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Chesapeake Howl by Rafe Jadison

OUT NOW! Chesapeake Howl by Rafe Jadison

When he’s whisked away from Manhattan and summoned to his father’s Long Island estate on a weekday, James Tetherington knows he isn’t there to get good news, but still he’s surprised when his father insists James leave New York and return to Milligan Island, a place James has not been since he was a boy. Not only is James commanded to return, but he’s also told to solve a war between two Wolf packs, one he must lead and the other one he must subdue or destroy. As for the witches on the island, his father says it’s time for them to go.

Chase Howard hasn’t been to Milligan Island since his father died a few years earlier, but when his coven has visions of him making peace between the two Wolf factions on the island, he knows it’s time to return. As a strong and powerful witch, Chase has never been scared of Wolves, but on his first night back to the island, when a wounded Wolf gets through a ward that’s held for centuries, Chase is forced to rethink his ideas. Chase soon finds himself nursing the gorgeous Wolf man back to health and protecting him from an island full of Wolves who seem to want him dead. Unfortunately, saving this Wolf may kill every chance Chase has to broker peace on the island.

Although James and Chase may not know exactly what they want to happen on Milligan Island, they do know there’s an attraction between them neither man can battle. With angry Wolves and mysterious men in silver coats following them about, can James and Chase find a way to protect the island, or will it all disappear in the wind like a Chesapeake howl?


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Winterian Sky by Rafe Jadison

OUT NOW! Winterian Sky by Rafe Jadison

With his planet under attack by the Moracci, and a strange virus devouring his people by the droves, healer scientist Chesterfield Tombre knows he must find a cure for the dreaded plague. Yet with a sinister boss running the Office of Federal Health and a planet slowly crumbling away, Chesterfield has limited resources and nowhere to turn.

Winterian Guard Donacio Floresia can’t get the gorgeous healer scientist he saw on an informational broadcast out of his head. For a week he’s played the recording over and over, telling himself he really just cares about the man’s cause. When he realizes the Office of Federal Health is about to be destroyed, and possibly the gorgeous healer with it, Donacio knows what he must do.

Donacio finds himself pledging his Oath of Loyalty to Chesterfield and sweeping him away to a mountainous fortress. Although they escape the burning city, will there be time to find a cure and stop the Moracci, or will everything fall apart that lies beneath a Winterian Sky?


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Reaping What We Sewed by Rafe Jadison

OUT NOW! Reaping What We Sewed by Rafe Jadison

Witch Ian O’Donnell and his vampire lover Khnurn have literally waited centuries to really be together, but no matter how many lives they spend trying to make it all work out, in the end it seems things just can’t come together. After moving their wedding from Samhain to Winter Solstice, they are sure they will finally get it right.

Unfortunately for them, a giant New England blizzard is just the start of their troubles. When Ian’s twin Seamus and his partner Mine get lost in the snow storm, Ian and Khnurn wonder if fate might just be sending them a message. If so, can they change what it’s saying?


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A Dozen Hours by Rafe Jadison

OUT NOW! A Dozen Hours by Rafe Jadison

When Doug signs up for a bachelor’s auction, he has no idea what he’s getting himself into. No one had told him he’d have to walk down a runway, and they certainly hadn’t taken the time to rehearse. Still, Doug would do just about anything for his friend Audi, and he definitely doesn’t mind raising money for a children’s hospital.

When the event takes an interesting turn, and a cute guy he just met spends twelve thousand dollars bidding on him, Doug can hardly say no to a night in the country at Devin’s parents’ house. But is Devin looking for a quick night of fun, someone to impress his parents, or something more? And what can Doug possibly find out about him in just twelve hours?


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Harbors by Rafe Jadison

OUT NOW! Harbors by Rafe Jadison

As a vampire, Canan Longblood has been around for long time. He’s fallen in love and watched the men he loved die, time after time, never finding one who wants to go that long, eternal distance with him. When he returns to Baltimore on the advice of the man who gave him Evening Life, Canan hopes to find healing. Instead what he finds is a man so full of pain and laughter that Canan knows he must meet him.

Stafford Savoy has lost many people — his father, his mother, the man he loved. At forty, he’s determined to no longer pursue online dating, and swears the only way he’ll fall in love again is the old-fashioned way, if chance and passion bring a man into his life. So when Canan Longblood comes knocking on Stafford’s door, claiming to need a little help, there’s only one thing Stafford can do — invite the sexy man inside. But is an old-fashioned man really what Canan wants?

When ancient man and modern man collide, there’s more than a little chemistry, but is it an explosion they both can stand?


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