<i>Kyler</i> by Tia Fielding

Kyler by Tia Fielding

<i>Kyler</i> by Tia Fielding

OUT NOW! Kyler by Tia Fielding

Sequel to Arran

Kyler grew up in a bad place and then in foster care, which was almost worse. All his anger, which should’ve been aimed at his parents, ended up being concentrated on Arran instead. Trauma responses aren’t always the smartest, and Kyler went the worst way possible trying to get to the man he believed had ruined his life.

While checking up on his latest attempt at getting Arran’s attention, he gets bowled over by Stefan, the Alpha’s brother. In an instant, there’s a connection even Kyler, a human, can’t deny. Kyler was taught to hate wolves and all they represent. Now, he’s the mate of one?

Stefan, an alpha wolf too young to take on the pack’s Alpha power when his mother passed away, has struggled since his teens. He’s been the best beta to his brother he’d been able to with his broken body. A broken body that has just begun to heal against all odds. When his shift bursts out of him in the face of danger, he doesn’t know it yet: he’s found his mate.

Now there’s a not-so-little decision Stefan and Kyler need to make: Do they want to take the burden of being an Alpha off Marek’s shoulders and be the new Alpha pair of their pack? But their mate bond hasn’t been completed. Are they ready to take their relationship to a physical level?


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