<i>Winterian Sky</i> by Rafe Jadison

Winterian Sky by Rafe Jadison

<i>Winterian Sky</i> by Rafe Jadison

OUT NOW! Winterian Sky by Rafe Jadison

With his planet under attack by the Moracci, and a strange virus devouring his people by the droves, healer scientist Chesterfield Tombre knows he must find a cure for the dreaded plague. Yet with a sinister boss running the Office of Federal Health and a planet slowly crumbling away, Chesterfield has limited resources and nowhere to turn.

Winterian Guard Donacio Floresia can’t get the gorgeous healer scientist he saw on an informational broadcast out of his head. For a week he’s played the recording over and over, telling himself he really just cares about the man’s cause. When he realizes the Office of Federal Health is about to be destroyed, and possibly the gorgeous healer with it, Donacio knows what he must do.

Donacio finds himself pledging his Oath of Loyalty to Chesterfield and sweeping him away to a mountainous fortress. Although they escape the burning city, will there be time to find a cure and stop the Moracci, or will everything fall apart that lies beneath a Winterian Sky?


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