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Reaping What We Sewed by Rafe Jadison

OUT NOW! Reaping What We Sewed by Rafe Jadison

Witch Ian O’Donnell and his vampire lover Khnurn have literally waited centuries to really be together, but no matter how many lives they spend trying to make it all work out, in the end it seems things just can’t come together. After moving their wedding from Samhain to Winter Solstice, they are sure they will finally get it right.

Unfortunately for them, a giant New England blizzard is just the start of their troubles. When Ian’s twin Seamus and his partner Mine get lost in the snow storm, Ian and Khnurn wonder if fate might just be sending them a message. If so, can they change what it’s saying?


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A Dozen Hours by Rafe Jadison

OUT NOW! A Dozen Hours by Rafe Jadison

When Doug signs up for a bachelor’s auction, he has no idea what he’s getting himself into. No one had told him he’d have to walk down a runway, and they certainly hadn’t taken the time to rehearse. Still, Doug would do just about anything for his friend Audi, and he definitely doesn’t mind raising money for a children’s hospital.

When the event takes an interesting turn, and a cute guy he just met spends twelve thousand dollars bidding on him, Doug can hardly say no to a night in the country at Devin’s parents’ house. But is Devin looking for a quick night of fun, someone to impress his parents, or something more? And what can Doug possibly find out about him in just twelve hours?


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Harbors by Rafe Jadison

OUT NOW! Harbors by Rafe Jadison

As a vampire, Canan Longblood has been around for long time. He’s fallen in love and watched the men he loved die, time after time, never finding one who wants to go that long, eternal distance with him. When he returns to Baltimore on the advice of the man who gave him Evening Life, Canan hopes to find healing. Instead what he finds is a man so full of pain and laughter that Canan knows he must meet him.

Stafford Savoy has lost many people — his father, his mother, the man he loved. At forty, he’s determined to no longer pursue online dating, and swears the only way he’ll fall in love again is the old-fashioned way, if chance and passion bring a man into his life. So when Canan Longblood comes knocking on Stafford’s door, claiming to need a little help, there’s only one thing Stafford can do — invite the sexy man inside. But is an old-fashioned man really what Canan wants?

When ancient man and modern man collide, there’s more than a little chemistry, but is it an explosion they both can stand?


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The Nicest Gangster by Rafe Jadison

OUT NOW! The Nicest Gangster by Rafe Jadison

Joshua Hansen doesn’t believe in anything, except maybe the romance novels he reads about gorgeous men falling deeply in love. So when his small town’s interfaith council approaches him to ask if they can hold a weeks-long bake sale outside his convenience store for a fundraiser, Joshua isn’t sure what to say. Feeling his apprehension, the council offers him a bribe: they’ll bring him free baked goods, and pray in a wide variety of ways to get him a guy like the one on the covers of his books.

Although Joshua isn’t one to believe in miracles, and has no interest in carbs, he does want to help those in need in his town, so he accepts their offer. Still, he’s not holding his breath for them finding his Mr. Right in this small Virginia town. After all, he’s spent years looking for the right guy. What are the chances the council can find him a man in less than a month?

On a snowy Christmas Eve, when he has just about given up all hope, Joshua might need to eat his words, and some rather amazing pasta. When Giorgio Vincenni storms into the store, Joshua wonders if maybe the council’s prayers have been heard. Abrasive, well-dressed, and full of attitude, Giorgio looks just like one of those gorgeous mafia men on the cover of the books he loves. Joshua soon finds himself in a confrontation with Giorgio that holds so much sexual tension, they find it leads to something else. Now looking closely at Giorgio, Joshua must ask himself, is this really the type of guy he wants?


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Reap This Three: Getting Back Mine by Rafe Jadison

OUT NOW! Reap This Three: Getting Back Mine by Rafe Jadison

Seamus O’Donnell has waited forever for Mine, the reaper who has saved his life on more than one occasion. At least that’s what his coven tells him.

On a crisp Samhain morning when his coven sends him back in time to get this man he loves so much, Seamus soon finds himself in the middle of witch trials in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and bloody wars in a time before civilization.

As he battles eons of pain and lifetimes of loss, Seamus must ask himself will if love find a way to break the curse that has kept him and Mine apart for too many lifetimes, or will he lose Mine forever?


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