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Forbidden Fruit by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Forbidden Fruit by Eve Morton

Katrina Rose knows there are two things cancer patients can’t do: laugh and date. She tries to challenge each one of those assumptions at every last turn. When she finally receives surgery to remove her tumor, she wants to go back to a normal life, but finds herself going to the all-women therapy group for cancer victims and survivors every week. After an aggravating discussion that threatens to shatter Kat’s devotion to her group, Carmen walks in and completely changes Katrina’s goals.

Carmen Sykes is a tall, beautiful woman, who just lost her girlfriend of cancer. She teaches at the local university and is the curator at the local museum. After she argues with a woman about cancer’s perception in the mainstream media, Kat knows she has found her intellectual — and physical — match.

The two women immediately start an overwhelming affair that lasts into the final days of autumn. They go shopping for forbidden fruit in the local farmer’s market, talk about myth and art and cancer as they stay in bed all day. But soon, Kat realizes Carmen’s hiding something she can’t quite recognize or name. When a figure from Carmen’s past turns up, the truth about what she’s really growing in her garden may surprise — and also relieve — Kat of all her worries.


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Next Year in Salem by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Next Year in Salem by Eve Morton

Natalie Durham is sick of men. After her latest boyfriend cheats on her, she skips town to her aunt’s place in Boston and vows to burn all the things her exes have given her. Maybe she’ll even do a spell or two, since she’ll be close enough to Salem to venture over.

Melissa Clarke is a former model now ready to live authenticity as both a lesbian and a foodie. She leaves her boyfriend, travels to her Boston home, and is determined to make the best Thanksgiving meal ever.

When Natalie suffers car trouble, and Melissa steps up to help, it should be a brief encounter. But these women soon find out they have a lot more in common than they first believed, and it may be enough — with some magick — to change the rest of their lives.


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The Haunted Diamond by Becky Black

OUT NOW! The Haunted Diamond by Becky Black

Flapper Bobbie Morgan is always a welcome house guest at weekend parties. But the young woman her hosts think is only a jolly fun girl with nothing but dancing and fashion on her mind, is actually a jewel thief and her latest job is to steal a South American diamond with a long and bloody history, for a buyer waiting in New York. While Bobbie is crossing the Atlantic with the stolen diamond, Iandara, a ghost bound to the cursed stone, manifests, with one mission — free herself forever by destroying the diamond.

As if the temporarily-corporeal, thousand-year-old ghost of a trainee witch isn’t enough trouble, Bobbie’s ex-partner and now rival thief, Frances Stryker, is aboard and also determined to steal the diamond from her. Bobbie and Iandara team up to thwart Frances, and in the ensuing shenanigans become much more to each other than simply temporary allies.

But there is no way for both of them to complete their missions. How can they find a way to free Iandara and also allow Bobbie to complete a job whose stakes are higher than Iandara knows?


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Bed Death by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Bed Death by Eve Morton

Julia and Pepper used to be lovers — but sometimes these things don’t work out.

When Julia is arrested for trespassing and other illicit charges for being in a graveyard at night, she can think of no other person to call other than Pepper, her ex-lover and lawyer extraordinaire. Never mind that it’s now been six years since they last spoke and they left things rather badly. Julia needs all the real life — and not supernatural — help she can get. Maybe, just maybe, Pepper will put the past to bed and save the day.

Pepper arrives, helps Julia, and also comes with a series of apologies and revelations of her own. And Julia now begins to wonder if her own psychic insight into the lives of others has only left her blind to her own future and the fate of the love she’d once shared with Pepper.

Is it possible that a graveyard incident can resurrect the bed death of the two women? Or will their own blindness lead them astray yet again?


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S.C.U.D. by Courtney Milnestein

OUT NOW! S.C.U.D. by Courtney Milnestein

To tell the tale of human history, we must also relate the history of our enemy, the archfiend, that apex predator, the vampire known as Count Dracula!

For centuries now, the Society for Cutting Up Dracula has been the last bastion of hope against the king of vampires, observing his lives, his loves, standing guard against his devilish ambitions, protecting humanity from his ambitions. Yet as Dracula, cunning and manipulative, takes up a scheme to repay his debts to the family of a man now lost to him, will his gifts prove overpowering for those that have drawn his interest?

Discover now the secret origin of the Prince of Darkness, his passions and persuasions, and the truth about vampires; discover now a history of the world unseen played out through the ages … discover the truth of the Society for Cutting Up Dracula!


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