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The Last Call by Thomas Grant Bruso

OUT NOW! The Last Call by Thomas Grant Bruso

An armed, violent man escapes jail and flees police in Talon County, Maine, where a widespread chase stretches from Bangor to Portland. A torrential rainstorm hits the coast of Maine in a fury of blackouts as police canvas the area for Brad Rayon, who terrorizes a small community, killing anybody who gets in his way.

Several break-ins, thefts, and arsons are reported in the area, but for Ash and his boyfriend Wally, it is a series of personal threats that heightens to life-threatening attacks. With Wally at work, Ash is alone when he hears the first of many strange noises outside his house. It starts with crank calls, a heavily obscured voice calling out his name on the other end. There are knocks at the front door. He hears footsteps in the house, somebody walking around, and a large shadow filling the corner of a room.

Ash’s past is riddled with abuse and violence, and he struggles to understand what’s real and imagined. Will Ash be the fugitive’s next victim, or is the ongoing trail of dead bodies a figment of Ash’s troubled imagination?


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Trials of a Lonely Specter by Dianne Hartsock

OUT NOW! Trials of a Lonely Specter by Dianne Hartsock

A reluctant ghost at best, Quinn doesn’t like the haunts to which Liam takes him, always fearful of encountering a true medium in the paranormal groups investigating the houses, bent on seeing a ghost.

When Liam sets him up for such a meeting, Quinn breaks from him, not fully understanding the apparition’s cruelty. He’d thought they were friends. But despite his anger, when he believes Liam will go to the manor house without him, a house known to be haunted by a fearsome ghost, Quinn joins him, hoping to keep him from danger.

But it is Quinn himself who is in danger, not only from Betterford’s ghost and the mediums stalking him, but also from a secret Liam’s been keeping, making Quinn wonder if he’ll survive the longest haunt of his life.


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Method to Madness by Thomas Grant Bruso

OUT NOW! Method to Madness by Thomas Grant Bruso

Five years ago, Jack Ballinger was a police officer.

He has since moved from the small upstate New York town of Black Falls for greener pastures and a peaceful life alone in the Green Mountain State. Time has changed Jack — he is no longer the man he used to be. A significant challenge for him has been the heartbreaking loss of his boyfriend, companion, and one true love, Steve.

Now alone, Jack has yet to deal rationally with the immediate changes of his new life. After losing his partner, Jack drank heavily to numb the pain and forget his life-changing loss. Now he must find a way to move forward without Steve and the life he built for himself. Joining an Alcoholics Anonymous group helps quiet the voices that still keep him awake at night. But something much darker has followed him to his life in the quiet corners of Vermont.

When Jack thinks he has buried the scars of his past, a new nightmare emerges. How far will Jack go to end the imminent evil in his life and kill it for good?

Trigger warning: this story addresses suicide and suicidal ideation.


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Come to the Water by David Connor and E.F. Mulder

OUT NOW! Come to the Water by David Connor and E.F. Mulder

Ask anyone in Eerie Falls, Louisiana, if the town lives up to its name, and they will tell you yes. Trees that never die, a voodoo priestess, a centenarian mortician who has come back from the dead on several occasions, the mystery surrounding an infant found in the town’s namesake waterfall, and the guardian of the falls who died to prevent anyone else being lost to the water … many local legends abound.

Keith-Aaron finds himself entangled in several of the legends upon meeting a handsome stranger named Bash, who is new to Eerie Falls but has a possible past connection. Life and death, heartbreak and romance, and a dog that might be a ghost … the two men will need every bit of magic and mystical guidance the townsfolk and enchanted locale can supply.


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The Halloween Dance by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! The Halloween Dance by Eve Morton

Jesse Potter still hates Halloween. But he loves his boyfriend Patrick, and plans to spend the last week of April inside Patrick’s large house getting acquainted after months apart. But Patrick’s sister Kayla is staying with him, and she’s nine months pregnant, and so the house may as well be haunted.

Then the corn dolls start to appear everywhere. Kayla claims there are demons in her bed. And Jesse becomes haunted by two fairy creatures who won’t leave him alone.

When a time-slip six months into the future gives Patrick and Jesse a chance to heal everyone they’ve come across, will they take it? Or will they distrust the fae who say they are here to help, simply because it’s now — once again — Halloween night?


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