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New Colors by Tia Fielding

OUT NOW! New Colors by Tia Fielding

Joey Laine hasn’t had it easy. At twenty-three, he’s the sole caretaker of his beloved grandma, and the mystery of his father’s disappearance still haunts them both after almost six years. Joey has gotten used to his solitude, and the way he sees colors fading from the world around him. Nothing has shaken his routines in years.

When he gets a call from Owen Henderson who says that he and his brother run a YouTube channel called Diving4Truth, everything changes. Owen wants to search the river that serpentines around Joey’s town, because sometimes missing people end up closer than anyone thinks.

Letting Owen and his family come to film their search is one thing. Realizing the instant, insane chemistry between himself and Owen is a whole other ballgame. For the first time in his life, Joey feels that spark he’s only heard about before.

But things just aren’t that simple for someone like Joey. What if feeling the sort of acceptance Owen has shown so far is too much to bear after he’s left for the next dive? And what if they do find Joey’s dad? What if they don’t?


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Kyler by Tia Fielding

OUT NOW! Kyler by Tia Fielding

Sequel to Arran

Kyler grew up in a bad place and then in foster care, which was almost worse. All his anger, which should’ve been aimed at his parents, ended up being concentrated on Arran instead. Trauma responses aren’t always the smartest, and Kyler went the worst way possible trying to get to the man he believed had ruined his life.

While checking up on his latest attempt at getting Arran’s attention, he gets bowled over by Stefan, the Alpha’s brother. In an instant, there’s a connection even Kyler, a human, can’t deny. Kyler was taught to hate wolves and all they represent. Now, he’s the mate of one?

Stefan, an alpha wolf too young to take on the pack’s Alpha power when his mother passed away, has struggled since his teens. He’s been the best beta to his brother he’d been able to with his broken body. A broken body that has just begun to heal against all odds. When his shift bursts out of him in the face of danger, he doesn’t know it yet: he’s found his mate.

Now there’s a not-so-little decision Stefan and Kyler need to make: Do they want to take the burden of being an Alpha off Marek’s shoulders and be the new Alpha pair of their pack? But their mate bond hasn’t been completed. Are they ready to take their relationship to a physical level?


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Arran by Tia Fielding

OUT NOW! Arran by Tia Fielding

Sequel to Wolfy

Trauma and heartache have followed Arran his whole life. Raised by wolf hunters, he was lucky to escape Washington State and that life at his first chance. Becoming a liaison between wolf packs and hunters across the United States was Arran’s way of healing his soul from what he’d seen his family do.

A decade ago, he met Marek, the alpha son of a small pack in Montana. The pair quickly realized they were mates, fell in love, and had plans for a future where Arran being a liaison would make a real difference. But then, everything changed when Marek had to step up as the Alpha.

Since that day, Arran has been running from his past, solving problems for other people while his mating bite throbs in time with his broken heart. He’s had lovers, but everyone who sees the scar on his wrist knows that he belongs to another.

Fresh off one job, Arran receives a late-night call from Marek’s wife — his replacement — begging for help, and there’s nothing he can do but head back to the Alpha he never wanted to face again. Not after he learns that the events from New Mexico are connected to what’s happening to Marek’s pack. Someone is threatening two packs he’s been involved with, and that can’t be ignored.

Showing up on Marek’s doorstep is its own complication with plenty of surprises in store for both men. Not only does Arran have secrets from his hunter past, but Marek has been bearing his own all these years. Old hurts and new revelations mix in a cocktail of hurt and comfort as the pack figures out how to move forward and be happy again.


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Wolfy by Tia Fielding

OUT NOW! Wolfy by Tia Fielding

How did a night of drinking away loneliness end with a werewolf waking up in a crappy dog pound, stuck inside his wolf form? As a beta wolf and an enforcer of his pack, Mateo is needed at home. He’s never heard of other werewolves being unable to shift back, and he’s not about to attack the pound staff to get out, because it’s just not right to hurt humans who don’t know what you are.

With the clock ticking down until he’s scheduled to be put down, Mateo’s only way out is shifting back or being adopted. Given how huge and scruffy his wolf form is, no one wants him … until Lily and her father, Wes, arrive. Seeing them as his only option, Mateo decides he can swallow his pride and play dog for them for the time being, just until he can safely run back to his pack.

Wes has been a single father since only weeks before Lily was born. Her other father left them and Wes hasn’t had much luck with dating since. At four, Lily is smart and strong-willed, and finally has the dog of her dreams. Wolfy is a friend, a babysitter, and a protector, and Wes is pretty sure the dog understands speech, too.

A few weeks after bringing Wolfy home, everything in Wes’ lonely but peaceful life changes. He lets their beloved dog out into the yard, only to find a gorgeous — and naked — man in his place. Thrown into a world where werewolves and magic users aren’t just fairytales in Lily’s storybooks, Wes must face even more revelations after meeting Mateo’s pack.

With so much changed between them, both men have to be true to themselves and their responsibilities while Wes figures out what he can and cannot deal with, and Mateo decides where his home really is.


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Family Kitchen Box Set by Tia Fielding and Lisa Henry

OUT NOW! Family Kitchen Box Set by Tia Fielding and Lisa Henry

Two best-selling queer romance stories by multi-published authors Tia Fielding and Lisa Henry combined together in one box set! Contains the stories:

Family Recipe: Justin O’Dwyer is 19. Four days ago, his mother died of a drug overdose, and now Justin is back in Enterprise, Oregon, trying to figure out how to raise the younger siblings he’s afraid of losing to the foster system. Justin is completely out of his depth. Harper is six, and hates him. Wyatt is four and doesn’t remember him. And baby Scarlett, at fourteen months, has never even met her big brother before. When Scarlett gets sick and won’t stop screaming, and when Harper runs off in the middle of the night, Justin is at the end of his tether. In desperation, he knocks on a neighbor’s door begging for help.

Del Abbot is 38, and living in his grandparents’ old place in Enterprise after his marriage broke down and he lost his restaurant in the divorce. He’s a chef, even had his own show on cable for a while, but now he’s looking for a new start, if he could just figure out what exactly that entails. When the O’Dwyer family barrels into his life one night, Del can’t refuse to help. What begins as a trip to the hospital becomes a regular child-minding gig while Justin struggles to find his feet. And the more time Del spends with Justin, the more they both want more than friendship. But small town life comes with its own bigotry, and, in Justin’s case, that bigotry has always been close to home.

When an act of violence threatens to destroy the small family they’ve built, both Justin and Del need to put aside their pasts and reach for their future together.

Recipe for Two: Wyatt Abbot is 19. On the outside, he lives the perfect life. He has a loving family, he’s wealthy, and he has just been given the opportunity to travel to Paris and train under one of the world’s best pastry chefs. But underneath all that, Wyatt is struggling. He’s battling anxiety, he’s scared of the future, and he’s struggling to come to terms with the fact that he’s genderfluid.

Izzy Kostas is 28, and on parole. When he gets a job at Abbot Organic Produce, it’s a chance for a new start. Izzy has his own demons he’s trying to overcome, but meeting Wyatt throws even more complications his way. Izzy has always thought of himself as straight, and certainly didn’t expect to fall for his boss’s little brother.

When Izzy is blamed for putting the Abbots at risk, it jeopardizes everything he and Wyatt have begun to build together. Izzy knows how important family is to Wyatt, and he doesn’t want him to have to take sides. But when it comes to found families, nobody is perfect, and there’s always room for another seat at the table.


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