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Hidden Among the Roses by Mags Hayward

OUT NOW! Hidden Among the Roses by Mags Hayward

Lilian hurries across the park on a beautiful August day. Out of breath, she pauses and surveys the park. Memories of Jean flood her brain: their first meeting, lazy afternoon strolls, and stolen kisses beneath the beech trees. They’ve spent three blissful years together … and that’s about to end.

Pain stabs Lilian’s chest and she feels nauseous. Has she overheated or is this guilt? Lilian dithers, uncertain what to do. Jean’s waiting in the rose garden and she’s already late. To delay further is rude. But Lilian is heartbroken, torn. How can she walk away from the love of her life? How can she let society dictate who she loves?


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Ghosted by La Toya Hankins

OUT NOW! Ghosted by La Toya Hankins

Kathleen anticipates a simple night of handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, sipping on an intoxicating concoction, and enjoying the parade of creatively attired children appealing for sugary snacks. It’s been two years since the inspiration for her appreciation of Halloween headed South to chart her academic path. She doesn’t expect a little girl inspired by a character named after two days of the week to inspire her first steps of experiencing sexual bliss with a woman older than her grandmother.

Lena exists only to be a guide and support to her nieces. She spent her life traveling the world and expects to spend the rest of her life watching over her family and yearning for the one day of the year she can break free of the confines of her home and experience the world. It’s been decades since a woman entices her to the point of sharing the secret of her eternally youthful appearance.

Two women cross paths on All Hallow’s Eve and, after a night of passion, decide to push past the line between life and death to create a new reality. Sometimes, in order to find the thing missing most, you have to open yourself up to being Ghosted.


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Baphomet’s Blessing by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Baphomet’s Blessing by Eve Morton

When Natasha “Tasha” Joon accepts an invitation to read from her gender memoir to a feminist bookstore, she thinks it’s one of her many stops on her publicity tour organized by her best friend and secret-crush Lydia. As it turns out, the audience that awaits her is far more sinister than she ever thought possible, and Tasha is soon cursed.

Instead of falling into despair, she and Lydia fall in love. Later on, Tasha realizes she has a tumour in her stomach that is rapidly growing. Then appears to move, as if it is a life force all its own. She and Lydia, both trans women, come to the same strange conclusion: Tasha is pregnant and this close to the holidays, it seems that she will be giving birth to the new messiah — or a monster.

Now, with a possible monster baby on the way, Tasha and Lydia have more things to consider than they thought possible. When the coven shows up again, their supernatural adventure becomes that much more dangerous. Good thing Tanner Chapman, talk show host extra ordinate, can help sort out the matter of paternity once and for all.

Will Tasha’s baby be human or demon, devil or angel? And is Lydia the father — or mother? And who will get custody of the new miracle child: the two trans women who created life in spite of all odds, or the evil coven who only wish to destroy all light during the darkest time of the year?


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October Moons by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! October Moons by Eve Morton

Diamond “Di” Lamont is sick of her life in Vineland, a small town in Southern Ontario known for its nature pathways, its horticulture, and its wine. One afternoon Di escapes from her desk job for a walk in the park and soon stumbles on an enchanting naked woman who seems to be bathing in a nearby creek. Stunned by her discovery, Di is soon surprised again when the woman appears to be trans. When the woman runs away without exchanging a word, Di is left with too many questions and unfulfilled desires.

In order to figure out her mystery woman, Di explores Vineland in a way she never had before, and along the way, finds out that the small town is host to a lot more interesting and unique people — like the local bookstore that’s also a coven, and numerous other trans women and queer people hiding in plain sight — than she first thought.

Genevieve Holloway never wanted to move to Vineland. Her girlfriend did, and now in the wake of her death, Gen continues to feel stuck. Her job sucks. Her apartment is filled with memories she doesn’t want to have — and getting caught naked in the local creek is the last straw. As the October moon waxes and wanes, Gen becomes determined to leave Vineland and never return, all the while just missing out on Di’s affection and attention as she desperately seeks her mystery woman.

Can a brief meeting during the first full moon of the month of October truly change these women’s lives and lead them back to one another? Or is there no more magic left in Vineland for either one of them?


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Spirits in the Dark by Katherine Traylor

OUT NOW! Spirits in the Dark by Katherine Traylor

Trista has always loved abandoned houses and the paranormal. Now that she’s at college only fifteen minutes from the notoriously haunted Hollow Street house, she knows exactly where she’s spending Halloween. She packs a bag, puts on her favorite vintage dress, and sets off, hoping to spot the ghost of the young, dark-haired woman who’s said to haunt the house’s living room.

Fellow student Keira does not like abandoned houses, and she isn’t particularly interested in ghosts. Visiting the Hollow Street house was not how she’d planned to spend Halloween. But her little sister, who loves all things spooky, has begged Keira to check out the haunted house next to her university, and Keira has trouble saying no. She doesn’t expect to see anything supernatural, so it’s quite a shock to find herself face-to-face with a mysterious young woman in old-fashioned clothing who seems to have appeared from nowhere.

When the two ghost-hunters come face to face, each mistakes the other for the ghost she’s looking for. How tragic, they both think, that such a beautiful person should have died so young. Of course, things aren’t as bleak as they seem, and the two women might find themselves pleasantly surprised … if they can make it to the morning. Because real entities haunt the Hollow Street house, and they’re anything but friendly.


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