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Dancing Seasons by Loreley Thunder

OUT NOW! Dancing Seasons by Loreley Thunder

Loneliness and his caretaker Sebastian have been Liam’s only constant companions ever since he can remember. Surrounded by every kind of luxury money can buy, Liam soon learns the privileges he’s so used to can only be enjoyed when shared with friends and loved ones. Until he meets a man who, with every interaction, changes the course of his life.

Adrian lives in a world where financial struggles and health issues are part of everyday living. Putting himself through school and earning an income to support his family, Adrian has no time to play. A stranger does him a good turn when he’s most in need of help, and Adrian, unknowingly, returns the favor years later.

Their lives have touched so many times, and every time they turned away. Will Liam and Adrian realize they shared moments in their past? Will they meet again and strike up a treasured friendship? More important, will they find love?


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Smoke by Amy Spector

OUT NOW! Smoke by Amy Spector

Wyatt Calder is trapped — in a rundown neighborhood, in a dead-end job, by the endless string of trouble his brother drags to their door — and it seems he’s destined to slowly fade away within the aging walls of Picket House, longing for his neighbor. That is, until his upstairs neighbor Abel Walters dies on the staircase just outside Wyatt’s door.

Saalik has spent most of his existence asleep and waiting for the next person to discover his bottle and claim their wishes. And the last four years playing prized possession to Abel Walters and spying on the downstairs neighbors. But he has a plan. And, like every plan worth planning, it has taken patience. But if life as a Jinn has taught Saalik nothing else, it’s taught him that.

When a break-in sends Wyatt out his second-story bedroom window and into his dead upstairs neighbor’s apartment, he finds more than a place to hide. He discovers a magical solution to all his troubles.

Or does he? Because really, when is life ever that simple?


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Second Wind by A.L. Lester

OUT NOW! Second Wind by A.L. Lester

What do a shy French-horn-playing accountant and a single dad trans trumpet player have in common other than both being members of the community orchestra at Theatr Fach in the little town of Llanbaruc?

Gethin’s been more or less hiding from life since his marriage broke up a couple of years ago. He joined the orchestra because his sister told him he needed a hobby rather than sitting at home brooding about his divorce.

Martin is careful who he dates because of his gender and his teenage daughter. He came to Llanbaruc as a stage manager for the Theatr Fach twelve years ago. He has a good set of friends here. Shannon’s a good kid. They’re a team.

Martin and Gethin hit it off. Will their mutual baggage prove too much to sustain a relationship?


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Starlight and Stone by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! Starlight and Stone by K.L. Noone

The quest is over. The battle’s won. What comes next?

For Harth, now king, the answer’s rebuilding. Helping his people, settling into peace, with his loyal magician Tris always at his side. And Harth wishes for a happily ever after for himself as well, though he’s afraid Tris doesn’t feel the same.

But maybe tonight, on a starlit night, Harth can find the courage for one last adventure: telling Tris how he feels.


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Defying Gravity by Charles Payseur

OUT NOW! Defying Gravity by Charles Payseur

Gravity has it pretty together. He’s got a nice apartment with neighbors who don’t mind him flying in and out at all hours and a superhero career that, while maybe not out of this world, keeps him busy and with enough of a following to crowdfund his living expenses. Until, of course, a strange man shows up hoping to be his sidekick.

Bruce doesn’t seem like a bad guy (and he certainly looks good in tight clothes), but after he shows up Gravity finds himself suddenly getting trounced by villains he used to have no problem with. Is he just distracted by his growing attraction to Bruce, or is there something else going on that might explain why every villain suddenly has no problem defying Gravity?


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