Soon the lines blur between what’s strictly business and what’s for pleasure. Jamie’s bright personality starts to melt Britt’s walls, and Britt begins to fall for her frustratingly easygoing roommate. Is it worth it for Britt to turn away from everything she’s ever known and take a chance with Jamie? Or should she continue her workaholic ways and let her feelings for Jamie fall by the wayside?


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Out of Order by Casey Lawrence

OUT NOW! Out of Order by Casey Lawrence

Corinna “Corey” Nguyen’s life seems perfectly average for a closeted bisexual whiz kid with her eyes on college and a budding romance with her friend Kate. Sixteen years old and navigating senior year with her tight-knit group of best friends through crushes, breakups, and pregnancy scares, Corey mistakenly believes that running for valedictorian, choosing the right college, and coming out of the closet are the biggest things she has to worry about.

That is, until prom night, when she’s left alone and in shock, hiding inside a diner bathroom, the only witness to a multiple homicide.

With graduation looming and all eyes on her, the pressure is on for Corey to identify the killer and ensure the crime that has changed her life forever will not go unpunished.


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