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What We Remember by Emery C. Walters

OUT NOW! What We Remember by Emery C. Walters

If body and gender identity don’t match, life is hard on people of any age. Hunter hasn’t felt whole since realizing in his teens that he isn’t Holly. As a teen with no hope, Hunter lived male in his head, but turned his female body over to sex, pregnancy, miscarriage.

By the age of thirty-nine, Hunter has saved enough to have Gender Confirmation Surgery, leading to legal identity as a gay man. His voiced deepens, and male pattern baldness sets in. He’s finally seen as a man. But without the final genital surgery, he still feels incomplete and lonely.

He’s in a bar nursing a martini as a tragedy unfold on the TV when a chance encounter from his long-ago past frightens him. Will Chris be another disappointment or a chance for happiness?


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New at the Grotto by Emery C. Walters

OUT NOW! New at the Grotto by Emery C. Walters

Logan wonders why his relationships with women are so short and unsatisfying. Sex with women? He finds it unsettling, to say the least. More than once? No, thank you. So he decides to try The Grotto, a local gay bar. He hopes exposure to a gay crowd will lead him to a better understanding of himself.

The evening lengthens and the drinks multiply until the bar’s singer, a drag queen, realizes the cute young newbie she’s been eying isn’t going to be able to drive himself home. She knows she shouldn’t get involved with a younger man, but maybe something will work out between them?


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Taking Flight by A.L. Lester

OUT NOW! Taking Flight by A.L. Lester

Gwyn Mabler is on secondment at The Kings of Ireland Hotel at Tara. He and his brother, Brân are in the process of buying the place and Gwyn is getting to grips with the everyday running by shadowing the current owner, Mal Reagan.

Gwyn’s an idiot, though. Mal made it clear from the start he’d like to get Gwyn in his bed and after a couple of weeks of pursuit, Gwyn gave in. Mal was hot and pushy and just the kind of dangerous to pique Gwyn’s interest. He honestly thought Mal knew he was trans.

Since that horrible night, Mal has had Gwyn ‘work-shadowing’ Chef in the deeply unhappy kitchen. He doesn’t want to go home and make a fuss that might cause the sale to fall through, but when a huge row breaks out over a flour delivery and Mal backhands Gwyn across the face, he finally decides enough is enough. With the help of Darren Starling, one of the line-cooks with whom he’s formed a tentative friendship, he leaves.

During the two-day journey home, from the middle of Ireland to Wales, they have plenty of time to exchange confidences. Could the delicate pull of attraction between them grow into something stronger? Is it safe for Gwyn to out himself to Darren? Will Darren want to go out with a trans guy? And how will his brother Brân take Gwyn’s arrival home with a stranger?


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#Dragonfeathers by Toby Yu

OUT NOW! #Dragonfeathers by Toby Yu

Lily is a girl stuck between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, she doesn’t feel safe returning home to her bigoted parents. On the other, staying inside her dorms will almost ensure months of crippling social isolation as the world locks down in the face of the pandemic. She chooses to stay.

Flash forward several months. Lily’s online girlfriend decides to check up on her despite the lockdown and the distance between the two of them. Lily is dismissive, as even if the professional photographer could pull the strings needed to visit her and break lockdown, it could still be days, if not weeks, worth of driving.

When a photo of her dorm is sent to her private messages in a matter of hours, questions and worries begin to emerge. Who, or what, is her girlfriend “Alabaster,” and would she even accept Lily for who she is?


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Billy’s Geeky Quest by J.B. Buell

OUT NOW! Billy’s Geeky Quest by J.B. Buell

Billy is trans masc and, admittedly, a bit of a geek. One day he goes to a local comic con and meets a handsome artist there who draws wonderful and diverse comic book characters.

Billy is instantly smitten, but he’s far too shy to ask Scott out on a date, so instead he asks Scott if he’d want to collaborate on a new comic book with him.

Because that will be easier than a date, right?


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