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Treasures by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! Treasures by K.L. Noone

Blake Maxwell needs a perfect gift for his niece. Unfortunately, he’s running late. And Treasures, the best magical toy shop in town, has just closed for the night. But he’s hoping the beautiful magician owner might take pity on him.

Ivy Treasure has been working late, inventing new enchanted toys. They’ve closed up the shop, about to finally go home for the night. But the very attractive man outside clearly loves his niece, and could use Ivy’s help … and Ivy just can’t resist opening the door.

And for Blake and Ivy, the night might end up full of enchantment after all.


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Perilous Knights by Charles Payseur

OUT NOW! Perilous Knights by Charles Payseur

Sir Lamorak is a mess — in debt to a ruthless knight, estranged from most of his family, and unable to resist a warm bed regardless of who’s offering. His only real hope of getting out of trouble is winning a large tourney, and with a mech suit in bad need of repair, he’s prospects seem dim indeed. At least until a mysterious ally saves him from a savage attack and offers to help him out.

But can a stranger who wears a mask with glowing green eyes really be trusted, or are ey part of the swirling plots between Queen Guinevere, the jealous First Consort Arthur, and his scheming magician Merlin? Whatever happens, Lamorak must navigate political intrigue, personal demons, and distracting pleasures to survive being a perilous knight.


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The Last Trace by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! The Last Trace by Eve Morton

Kiernan Sullivan has a secret: in addition to being a great dad, husband, and private investigator, he also likes to dress up in drag. It’s only a passing fancy — nothing permanent, and certainly not anything to share with his family — but it’s still something he likes to do. And when he investigates cases, a disguise can go a long way.

Kiernan meets his greatest challenge when the person selling the drum kit he was going to get for his son turns out to be a violent predator. Caught off-guard and completely made-up from head to toe, Kiernan is in trouble. But more than that, so is his family. Will Kiernan escape and save those he loves? Or will he — like his secret life — remain hidden?


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The Thanksgiving Invitation by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! The Thanksgiving Invitation by Eve Morton

On Thanksgiving weekend, Beatrix “Trixie” Fairchild expects her three grown children to meet her in Niagara Falls. For what, she won’t say — but her cryptic invitation spark a certain kind of magick and makes it so each one of her adult children returns to their hometown with hope, and only a small amount of resentment, in their hearts.

Whether it’s Ivy, the oldest, who fears following in her mother’s witchy footsteps; or Hazel, the middle child with itchy feet and a wanderlust that can’t be sated; or Rowan, the youngest and only boy, now a trans woman struggling to integrate her past and present lives; each returns home, expecting some sort of resolution to their family woes. What they get is a surprise love interest along the way.

Will Ivy continue to overthink her own happiness, refusing to see what is right in front of her? Will Hazel feel too betrayed by her false family line and leave now that she has no home anchoring her in place? And will Rowan be able to finally integrate the best parts of herself without compromise and hurt feelings in the aftermath? What is Trixie planning for the holiday weekend?


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