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Legends of Osaire Box Set by T.A. Creech

OUT NOW! Legends of Osaire Box Set by T.A. Creech

From the Great Divide to the living Fire Stars, there are tales all over Osaire just waiting to be told. Great loves and great loses in equal measure. Friends made, adventures are had and some find a home they never knew they were looking for.

Contains the stories:

Witch King: King Solna is tired of war. He longs for the possibility of ending the wars at last and finds it in Vius, a wounded warrior who is not what he seems. Solna schemes to unite their countries for a lasting peace by proposing marriage to Vius. Between petulant generals, tainted magic, and falling in love, Vius discovers he has more to lose than he thought. His country, his magic, and even his heart.

Knight Errant: When an Archmage needs a guard to see him through the enchanted forest, dwarf Einith Redstone jumps on the opportunity. But he is stunned when the enticing elf Tae’liamath joins them as guide. Their journey is more dangerous than expected, and Einith and Tae grow close. With a Heartstone at stake, magickal encounters, and falling for each other, they have much to overcome before the journey ends.

Storm Crow: Catli’s whole life spins out of balance when a stranger arrives on his island. A rival among his own is forced into the light, but no matter what happens, he isn’t letting Alegan go.


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Wild Oak Crown by T.A. Creech

OUT NOW! Wild Oak Crown by T.A. Creech

People stumbling into Jack Hawthorne’s little town of Reeve’s Creek isn’t anything new. It happens from time to time. Those who need a safe place to hide from the world. Not the same way he needs a safe place, mind, but he lives with it and keeps to himself on the edge of town.

Then two come at once. One is an irritating blip on the radar of his quiet life no matter how much this stranger upset the town, and the other … well, Sheriff Mason Carrow is there to turn Jack’s world upside down. Which is unexpected, and Jack can handle that. Mason likes to hand him surprise after surprise, though, and Jack’s in too deep before he even knows what hit him.

The monster in the swamp on the western edge of his territory is something else. It’d take some real special care to deal with, if Jack manages to keep the good Sheriff Carrow from getting in the middle of that mess.


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Dandelion by T.A. Creech

OUT NOW! Dandelion by T.A. Creech

Ezekiel knew he should’ve paid better attention to his mom. If he had, finding himself in the unfathomable Abaddon might have been a little easier to deal with. Zeke might have understood what he was about to face.

Instead he’s faced with the angel Haziel at the end of a sword, stuck in an existence he doesn’t know how to navigate, heading toward a war humanity had no knowledge of.

Haziel promises to see him safely through the battlefield. Along the way Zeke finds purpose and courage, grace and depravity. At his journey’s end, will Zeke want to leave his angel behind when the time comes?


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Expedition 63 Box Set by T.A. Creech

OUT NOW! Expedition 63 Box Set by T.A. Creech

All three stories in T.A. Creech’s best-selling M/M sci-fi romance series, Expedition 63, together in one box set!

When contact is lost with Mission Control, Commander John Dennington isn’t overly concerned. Such hiccups in communication are common. The first inkling of the larger problem occurs when he sees the very shape of the world change before his eyes.

Contains the stories:

Book 1: Dusk:

John must ease his crew into a new mission and keep the Station together by any means necessary. The crew jeopardizes their chances by fighting his orders, but Jason Weiss, his mission specialist and the light of his life, makes John’s situation more bearable. The smallest malfunction to Station or crew would spell the end for six astronauts trapped high above a ruined Earth. It’s their mission to carry on. Random chance of the universe hasn’t operated in their favor so far, but John is determined to see them all safely home.

Book 2: Dark: As the stranded inhabitants of the Space Station mark the opening of their second year since the world ended, Saito Naotatsu is determined to shake off some part of the grief infecting their temporary home. Maybe find a little happiness, too, with his best friend and communications specialist, Turlach Quinn. The situation explodes when Turlach finds his attraction to Saito confusing and relentless. At every turn, it seems Saito is there to break his control. With the Station falling apart around their ears and the crew breathing down his neck, Turlach finally has enough. Problems keep piling up. The crew is weary and waiting. Earth is a dark shadow of what it once was. Will they ever get home? Is there even anything left to go home to?

Book 3: Dawn: Yakecen Sinohui can see the end in sight for the stranded crew of the Station. Each breath is a countdown until they’re able to return to Earth, until the poison clouds have cleared enough to leave. Though it’s a bad idea, Yakecen is drawn into the orbit of their resident biologist, Eli, someone who has kept Yakecen’s head in the game with his sunny presence. The universe, however, has one last middle finger to give the weary crew. Eli Palamo doesn’t object to Yakecen’s covert attention. He’s pined for his friend from the first moment they met, and isolation has strengthened their bond as the hardships forced them lean on each other completely. Yakecen is all he’s ever wanted. Nothing will be enough to tear them apart, if Eli has anything to say about it, not even Yakecen’s own demons. Definitely not the end of their disastrous mission and their fight for survival.


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A Soldier’s Horizon by T.A. Creech

A Soldier’s Horizon by T.A. Creech is now available!

Selati, a big construct forced to work in the cobalt mines of Ilmare, is terrified of the overseers. Danger dogs his every breath, somehow the leader of his ragged work crew, and he finally has enough when the mine itself almost kills him. Humans or no humans, he refuses to let his crew die down in the dark. As his crew takes their stand in their bid for freedom, rescue comes. Freedom in the light and a whole new life awaits.

It’s a duty Aleledai takes great pride in, saving his fellow Caniean. Humans might have created them to mine and nothing more, but like all things, the Caniean are not the mindless beasts humans intended to work to death for resources. Selati’s rescue is probably his greatest accomplishment, because something about this one becomes everything Aleledai was missing, that made freedom perfect.

Humans don’t let go of their things easily, though and war is coming, no matter what the Caniean want. The price of freedom is always high. Aleledai only hopes the price isn’t everything he’s found worth living for.


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