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The Divorceary by Rafe Jadison

OUT NOW! The Divorceary by Rafe Jadison

Jason lives a comfortable life. His business is successful. Both his children have wonderful futures ahead, and people think he’s pretty neat. There is just one thing Jason wishes he could get rid of — his ex. When they meet for coffee, however, Jason realizes that after ten years, he wants Howard back. Luckily, Jason has a plan.

For Howard, his life is as good as it gets. He’s raised two great children, and helped his ex build a business that provides Howard palimony. Unfortunately, his ex is also the ultimate Zen-wrecker, and no amount of deep breathing can get him out of Howard’s head.

When Jason shows up broke and with a hair-brained scheme to get Howard back in his life, under the guise of celebrating the tenth anniversary of their divorce, Howard isn’t sure if he’s being insulted or wooed. But he reluctantly agrees to go back to work at the company, and to allow Jason to move back home.

Can ten years heal old wounds? Have Jason and Howard ever stopped loving each other, or should they call it a day and just celebrate their “divorce-ary?” And in the end, who will be the real trickster — Jason, Howard, or that marvel we call love?


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Guest post by Rafe Jadison

Hi! I’m Rafe Jadison, and I have privilege of being one of the authors published by JMS Books.

A friend recently asked me what ties my books together. Good question, I thought. You see, my writing is across the board. I have sexy shark shifter stories that actually get a little deep. One of my ebooks tells the story of a man who has a bizarre medical condition that often leaves his lovers in a quandary. Another is about two middle aged men who get kind of BDSMy after a grocery store confrontation. Even geographically my stories change. Little Tree is about a Florida Christmas, while Snowed In: Dane and Heath is about what happens when a twenty-something and his sexy boss get stranded at work in a much colder clime.

I explained to my friend that my books are like my friends; no two are alike. My friends run the gamut in every direction (personality, interests, age, looks, religious beliefs, racial identity, socioeconomic and marital status, and other way you might try to classify people), but there is one thing that all my friends have in common — they treat people well. I like to think my books do the same, that they leave my readers with a feeling of hope.

Although I like to read about people in faraway places in situations that I will never encounter, like many readers, I also like to see myself represented in what I read. When I got my first e-reading device, I found that my reading life had changed. There was no more scouring the fiction section of a giant bookstore to find a book that may or may not have a gay character, or having to load up when I made a pilgrimage to a gay bookstore. When I think of JMS Books reaching its tenth anniversary, I smile. I realized a while ago that J.M. Snyder was probably one of the first m/m fiction writers I discovered when I got my first e-reading device, probably about the same time she was starting this publishing house. I celebrate the anniversary of JMS Books today because as a reader, they have provided me with some tremendous reading that wasn’t shaped with a cookie cutter. As a writer, I celebrate them because I am grateful that they have allowed me to give voice to my writing which has never done well with molds.

The book I wrote that JMS is releasing today is called The Divorceary. It’s about two forty plus year old men who built a life in a time when it was illegal for them to marry. They built a business, started a family, and bought a house together when men like them were told they couldn’t. And then later, well, like many couples, they divorced, or did the legal equivalent of that since they were never legally married. Toward the beginning of the book, one of these men, Jason, realizes that he wants Howard, his former partner, back. Being who he is, Jason has a plan — to pretend to be destitute in hopes that Howard will take him back. He begins that plan by convincing Howard that they must celebrate their divorceary. This book is probably the most comical thing I have ever written, but what I enjoy most about it is the fact that the characters have hope. In a time when they had limited rights, Howard and Jason hoped for the life they wanted. Ten years after their separation, Jason hoped to get that life back. If you’re looking for some loveable characters, and a few good laughs, check out The Divorceary.
Whether you choose to read my book or you do something else with the rest of your day, it is my most sincere wish, that no matter what, that you continue to hope.

Light and Love,


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Peter Passenger and the Mothman by Rafe Jadison

OUT NOW! Peter Passenger and the Mothman by Rafe Jadison

When Peter Passenger’s parents die, he becomes a man on a mission: a mission to find their killer, and a mission to find answers to those things his family has researched his entire life. But what secrets did his parents leave behind?

When the Mothman suddenly appears, Peter knows he must pursue him. Leaving everything important to him, Peter chases the Mothman and soon finds that a warning is not the only thing the Mothman wants to give him.

As Peter is confronted by demands of the legacy left by his parents, his love for a man who asks him to be someone else, and the seductive moves of the Mothman, he finds he must wrestle against his own desires and drives in ways he never thought he would.


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Seduced by Shark Shifters IV: Mark’s Midlife by Rafe Jadison

OUT NOW! Seduced by Shark Shifters IV: Mark’s Midlife by Rafe Jadison

Mark Dauphin loves his nephews, Sam and Logan, and he’ll do anything his brother-in-law Cole asks, but when Cole wants Mark to play nice with Stefano Magnussi, Mark isn’t sure he can comply. Stefano is hotter than fire, but Mark can’t see past the fact that Stefano is one of those guys, the type of men who date guys half their age, the type of guys who made Mark give up on dating.

Of course, a little wine and several cocktails later, Mark finds himself dropping more than his defenses with Stefano. But when Logan and the rest of Mark’s family surprise them in the morning, Mark and Stefano are suddenly at odds.

When Logan’s ego is wounded, not only does Mark find himself desperate to fix his relationship with his nephew, but he also questions whether his night with this beautiful man meant anything to either of them. Mark isn’t given much time to reflect though, as the war that’s been brewing between the shivers comes to a violent head, and he soon learns that sometimes you just have to trust in those around you.


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Captive by Rafe Jadison

OUT NOW! Captive by Rafe Jadison

As an ex-Marine and a bookstore owner, Alex Kitteridge is not the kind of guy to lose his cool. At least, not until he meets Roderick Levine, a high-powered lawyer with an attitude and a passion for blaring his vehicle horn. When he makes the mistake of taking his anger out on Alex, Roderick finds he has messed with the wrong guy.

What starts as a grocery store argument soon explodes into a passionate night in steamy showers, moving vans, and locker rooms, with a sexual tension neither man can deny.

But what happens when it’s all over? Could the jackass from the grocery store turn out to be something more, or was Alex just held captive?


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