<i>The Last Trace</i> by Eve Morton

The Last Trace by Eve Morton

<i>The Last Trace</i> by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! The Last Trace by Eve Morton

Kiernan Sullivan has a secret: in addition to being a great dad, husband, and private investigator, he also likes to dress up in drag. It’s only a passing fancy — nothing permanent, and certainly not anything to share with his family — but it’s still something he likes to do. And when he investigates cases, a disguise can go a long way.

Kiernan meets his greatest challenge when the person selling the drum kit he was going to get for his son turns out to be a violent predator. Caught off-guard and completely made-up from head to toe, Kiernan is in trouble. But more than that, so is his family. Will Kiernan escape and save those he loves? Or will he — like his secret life — remain hidden?


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