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Onward by Mags Hayward

OUT NOW! Onward by Mags Hayward

Jen’s had a tough year. Her mother’s sudden passing has created a void in her life and she’s uncertain how to carry on. Thankfully, Alyssa’s there to ease her pain. Originally an online chatroom acquaintance, Alyssa’s becomes the most important person in Jen’s life. She’s fallen for her — but they live on opposite sides of the world making a real relationship impossible. Or is it?

Jen knows she must make changes in her life and an invitation to visit Alyssa could be the break she needs. Could her online love affair finally become a reality? Could she hold Alyssa in her arms and stay with her forever?


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Road to Nowhere by Mags Hayward

OUT NOW! Road to Nowhere by Mags Hayward

Stella is lost in the dark, driving in a storm on an increasingly narrow, unfamiliar country road. What should she do? And why is she running away?

Stella’s car runs off the road and she injures her head. She needs help. Beyond the wild hedgerows and woods is a sprawling mansion with lights in the windows. It seems a party is taking place and Stella’s saved … or is she?

When Stella meets the host, the stunning Madame Reynard, she’s instantly attracted. In fact, she knows this woman … intimately. How? Why is she so familiar?

Stella searches for answers in this dark gothic tale of desire and denial.


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Sweet as Candy by Mags Hayward

OUT NOW! Sweet as Candy by Mags Hayward

The first Jubilee Park Pride is in full swing and Kate’s soaking up the carnival atmosphere and energy of the flamboyant crowd. Although she’s there to support the event organizer, her best friend Danny, Pride has a special place in her heart.

She loves being a part of it, but doesn’t expect to find love. Never having had a girlfriend, Kate lacks confidence and can’t imagine meeting a girl and falling in love on the same day. That happens to other people. Certainly not to her.

But Candy’s different: beautiful, confident, yet down to earth and easy to talk to. Kate’s never met anyone like her. Has Fate brought her and Candy together? Or will Kate be broken-hearted when the festival ends?


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Hidden Among the Roses by Mags Hayward

OUT NOW! Hidden Among the Roses by Mags Hayward

Lilian hurries across the park on a beautiful August day. Out of breath, she pauses and surveys the park. Memories of Jean flood her brain: their first meeting, lazy afternoon strolls, and stolen kisses beneath the beech trees. They’ve spent three blissful years together … and that’s about to end.

Pain stabs Lilian’s chest and she feels nauseous. Has she overheated or is this guilt? Lilian dithers, uncertain what to do. Jean’s waiting in the rose garden and she’s already late. To delay further is rude. But Lilian is heartbroken, torn. How can she walk away from the love of her life? How can she let society dictate who she loves?


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Leap of Faith by Mags Hayward

OUT NOW! Leap of Faith by Mags Hayward

Abseiling? How did Anika persuade her to do that? When Lauren set out to start her life over — new job, new city, new friends — she never dreamed she’d be clinging to a rope, dangling off a ninety-foot railway viaduct. Then again, she’d never expected to meet someone like Anika.

Determined to rebuild her confidence and regain independence after the devastation of a shattering break-up, Lauren was surprised to be drawn to Anika. Headstrong and daring, Anika was fascinating and yet, intimidating — not Lauren’s usual type. Their unexpected friendship was like a breath of fresh air … Could it be more? With the painful past still raw, was it too soon to love again? Was Lauren merely rebounding?

In the midst of bravely tackling the challenging abseil, Lauren had a decision to make. Play safe or throw caution to the wind? Is she prepared to take a leap of faith?


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