<i>Legends of Osaire Box Set</i> by T.A. Creech

Legends of Osaire Box Set by T.A. Creech

<i>Legends of Osaire Box Set</i> by T.A. Creech

OUT NOW! Legends of Osaire Box Set by T.A. Creech

From the Great Divide to the living Fire Stars, there are tales all over Osaire just waiting to be told. Great loves and great loses in equal measure. Friends made, adventures are had and some find a home they never knew they were looking for.

Contains the stories:

Witch King: King Solna is tired of war. He longs for the possibility of ending the wars at last and finds it in Vius, a wounded warrior who is not what he seems. Solna schemes to unite their countries for a lasting peace by proposing marriage to Vius. Between petulant generals, tainted magic, and falling in love, Vius discovers he has more to lose than he thought. His country, his magic, and even his heart.

Knight Errant: When an Archmage needs a guard to see him through the enchanted forest, dwarf Einith Redstone jumps on the opportunity. But he is stunned when the enticing elf Tae’liamath joins them as guide. Their journey is more dangerous than expected, and Einith and Tae grow close. With a Heartstone at stake, magickal encounters, and falling for each other, they have much to overcome before the journey ends.

Storm Crow: Catli’s whole life spins out of balance when a stranger arrives on his island. A rival among his own is forced into the light, but no matter what happens, he isn’t letting Alegan go.


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